Vic Gundotra ceased tweeting at request of boss, at least he still has Google+


After an arguably harmless tweet back in 2011, the higher-ups at Google weren’t feeling all the comfortable with Vic Gundotra’s use of the social media platform. So they asked him to stop. The tweet in question came shortly after details of a deal between Nokia and Microsoft started to surface and said simply, “Two turkeys do not make an eagle.”

Gundotra attempted to remain cryptic, but it was obvious what he was referencing. On the surface it doesn’t sound all that bad, but considering that the person posting the message was a high-ranking Google employee it’s a bit easier to understand why the bossman cracked down on Vic’s Twitter habits.

Lucky for him, Google launched their own social media platform shortly after Gundotra’s Twitter ban. He has grown to be somewhat of a Google+ ambassador and is quite active on the network. Without another incident since Turkeygate, it would also seem he has reigned in his use of social media to his boss’ liking.

[via Mashable]

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  1. I think that comment is well thought out that achieved a good chuckle. Good execution…I approve!!!

    1. Yup i agree … Google is thinking about the future.

  2. lol @ turkeygate

  3. The question is, why would google executives make such a fuss about a comment like that? Sounds to me like Google wants to get in bed with Nokia and taking jabs at them might hurt those future possibilities.

    1. The impression I got is that they want to project a good business attitude about themselves. Where as for instance, Microsoft’s insistence on tweeting on anything they can to bring a negative picture on android including their recent #droidrage campaign. It looks silly and when it is done by anyone other than PR it makes it questionable on the companies focus.

      1. As a general rule for business ethics, employees don’t talk s**t about competitors. It reflects poorly on the company, as well as you never want to burn any bridges that you may need to use.

        More than likely why el Goog doesn’t start a flame war against Apple.

        1. Although, it would be interesting to see who’s kung fu is stronger

          1. Apple didn’t know Google had the GI Joe kung fu grip.

  4. I don’t think his statement was too bad. At least he wasn’t being blatant. We could use more of his kind of restraint all over the internet.

    On the other hand Steve “Thinks He’s Baller” Ballmer can’t seem to keep his mouth shut and constantly berates Android openly and without tact. Well Ballmer never had tact anyway, but still…at least Google is professional, Microsoft is a teenage girl who is just jealous they didn’t get picked to be homecoming queen.

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