Android Overload: Dell quits Android phones to focus on Windows tabs, Sprint offers to buy Clearwire for $2.1 billion, and more


  • Android 4.2 keyboard goes head-t0-head against Windows Phone keyboard. Which comes out on top? [WinSource]
  • Apple and LG win patent case against Alcatel-Lucent. [Bloomberg]
  • Samsung suing LG over display tech patents. Looks to ban, several LG products and invalidate 7 of their patents. [KoreaTimes]
  • Samsung chief strategy officer admits he’s an Apple user. [Electronista]
  • Google Play Magazines are now available in the UK. [OfficialAndroidBlog]
  • Pocket Legends adds 2 new character classes, content, and more. [SpacetimeStudios]
  • BBC iPlayer and BBC Media Player updated in the Play Store with all new UI and more.
  • Verizon Wireless lights up a handful of new markets with 4G LTE on December 20th. [Verizon]
  • Dell dips out of the Android smartphone business. Says they couldn’t build a business on Android. [Forbes]
  • Panasonic preparing a 108op full HD smartphone of their own. To debut at CES 2013? [TechKiddy]
  • Sprint offers to buy Clearwire for $2.1 billion. [Bloomberg]
  • Android malware could result in higher cellphone bills thanks to toll fraud. [TheNewYorkTimes]
Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

AT&T and unlocked devices have access to T-Mobile 4G in 5 new markets (CA being a big one)

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  1. Dell thinks a Windows tablet is going to make a difference? They need to stick to making their crappy computer monitors for businesses.

    1. Actually Dell makes some of the best workstation class monitors for VFX, editing and 3D viz. Mac peeps buy them over the overpriced Apple monitors. The crap you get a best buy is worthless, just like any other brand at the same price. I guess if you only look at low-class stuff you seem pretty ignorant…..

      1. You obviously just wanted to sound intelligent there. I was actually referring to their “crappy” monitors, as in those small squared monitors you see in every single school or big business by the HUNDREDS, and not calling all of their monitors crappy. I doubt you’ve even seen them or used them if that was your response. Get out more, and think a comment through next time.

  2. dell quit android because they have horrible devices. Remember that huge ass android phone/tablet they made? me either. Samsung comes out with something similar and BOOM awesome device.

    1. Not really. Dell excels in the Windows arena. It’s their natural habitat. They are hardly a failure. By doing this they consolidate their efforts to a platform they have invested heavily in. It’s really a non-derp thing.

      1. I agree. Dell’s move seems more logical than Nokia jumping on WM bandwagon.

      2. …He was saying that their Android devices were awful, nothing about Windows. And he’s right, the Dell Streak was their biggest device (no pun intended) and they blew it.
        But in my personal opinion, Dell is the worst among the top Windows PC manufacturers due to poor support and shoddy build quality.

        1. Agreed. Dell makes horrible phones in general. Even their first Windows phone sucked. Used it for two weeks and gave it back, reps at ATT weren’t surprised at all. IIRC they then blamed the failure of their Android line on the fact that Android “wasnt ready for daily use” I was rocking a Nexus One at that time and couldnt help but laugh my ass off. I lost a little bit more respect for Dell that day.

        2. Why do people insist on saying “no pun intended” when they absolutely intend it?

      3. Since Samsung is the only OEM making any significant profits off Android, don’t be surprised to see others follow suit…

    2. Lol, my uncle had that. It was AWFUL. When I told him I was getting my GN2 he told me it was probably not a good idea based on that horrible thing… He was dead wrong.

      1. GN2? I can’t see what phone that could be…

        1. Galaxy Note 2…

          1. Oh my gosh!! Why couldn’t I see that? LoL!! I was like “Galaxy Nexus 2”? =.P

          2. That’s actually how I read it the first time around too!

  3. Interested to see what that Panasonic phone will look like and specs of course.

    1. If it doesn’t have a wet/dry shaver included, I don’t want it. :P

  4. Good riddance Dell. Your phones were terrible and never got any updates.

  5. 1. Oh no! they went after the LG Chocolate Touch?!
    2. Dell sucked at making phones anyways.
    3. 18 million Android users to be hit with malware within a year? Seems a little high. Are there really that many gullible Android users out there?

    1. I was thinking the same thing on #3. I have been using android since the beginning and have never had an issue. I download things all the time, flash ROMs, apks and never had an issue….. Guess I am lucky or I know which sources are okay to download from!

    2. Pretty much, the only ways to get malware on an Android are:
      1) Be 6
      2) Be 13 (searching for “porn” on the Play Store)
      3) Try to download pirated apps
      In other words, you have to be incredibly stupid with technology to get a virus on an Android.

  6. Dell is doing the tech world a service by doing this.
    They were clueless about Android.
    Let ’em play in waters they know best -Windows.

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