11 Bit Studios’ Anomaly Korea launching in time for Christmas, watch a new gameplay trailer now


Anomaly Korea, the followup to the award-winning tower offense title Anomaly Warzone Earth, will hit the Google Play Store in time for Christmas. The game builds on the original with 12 new missions, new powerups and special units, and the new Art of War mode.

To coincide with the announcement, 11 bit studios has released a fresh gameplay trailer showing off their latest creation. We had a chance to preview Anomaly Korea and can say what you see is what you get. Sharp graphics, intense man-vs-machine battles, and explosions aplenty.

It’s not necessarily the way I would have chosen to ring in the holidays, but it’s an appreciated gift nonetheless. Fans of the original will definitely want to check out Anomaly Korea. Newcomers to the series still have some time to brush up on the first installment before the latest touches down. An exact date for release wasn’t given, but expect Anomaly Korea to drop sometime in the next week or so.




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  1. Warzone Earth was my all time fave tower defense/offense game. This one is going to be good!

  2. Good to see them keeping up with the franchise. Definitely one of the best tablet games I’ve played. Well done, 11 Bit !

  3. Ooo!! Let me go check out the 1st one then. This looks so cool!! =.D
    Well… If I have to pay for it I might as well just buy the 2nd one instead of wasting money on the 1st one. LoL!!

    Edit: Dugh!! It’s $4!! I want it, but I don’t want to waste $4. What if the game came out tomorrow. Bah!! And I’m sitting here at work doing nothing. I could be playing it right now. But I know I need to wait.

  4. Awww, if ALL the music in the game has that hint of Japanese themed music…… I will be turned off…. Not my cup of tea…… I know, omg, im an anus for caring about such a little thing…….

  5. Finally something worthy of spending N7 play credit.

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