Judges orders Apple, HTC to cough up settlement details for Samsung’s lawyers


The cross-licensing deal that HTC and Apple are doing their best to keep under wraps will not play a role in the post-trial motions between Apple and Samsung. The maker of the Galaxy line of Android phones requested the details of the agreement shortly after it was brokered, as the company feels the terms could affect the outcome of the $1 billion dollar settlement reached in Apple’s favor last summer.

The details were initially presented to Samsung with several key words blacked out. These key words contained the meat of the agreement, including the exact monetary figures and fees being exchanged by Apple and HTC. Both parties haven’t been keen to reveal the exact arrangement, but US Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal is requesting that Apple hand over the document in full.

Samsung’s argument is that Apple has demonstrated through their agreement with HTC that they are willing to license patents for a fee, and with the large payout already going in the Cupertino-based company’s favor additional injunctions should not be granted. Whether or not certain Samsung products are to remained banned from the market is the subject of upcoming hearings to take place next month.

But we can’t expect to get a look at the deal ourselves, as the Judge’s order applies only to this case, and Samsung’s attorneys are not to share any of the information they learn from documents provided by Apple and HTC outside of the case. The next phase of the trial kicks off on December 6th, but until Samsung and Apple reach some sort of agreement of their own, don’t expect the courtroom battles to end any time soon.

[via The Verge]

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  1. It’s easy to make Apple and HTC cough up settlement details, all Samsung had to do is go balls deep.

  2. Lmao I see what ya did there.

  3. Once Samsung got the details. Here is how to leak legally the details to the public. After getting the papers, on the way back, the lawyer has a car accident, something minor, just enough for the papers to fly out to the streets. Then the winds will take care of blowing these papers to some journalist.

  4. I hope Apple gets sued into bankruptcy

  5. So the Judge is merely “requesting”, or is he ordering Apple to spill the beans? It seems odd that a judge would ask for those details as they are often confidential and agreed upon in the settlement. But then maybe it wasn’t agreed to be confidential, maybe Apple just asked HTC nicely not to say what the price was.

    Either way I’m sure Apple isn’t happy, and I’m sure Samsung is salivating at the chance to deal another blow to Apple. After the trial Samsung has been practically seeking out to destroy Apple in any way they can. Not that I blame them, $1.5 Billion hurts enough to make real enemies for life. And Apple has certainly been playing the bully of the tech world of late (however it looks like Microsoft might be attempting to get in on the fight too).

    I say they can all go to h*ll since this nonsense needs to end. As long as lawsuits keep coming I think they all deserve every bit of discomfort they are getting.

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