Eternity Warrior 2 update to bring dragons into the mix [VIDEO]


An epic RPG just isn’t an epic RPG without dragons, right? Well, Glu Mobile feels the same and that’s why they’ve brought an epic new update for Eternity Warrior 2. Today’s update brings dragon battles, so you and your companions will have your hands full taking on these ghastly, grotesque creates which stand about 30 times larger than you.

The dragons have a number of different attacks for you to dispel. No longer is fire the only thing standing between you and the slaying of your lifetime — some of these dragons will shoot ice at you, too. How’s that for turning an age-old concept onto its head? Battles take place in a new environment called Dragon’s Lair, and the game’s core top-down view has been replaced with a more level, third-person camera so you can see just how massive the creatures are.

Alongside all of that, you can now level characters up to level 70, there are new quests to complete, new achievements to obtain, and new weapons and armor to brandish. There’s also a new point system. You’ll get Renown Points with each quest and battle you complete. Renown Points add a leaderboard element so you and your friends can see how much you’ve gotten around, and the points can also be used to unlock special features and characters.

Unfortunately all this goodness isn’t out just yet, but we’re told it’ll be here before the new year so the wait won’t be long. In the meantime be sure to get a taste of what’s to come in the teaser trailer above.

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  1. Great, now if I just spend $20 on in app purchases I might be able to kill a dragon. Glu games are such a tease.

  2. ice-breathing isn’t exactly a new thing for dragons.
    spyro could do it. and i think in dragonheart some dragons could do it too.

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