Samsung Galaxy Note 2 now available from Verizon


The “next bit thing” has finally made its way to Verizon, and it only took them all of a month to release it. Verizon subscribers can now get their fill of S Pen action for $300 on a new two-year contract. An Android 4.1 device, the Galaxy Note 2 features a 5.5-inch display, quad-core Exynos CPU, and LTE connectivity.

The Note 2 launched with other US carriers in late October/early November, leaving many to wonder just what took so long for Big Red. If we had to guess, we’d say the HTC Droid DNA was the culprit. Given Verizon’s exclusive on the similarly-specced device, it wouldn’t make sense for the carrier to launch a non-exclusive competitor before milking as many sales of the Droid-branded device as possible.

But here you have it, another option for Verizon users craving the 5-inch experience. Plan on picking on up in store or online today? Awaiting a shipment in the mail? Remember to check out our full review and then head over to the Galaxy Note 2 section at Android Forums to join in on the discussion.

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  1. now if otterbox could just release our cases I’ll be happy.

  2. I think it’s the next BIG thing in the first sentence. Nothing about this phone is bitty :)

    1. Don’t bother he’s not going to correct it.

  3. The “Next Bit Thing” … Is that what it’s called now? ;)

    1. Marques! ^_^

  4. I have 2 of them “Out for Delivery” by FedEx today. Can’t wait to get home and get my early Christmas present.

  5. If it is a “big thing”, maybe Verizon shouldn’t have been dragging their feet on this phone. Sends a mixed message.

  6. The delay could have been caused by the tacky Verizon logo being added to the home button during the manufacturing process.

  7. REALLY!? Verizon, really!? You really have to put that ugly and nasty logo on the home button?
    Although I knew about it long time ago, I cannot help myself to express it again!

  8. So is the bootloader locked down on it too?

    1. Of course

  9. Got my note a few hours ago it’s still a one handed device no matter what anyone says not to big at all and you don’t notice Verizon logo because of the beautiful screen

  10. Note 2 still the best for me. I have try as tester here >>> http://gethoster.com/SamsungGalaxyNote2Giveaway

  11. Looking forward to get this big note some days and have a good experience as I get it last week,yet a little worried about the screen which is not strong as lumia 920,lol,anyway, I’ve planed to arm my new mate with a genuine leather flip case,it will surely do good job as you could see here,strong at a professional protection…

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