Cyber Monday sales reach record highs, mobile a big contributor [POLL]


The exact numbers vary depending on which report you read, but the consensus is the same. Cyber Monday sales reached a record high this year as holiday shoppers scrambled to find the best deals on the web, and mobile contributed on both ends. According to a report from the Adobe Digital Index, mobile devices accounted for 22 percent of Cyber Monday purchases. IBM’s data says 18 percent of shoppers accessed retailer websites with their smartphones and tablets.

Adobe’s figures say Cyber Monday sales were up 17 percent from last year to reach $1.98 billion. IBM puts the number even higher at 30.3 percent, though the average cost per order was down from $198.26 in 2011 to $185.12 this year. Breaking down the data further, 4.5 percent of shoppers made purchases from their Android device, lagging behind those buying on an iPhone (6.9 percent) or iPad (7.1 percent). Did you count yourselves among them?

Cyber Monday shopping surpassed the total number of online sales made on Black Friday by over 36 percent, proving that the unofficial shopping holiday still reigns supreme when it comes to the best deals on the web. And there were plenty to be found.

We’re eager to find out about the Cyber Monday shopping experience of our readers. Let us know in the poll below if (and how) you shopped yesterday. And, yeah, go ahead and brag about all the sweet swag you saved tons on in the comments below.

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  1. Sorry but i don’t buy into the stores BS advertisements to get people to spend.

    1. True it’s not good to shop just because there are sales, but if you are already in need of something why not buy it on sale?

  2. i have a hard time believing sales were up this year. this Cyber Monday had terrible deals. I had better luck in physical stores on Black Friday

  3. Got a One X for $0.99 yesterday

  4. honestly if you are going to shop online its probably easier and faster on a laptop/desktop, have you ever had to fill out the info page? on a tablet or phone it would take much longer than if you had a physical keyboard, not to mention the web pages load up much quicker and you have a better view. I usually browse online on my phone for what I want to buy then either go to the store, check it out in person or get on my laptop to pay for it.

  5. Funny poll show an overwhelming majority did not shop Black Friday or Cyber Monday, me thinks there is a fib going around the web about shoppers buying.

  6. Black Friday = Vendors unloading crap that have been sitting in their warehouses for months because folks will buy anything if they perceive a sale even though they are saving nothing.

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