Zenonia 5 for Android now available; has multiplayer and oddly requests root access


Gamevil has come to town with another entry in the fabled Zenonia series as Zenonia 5 for Android is now sitting in the Google Play Store. This series has blossomed into one of the best mobile RPGs you can find, and its initial download is available for free in the Google Play Store.

Zenonia 5 introduces four new hero classes for users to choose from, including a wizard, a berserker, a mechanic and a paladin. We can make an educated guess on what those first three classes bring to the table, but the latter is an interesting one that I suppose we’ll have to play with to see what exactly it specializes in.

The storyline reads like your typical “good fighting to overcome evil” theme, but it still has us excited. A land of peace and harmony was only allowed to last for so long until the “elite rich” started abusing their power to bring oppression for the “poor.”

One hero emerges from a small village who is destined to protect their people from those who look to control the world through money and greed. I won’t get into how much this sounds like it’s trying to mirror current events, but the premise is enough to warrant the free 40MB download that you’ll endure in the Play Store.

Zenonia 5 features the same classic action-based combat it’s always had, and global peer-vs-peer gameplay will extend the life of your game even further. I should note that the game strangely requests root access upon initial launch if your device is rooted. I decided to check its permissions to see why it could possibly need such access.

The only thing that stood out was its need to read information about other apps that are running. It could be nothing, but I couldn’t find a solid reason as to why it would need such information. I’ve reached out to Gamevil to see what insight they can provide on this, so be sure to check back here as we’ll be updating this post with anything we can gather. Take a look at the game’s trailer above and check it out for yourself at the source link ahead.

[Google Play Store]

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  1. I have yet to play through an entire Zenonia game; but, I will likely give this one a try. They are always fun, but have never kept me interested for very long.

    1. They would keep my interest if you could beat the game for free…without being a Zen-master level gamer. You HAVE to buy items in order to win. That’s not going to keep my interest.

      1. Yeah i kinda came to that conclusion with 3 and 4….
        A little annoying really..

        You should only really need the paid items for extra quests outside of the story…or better yet…a second playthrough with new places to explore.

      2. Funny, I beat them without paying a cent.

      3. But why would a company like Gamevil have to gain from you playing and beating their games for free? O_o

    2. Same here

  2. I denied root and it crashed, then reloaded still denied and it works so I guess that works well enough. I never give random apps root access….

  3. Have all the first 4 on my Prime, with 1, 2 and 3 still waiting for me to play at some point.
    Got to the final boss on 4 then realised I would need to either grind like hell for about 4/5 hours to beat him or pay real money… Unsuprisingly other things took my intrest at that point.

    Might give this a go but if its nearly as insistent that you spend real cash as the last I wont be happy.
    Would prefer to pay a couple of quid up front then get right to the end and be told pay or have a horrid time completing this.

    Root access? Really? wth…

  4. I rather buy the game than paying for ingame items.

    1. That was the beauty of Illusia – it wasn’t the real cash, but you could buy stuff with whatever crap you sold to the noobs.

  5. I saw a guy playing this in the subway, and it was awesome! I’m so getting it. Is there a marketplace like in the other Gamevil’s RPG’s?

  6. They could be checking for GameCIH and/or Game Guardian. Those apps are the devil to the freemium model.

  7. Just deny permissions it will just say it was denied twice then loads the game just fine good graphics another fun way to keep me awake thru graveyard work in.

    1. I have denied root like 15 times, game just crashes after getting denied root. Using a TF300T. Will test it later on my Galaxy Nexus and see how it turns out. Installed it from Play Store, so it’s not a creepy hacked version.

      Ok, it worked on my Nexus after denying root. Will take a look at the game, since I’m new to the franchise (really doesn’t know a thing about it), but the only play online part is really a bummer, since I mostly play during flights ;(

    2. Ok, it worked on my Nexus after denying root. Will take a look at the game, since I’m new to the franchise (really doesn’t know a thing about it), but the only play online part is really a bummer, since I mostly play during flights ;(

  8. This game did not ask me for root access. Maybe I have the most updated version? I just got off from the Google Play 10 minutes ago.

  9. Um… I understand the hate for buying in game items, but what if you spend $5 on in game purchases? Would that be a bad thing? How is that different?

    Well… I need to shut up. I know that the game forces you to pay $10+ just to beat it. LoL!! They sneak in that $1 here and that $1 there. Such sinister actions. But that’s just how MMOs are. I’m surprised people are actually complaining about that.

    Well I guess they would since this is a mobile platform and not the PC market. I kinda understand. The only game I have fully beat was Asphalt 5. LoL!! I always play a game for like a week or 2 then stop. LoL!!

  10. You really don’t know what a Paladin is or what they usually are in games like these? Paladins are normally a fighter/healer type that uses swords and shields unlike a plain fighter who normally uses 2-handers.

  11. Well, I have a galaxy s3 and for some reason the game don’t even load. Just give me a black screen. I’ve tried with or without root permision and still cashes into that same way. Had the game re-install and the error persists ):

    1. same problem nexus 7

  12. It asks for root to search out for Register hacks like Gameguardian, gamecih, etc. The irony is that it tends to put people off from downloading the game and most of the people who use them already know to side step the detection so it really is a moot issue for them. Gamevil is really just upsetting those who have no clue about the rational for asking for the permission. I support devs, especially 5 games in ^_^ I’ve purchased Zenonia 1, 2, and would have the others as well. Gamevil make a great product and deserve to reap some reward for their efforts; however, their attempt to stop those who would deny them such profit are probably messing with their bottom line more than stopping it. Shame, as I read the comments in the play store seem to underscore my concern.

  13. Or maybe if they sold it on Google Play Store they would have to pay some kind of tax to Google?

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