Redacted HTC/Apple settlement documents released to Samsung, reveal little


At the request of Samsung, Apple has handed over a redacted version of their 10-year licensing deal with HTC. If you were craving juicy details, such as just how much HTC could be shelling out to the maker if the iPhone, you’re out of luck. As per the court’s orders, details on royalties and fees to be paid remain sealed.

What the documentation does reveal is that Apple’s design patents are not covered by the deal. Samsung has sought to determine whether Apple also included certain “user experience” patents that the Cupertino company had previously named as off the table. If Apple is indeed providing licenses for some of the patents covered in their suit against Samsung, it could weaken their case for permanent sales bans.

Such bans are no longer the worry of HTC, as a list of undisclosed products now fall under the deal with Apple agreeing to not seek further legal action against covered devices. A similar agreement with Samsung would see the end to one of the biggest patent-based lawsuits in history, but sadly this outcome seems unlikely. Both companies seem resigned to duking it out in front of a judge’s bench.

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  1. I don’t know why Samsung even cares about this crap anymore. Just keep on doing what you are doing. People are coming around and they are loving the SGS II and SGS III I bet they are going to go crazy for SGS IV. Apple is scared that’s why so many lawsuits. F*** Apple!!!

    1. “I don’t know why Samsung even cares about this crap anymore.”

      Just a wild guess: It might have something to do with that $1-billion judgment against them that they’re trying to have reduced.

  2. The DNA test results are in: when it comes to HTC, APPLE YOU ARE THE FATHER!

    1. Maury! Maury! Maury! I knew HTC was a damn slut.

  3. Htc is a sellout. Samsung is The King! The Google Nexus line is just getting started. Death To Apple!

    1. lol, you sound like a terrorist…

  4. Not sure why you guys are crucifying HTC for settling with Apple. HTC doesn’t have the money or resources that Samsung has to continue to fight against Apple. IMO, it was smart of HTC to settle with Apple… No more bans on devices and they don’t need to worry about any threats from Apple anymore, and they probably saved a lot of money doing so rather than chugging money into the courts and lawyers.
    However, I do respect Samsung for continuing the fight. Props to Samsung for sticking it up to the man.

    1. The thing is, HTC should have risked it in court. This is setting a precedent for the smaller manufacturers that Apple can and will bully you into paying royalties using a flawed patent system.

      1. I doubt HTC can afford to take that risk though, especially with their loss of profits this year. I don’t know of any other products that HTC sells other than mobile devices. Sammy, on the other hand, sells washer/dryers to TV’s, and everything in between. So they actually have money that they can throw into court and fight.

        1. @Daniel, David has it pretty much spelled out. It comes down to money. HTC doesn’t have the cash flow to risk an even bigger fallout if they did push it to court. They’ve obviously negotiated the best deal they think they can get and now can focus on their handset line rather than battling it out with Apple.
          Let’s just say Apple manages to block Samsung phones, who do you think would be next to pick up the slack? IMO, this was a good move for HTC.

    2. Yes, HTC saved a lot of money by doing this. But because I have no interest in giving Apple my money, I won’t be buying any HTC products.

      1. I feel ya. But Apple has to make some money to pay their already-underpaid factory workers in China when Android takes over the mobile industry in a couple of years right?

  5. Wasn’t the whole _point_ of getting these documents to see the financials, and how much the licensing fees are? To compare those with the value set in the courtroom in San Jose, etc? It doesn’t seem very useful without them.

  6. Oh well, at least I got my Galaxy S3 before it gets banned. Who would confuse it with the iPhone anyway

  7. Android is a Stolen Product!
    Steve Jobs Stole it from the LG Prada and marketed it as the iPhone!
    Then the hypocrite turned around and said he’d destroy Android and now apple is making android OEMS pay them money for a product they Apple stole!

  8. funny how htc and apple dont even mfg. anything yet samsung does

    1. oh and samsung made your iphone 4s

  9. Apple still SUCKS

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