Dec 4th, 2012

I’ve got some good news, and some bad news for those of you who enjoy first-person military shooters. The good news is that Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4 is finally going to be launched for at least one platform December 6th. Great, right? Well, the bad news is that one platform isn’t Android.

The game developer has confirmed that the title will release December 6th for iOS devices, but us Android folks will have to wait a tad longer than that to pick up our rifle and recite the famous rifleman’s creed. Gameloft didn’t say how long the wait would be, and also declined to give us a clear reason as to why it has been delayed.

We assume Gameloft has more testing to do as testing for a multitude of Android devices can take a lot of time. If this is the cause for delay then put those pitchforks down because everyone should appreciate that extra QA to make sure the launch goes without fail. A less plausible scenario is that they’re giving Apple a timed exclusive in some sort of deal.

While we’re almost certain that isn’t it, it has to be something to consider until we can get more concrete information from Gameloft itself. We’ve reached out to the Gameloft team to see if we can get a better idea of when to expect the Android version.

The Modern Combat series has been lauded as the Call of Duty of mobile devices and has delivered exceptional shooter gameplay and cutting edge mobile graphics. Online multiplayer is another great achievement for the series even if people tend to abandon the servers after a week’s time (let’s hope the community is a bit more active this time around).

We’ll be dying to get our hands on it whenever Gameloft decides to push it to the Play Store, but you can check the official trailer out above in the meantime. We’ll update this post with any information we can gather on the delay so be sure to check back periodically.