Would you want this red HTC Droid DNA?


Check this out. We’re looking at a special edition HTC Droid DNA made for Verizon employees in a special red color scheme. And it’s very red, indeed. Each handset is numbered and stamped “Verizon Employee Limited Edition,” and that’s exactly why regular customers won’t be able to get their hands on one.

But would you want one? It’s the same great phone, which reviewed and named quite possibly HTC’s best Android device ever, only with a new paint job. Personally, it’s a bit loud for me. But it might just be someone else’s cup of tea.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. I sure wouldn’t throw it away!!!

  2. I’d grab one..

  3. Different color, same battery. Neither are good.

  4. Maybe if it had a bigger battery.. but I like the color

    1. Battery on my DNA lasts over a day… the mAh doesn’t mean too much if they figured out how to use it – which they finally have on this one

      1. Thanks to that processor and light usage.. My day lasts a little longer than 6 hours and I use my Evo LTE a lot..

  5. Im an employee i bought one.. You just cant beat the price… And the red to me is nice… Symbolizes vzw of course…. But 99$ is a steal…. With a wireless charging pillow

    1. You looking to sell? O_o

    2. Say bro, hook me up with one of those!

    3. There’s a number of these posted up on ebay! :)
      I’m praying the red version arrives when the global version FINALLY comes. If not the white one better have a white digitizer.

  6. I work for t-mobile and we don’t have limited editions for employees. Although if we did my galaxy note 2 would be pink! :P

    1. I thought T-Mobile employees got a black One S?

      1. Black is available online to customers – just not in [all] stores

  7. Anything other than black or gray or white would be nice. I’m tired of these monotone colors. That’s also why I like Nokia. The only phone company that seems to know people like phones other than neutral colors.

    1. Nokia = Windows Phone… I’m pretty sure the HTC Windows Phones comes in some crazy colors too – I think it’s just a windows thing right now – I agree tho – I wish more companies would do colors… but nobody is going to care until Apple does it since they invented it ya know

  8. I am more partial to earth tones.

  9. I like it, but a voting poll would be interesting to see on this one.

  10. ewww VZ logo
    no thanks

  11. I’d take it, and then switch carries so I can cancel my N4 order because Google can’t figure out how to launch a product.

    2.5 weeks and counting….

  12. Make it a J butterfly and we’ll talk

  13. Only if it comes with a larger battery and brighter screen.

  14. Little too red for me.

  15. Not unless it has a removable battery and increased storage.

  16. To be honest, the accented red is much nicer. But this might be okay for some I guess….

  17. *Droid DNA with a red back

  18. My Galaxy S III is red, but not that red.

  19. NEEDS MORE RED………. :D

  20. I just got my standard Droid DNA today, I love it.

    1. in terms of performance this thing is as beastly as the note 2. it depends on which features you would rather have, a 1080p display with better sound quality and slightly better camera or the s-pen with better battery life. wish all those features could be on one device.

    2. Me too. my contract ends in January:-)

  21. it looks awesome. definitely want :-)

  22. Need more cow bell. Honestly, the red will be covered by whatever case you put on it.

  23. How come nobody knows if this phone is ip57 rated (water and dust resistant) like the butterfly J?

    1. No, it’s not IP5/7 rated like the Japanese J Butterfly.

  24. Too loud for me. Also I don’t really like red. But if employees can get it for 99, I’d definitely get it no matter what color. Just get a case

  25. I would love to have this phone in red really awesome phone and from all the reviews I watched the battery is more than enough to get through the day.

  26. Yes wish that more phones will choose more than white and black

  27. Who wouldn’t want a Droid DNA for being the off-the-roof spec smartphone of 2012. Only negative part is the lack of microSD and possibly the device being too large for some.
    I personally really want one of this, any color, it doesn’t matter!

  28. I want a blue one!

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