Dec 7th, 2012

After an arguably harmless tweet back in 2011, the higher-ups at Google weren’t feeling all the comfortable with Vic Gundotra’s use of the social media platform. So they asked him to stop. The tweet in question came shortly after details of a deal between Nokia and Microsoft started to surface and said simply, “Two turkeys do not make an eagle.”

Gundotra attempted to remain cryptic, but it was obvious what he was referencing. On the surface it doesn’t sound all that bad, but considering that the person posting the message was a high-ranking Google employee it’s a bit easier to understand why the bossman cracked down on Vic’s Twitter habits.

Lucky for him, Google launched their own social media platform shortly after Gundotra’s Twitter ban. He has grown to be somewhat of a Google+ ambassador and is quite active on the network. Without another incident since Turkeygate, it would also seem he has reigned in his use of social media to his boss’ liking.

[via Mashable]