Google I/O 2013 scheduled for May 15-17


Google’s yearly developer conference will take place May 15th through 17th of next year. Google I/O, which is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Android devs and tech media personalities alike, features three days of keynote addresses, product announcements, and developer panels and sessions. The event typically sells out as quickly as a new batch of Nexus 4 smartphones, though Google won’t announce registration details until February of 2013.

Last year’s event saw the introduction of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the flagship Nexus 7 tablet (as well as the ill-fated Nexus Q), and this year promises even more. We should be getting our first look at Key Lime Pie as well as device refreshes, but we have plenty of time to speculate on what exactly to expect.

It should go without saying that Phandroid will be there bringing back live coverage, a look at what’s new, and any giveaway goodies. As in previous years, Google will host offsite events and live streams of keynote addresses and developer sessions. Mark the date on your calendar now and start counting down the days.

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  1. I’m interested in Google Glass.

    1. Maybe this time around, Brin will actually show us how the HUD works…..

  2. I’m hoping for True Desktop Mode in Key Lime Pie!

    I think with enough time, google could make a real run at the desktop market!

    1. They already have Chromium, I think they should allow a dual boot where it is normally running android but when put into a dock it boots into the desktop OS Chromium.

  3. I was hoping it would be in June again. Well, I guess I’ll just skip three days of school.

  4. Bring on Google Glass!!!

  5. Doubt it will happen but I’d like a Nexus 8 tablet, thinner, and lighter, with HDMI out.

    I was hoping it’d be in June again so I could go! Now I can’t because of school and I even have finals those days so I can’t just skip. Dx

  7. Android team member posts an illustration featuring an android eating a key lime pie, then Google Developers account announces I/O date.

    Quite subtle, I must say.

    1. I wonder if they are going to introduce 5.0

      1. Or 4.3

  8. Way too early to worry about this but I’ll put it on my calendar. :)

  9. Really, really want to attend one of these but the I/O ticket costing $900,450$ for a plane ticket and 300$ for a hotel room really, really dampen my chances.

    1. The I/O ticket probably costs that much because of all the free devices they always hand out like candy.

      1. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be priced that highly, just saying the price makes it impossible for me to attend.

  10. You better believe I’m marking my calendar! Those 3 days should be a holiday.

  11. @ lynyrd65: I sooo much agree w/u!!! The newest smartphones most definitely have the computing power to replace desktops. Really all we need is a dock, a Bluetooth 4.0 keyboard with a mouse built-in, and wireless screen mirroring technology such as DLNA, or Wifi-Direct to. There are already USB sticks with Android 4.0 in them, a processor, and a microsd slot.

    It’s just a matter of time. But 1.5ghz quad-core + 2gb’s of ram is plenty sufficient to perform desktop functionality!

    Look out Microsoft!!!!!

  12. Update Google TV!!

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