Dec 13th, 2012

Facebook has just announced the launch of their long-awaited native Android app. Bye bye, HTML5. The new version of the app, which moves things such as photos and newsfeed into the realm of native code, boasts speed and performance enhancements and an Android-optimized experience.

Aside from a faster scrolling timeline and zippier photo load times, the native app also features a new story banner that will update you on the latest musings of your friends without the need to refresh your news feed.

If you consider yourself a long-time Android user, frustrations with Facebook’s seemingly neglected Android app should be nothing new to you. Things had gotten so bad that Mark Zuckerberg began forcing engineers to use Android phones, and Facebook as a whole started an internal ad campaign to encourage employees to switch from their iOS devices to help aid in app development.

Hopefully their efforts pay off, but this should just be the beginning. Now that the hard work of rebuilding much of the app is over, the Facebook team can focus on implementing new and innovative features based on Android’s strengths. If you want a more technical overview of what has changed, head over to the source link below.

[via Facebook]