Dec 13th, 2012

While some carriers have had Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out for the Samsung Galaxy S3 for quite some time Verizon was notably a tad late with its version. Well, the time has finally come to put those threads to rest as Verizon is finally ready to deliver Jelly Bean for all those craving something different for their annual holiday treat.

The upgrade will roll out starting tomorrow, and it will be an over-the-air process that can be initiated through your phone’s settings menu. Samsung tells us that the upgrade will bring support for ISIS, the NFC-enabled mobile payments system Verizon will utilize to make for plastic-free payments at supporting PoS terminals starting in Austin, TX and Salt Lake City, UT.

ISIS is the controversial conglomerate consisting of T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. The controversy stems from Verizon’s device access restrictions. If you haven’t heard, Verizon blocks the use of Google Wallet since the application makes use of the phone’s secure element within the NFC chip.

Verizon claims apps need to go through a special approval process in order to be granted access to this secure element, but no evidence suggests this process is open to anyone other than ISIS — if Google themselves can’t be granted access, then we’re not sure anyone can. Verizon says they would be happy to support Google Wallet if the app didn’t require access to the NFC chip’s secure element, but since that’s an important component of Google’s NFC payment technology then that doesn’t appear to be an option.

Complaints on the matter have been filed to the FCC, and while the only action stemming from that has been a response letter from Verizon we’re keeping our eyes peeled to see if any further complaints will trigger more interesting developments from the FCC.

But today’s news is all about Jelly Bean on the Galaxy S3! Google Now, Project Butter and more make their way in from the Google side of things, while Samsung’s additions include more effects and filters for the camera, the ability to pause a video while recording instead of having to stop the recording completely, and new notification controls while inside a call. Wake up bright and early tomorrow morning to see if you can pull it down. Read on for full press details.

Samsung Galaxy S® III Upgrades to Jelly Bean


Samsung Galaxy S® III is the next Verizon Wireless smartphone to be upgraded to Android™ 4.1, Jelly Bean. The software upgrade, which will be pushed to customers in phases starting Dec. 14, also makes the smartphone Global Ready. Customers who would like to manually download the upgrade through the settings menu will be able to within the next week.


Jelly Bean includes enhancements and new features like Google Now™, which can be accessed by holding down on the home button, along with a new notification panel that displays missed calls and emails and lets customers return the call or email right from the notification.


Customers will also notice enhanced camera capabilities. The camera now includes, new live camera filters to add a touch of art to their pictures. Users can choose different filters such as  warm vintage, cold vintage, black and white, sepia, color highlights (blue, green, red/yellow). Another new camera feature allows users to pause and resume while recording video so they can record it all in one take.


Additionally, the new software will make the Samsung Galaxy S III the next ISIS-ready smartphone. Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City are thefirst cities to take advantage of ISIS and customers in those areas will be able to turn their phones into mobile wallets to make payments wirelessly at various retailers.


For more information on the Jelly Bean upgrade, visit the Samsung Galaxy S III support page.

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