Nov 29th, 2012

Gamevil has come to town with another entry in the fabled Zenonia series as Zenonia 5 for Android is now sitting in the Google Play Store. This series has blossomed into one of the best mobile RPGs you can find, and its initial download is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Zenonia 5 introduces four new hero classes for users to choose from, including a wizard, a berserker, a mechanic and a paladin. We can make an educated guess on what those first three classes bring to the table, but the latter is an interesting one that I suppose we’ll have to play with to see what exactly it specializes in.

The storyline reads like your typical “good fighting to overcome evil” theme, but it still has us excited. A land of peace and harmony was only allowed to last for so long until the “elite rich” started abusing their power to bring oppression for the “poor.”

One hero emerges from a small village who is destined to protect their people from those who look to control the world through money and greed. I won’t get into how much this sounds like it’s trying to mirror current events, but the premise is enough to warrant the free 40MB download that you’ll endure in the Play Store.

Zenonia 5 features the same classic action-based combat it’s always had, and global peer-vs-peer gameplay will extend the life of your game even further. I should note that the game strangely requests root access upon initial launch if your device is rooted. I decided to check its permissions to see why it could possibly need such access.

The only thing that stood out was its need to read information about other apps that are running. It could be nothing, but I couldn’t find a solid reason as to why it would need such information. I’ve reached out to Gamevil to see what insight they can provide on this, so be sure to check back here as we’ll be updating this post with anything we can gather. Take a look at the game’s trailer above and check it out for yourself at the source link ahead.

[Google Play Store]

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