Dec 13th, 2012

With all the early hype the Android-based OUYA gaming console garnered, it was only a matter of time before a challenger would enter the scene. Cue eSfere, a concept that wants to take the Android console to the next level. Where OUYA seeks to become a top-notch gaming platform in its own right, eSfere takes a slightly different approach, relying on full Google Play integration to provide access to the thousands of already available titles for Android devices.

The key to out-of-the-box compatibility is the eSfere’s innovative controller that mimics a touchscreen smartphone with built-in accelerometer. This way, game are not limited by a more traditional controller scheme (though eSfere will ship with several attachments that will recreate more standard button setups). It also means games designed for use with a touchscreen won’t be hindered by hardware.

But moving beyond games, the eSfere wants to be a complete home entertainment solution with built-in media viewing capabilities, web browsing, video conferencing, and more. The device itself is designed to fade into your decor, and several accessories will be available (including vases and other decorative objects) to complete the look. The last bit is a tad odd, but the guys behind eSfere seem to have thought of everything.

While OUYA already has a leg up in the race to build an Android console, eSfere offers some compelling features that at least warrant a bit of consideration. The project is currently seeking funding via IndieGoGo with a goal of $390,000.

[via SmartDroid]

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