Dec 6th, 2012

Google made an exciting announcement earlier this morning regarding the launch of Snapseed for Android, but another interesting piece of news shouldn’t go unnoticed. Google has rolled out a new feature for Google+ called Communities.

You can probably imagine what Google has enabled here, but for those who need a little help Communities will allow Google+ users to commune with other folks to talk about a common interest. For interest, those of us who frequent this very site might be interested in joining a community about Android where we discuss news, post photos and can invite other community members to Android-related events.

Communities are less “private” than your typical groups feature on other social networking sites as it is viewable by the world. There’s no need to be invited, and there’s no real reason you wouldn’t be able to find a community that’s perfect for you. Anyone can participate in any way they choose so you’re always sure to have a great and active community available for whatever it is that interests you.

You can access the feature by clicking the Communities tab on the left hand side of the site, and off you go into a joyous rabbit hole filled with people who are passionate about the same things you are. Give it a shot by signing into Google+ today. We’re not sure when Google will be bringing this feature to mobile but we certainly can’t wait for the Android app to get some community loving of its own.

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