Nov 22nd, 2012 publishUpdated   Nov 27th, 2012, 6:40 pm

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! By now you’re probably getting ready to scarf down delicious turkey, pies and everything in between, but don’t forget that tomorrow is the start of a big shopping weekend. Not only is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, going down, but the money-throwing festivities will extend all the way through Monday (and, in special circumstances, beyond).

Folks looking for new smartphones, tablets and apps might want to keep in mind the various deals being offered throughout the weekend from all the major carriers and retailers. Sit back and read through this list of some of the hottest deals you can take advantage of to upgrade your mobile life.

Verizon Wireless

AT&T (in-store)

  • Motorola ATRIX HD for $.99
  • HTC One X for $.99
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket for $.99
  • Refurbished phones starting at $.01

Sprint (in-store)

  • 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 for $50
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $0
  • Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE for $0

T-Mobile (value-plan pricing, post rebate)

US Cellular

How about games from the Google Play Store? You’re going to need something to do on all these phones with their powerful processors and gorgeous displays, so these special Black Friday deals will be there for you to take advantage of as soon as you turn your new device on and sign into the Play Store. Click through to check out each one:


And the deals don’t stop there: you’ll want to use some of the following apps to help you track down deals whether it be locally or online. You should be able to find some great gifts for yourself and loved ones with no issue no matter what type of gift it is thanks to the help these apps will provide. Download them to your arsenal and be sure to prepare for your early morning attack.

Be sure to give all of these a look, and if you have any more great deals not listed here we’d love to hear about them! Head to the comments section and help some of your comrades save a few dollars by letting us in on some of the juicier deals we may have missed. Also be sure to suggest more apps to help in everyone’s deal-hunting quest. Let the games begin, and enjoy the rest of your holiday!

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