Feed your nostalgia with today’s release of Jet Set Radio for Android


Sega gave us a pretty early heads up that it was coming, but the wait is over and you spray-painting bladers can get to town. I’m talking about none other than the re-release of Jet Set Radio for Android. This Dreamcast original was one of Sega’s finest titles back when the console was still relevant, and while the series proved thin for sequels many still stand by its fun music-pumped gameplay.

The overall goal is to claim areas of Tokyo-to by tagging them as any hoodlum would, all the while treating the world as your skate park as you grind on railings, steps and do more tricks with the inline skates sitting on your feet. You can tag areas with many of the game’s presets, or create your own if you want to express yourself even more freely.

You can also recruit more than 10 different members to your gang and have them tag it up with their own style. Police don’t take kindly to any of this, though, so you’ll also be looking to evade them as you make your presence known to your rivals.

Sega says 29 out of the original 30 tracks are still in the game, though they weren’t interested in telling us which track was left out. We’re sure licensing issues are to blame, but 29 out of 30 is still great and it will do well to help restore fond memories of sweeter gaming days.

The $5 asking price is not unreasonable for a decent port so we’re sure a few of you diehards won’t have a problem with getting it from the Google Play Store. Let us know how it’s treating you if you decide to strap the blades on.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Yeaaaaaaah booooooy! :D

  2. This game is bad and it should feel bad. No but seriously, I got this game for the PS Vita last week and I think its absolute rubbish. Really bad, not sure if its because it was on the Vita but I can’t see how this game could be better on my phone. No thanks Sega!

      1. I am guessing this guy is 12 or so judging by the use of old lame memes in his comment. Probably wishing for a new twilight game.

  3. coming summer 2012? Surely missed that deadline!

    1. But not by much. Android is always tough to work on. I’m just glad it’s finally here :)

  4. This games awesome, looks good and runs great on my LG Optimus G.

  5. I was up @ 12 this morning so I checked the playstore nothing was there, at 6:30 I searched for it and it came up after I wipe my eyes because I cried a lil by accident I DOWNLOADED IT WITHOUT A CARE IN THE WORLD!!!! Imma tag everything in sight

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