Bango brings carrier billing services to Google Play for Australians


Carrier billing in the Google Play Store has been something that US carriers have enjoyed for quite some time, but did you know that a ton of the world still doesn’t have this functionality? It’s unfortunate, really, because carrier billing is one of the most convenient tools one can have.

Imagine being able to pay for everything you download when your monthly bill arrives instead of racking up tons of smaller purchases at a time. It may not mean much for many of you, but there are a lot of us who just can’t stand to look at a long monthly bank statement filled with smaller, irrelevant purchases.

Well, it looks like that problem is set to be solved in more countries soon with the latest news from Bango. The company has announced that it would begin rolling out its carrier billing services to the Google Play Store. The first partner on-board is Telstra in Australia. Our friends down under can buy all that weird music they like without having to pay for it until their bill is due!

Fun quips aside, it should be exciting news for those who aren’t on Telstra, too. Bango has deep roots in the UK (that’s where its homebase is, after all) so hopefully we can Play Store carrier billing in more European countries as Bango continues striking up partnerships with the various carriers of the world.

In fact, Bango’s blog post on the matter suggests that more carriers are already lined up, but it is not yet ready to disclose which other carriers are set to receive the service. Bango says it’s too early to know how this new development will affect the level of business generated, but the general idea is that easier payment options equals more sales. Be sure to try it out if you’re on Telstra, and let us know how smooth things are in the comments below!

[via Bango]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. A very typical Australian name.

  2. Carrier billing is no convenience. It’s a tool of destruction of fiscal discipline. Just allows carriers to make more money on you, that’s all. Oh, and the name is bad, bad a55.

    1. Self accountability and responsibility goes a long way. If anyone blames carrier billing for irresponsible spending then they need to get their own wires checked because that is something that starts with your brain.

  3. “Our friends down under can buy all that weird music they like”

    What weird music? We listen to the same music as the US and UK. Check the Aus charts some time.

  4. I cant find this on the play store.

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