Android Overload: DROID DNA bootloader unlocking, Samsung selling 60 million devices Q4, Apple drama and more


Ready to head out the door for your weekend adventures? Make sure you take a minute and learn everything that’s going on with the Android universe. Android Overload is where we bring you all the awesome news that didn’t make it to our homepage but are still worth a good read. Check them out and have a safe Saturday night!

  • How to unlock HTC DROID DNA’s bootloader [Android Police]
  • Apple to launch a $200 phone in 2 years? [Business Insider]
  • Samsung shipments to reach 60 million during Q4 [Yonhap News]
  • T-Mobile now carrying SIM card adapters for phone swappers [TMoNews]
  • Samsung to no longer supply Apple with batteries [Electronista]
  • LG Intuition now only $99.99 from Amazon [Amazon Wireless]
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  1. Im guessing the reason the reason the have a small market shre is not just price but how they are as a company in the country look at it from their point of view apple a forigen company comes to their country treets the workers like crap then tries to sell them a infior product at an outragous price. Why should they buy an iphone when the copetition has better products fo the same price and doesent have their friends and relitives killing themselves.

  2. Watch Apple re-release the original iphone and call it magical and price it still over $200 and the Apple fan boys buy it claiming its the best in it’s price range. Good for Sammy for leaving Apple to dry by removing their batteries from Apple

  3. That t-mobile SIM card adapter is expensive. You can hit up ebay and get the clipper along with some adapters for the same price.

    1. yeah but you need to wait for at least 3 days. people will buy it if they really need it

      1. If you know you’re going to get a phone soon, why would you wait until the last minute to buy the adapter online?

        For example, when I’m determined that I’m getting a particular phone, I buy the screen protectors and cases so they’ll be here by time I get the phone. LoL!!

    2. in the Netherlands you can just hop into a T-Mobile store and they’ll trade in your regular SIM for a micro SIM with adapter for free.

    3. Wow… I just saw the price. I was expecting a $20+ range. LoL!!

  4. By the time Apple releases a $200 phone, top end Android devices will be selling for $50.

    1. I know right? 2 years? They need to release that thing in 2 months.

    2. Won’t happen. Why sell a top of the line Android phone for $50 when people are buying it easily for $200. As Apple has shown, price usually isn’t a factor if the customer is believing it’s worth it.

      1. Its called sarcasm.

  5. There is a reason apples stock is dipping. They can’t compete in most countries. Plus they haven’t innovated in about 5 years. All money going to court cases and not much to r&d.

  6. Apple releasing a 200 dollar phone in 2 years? Guess what guys It’s a iphone 5 with a new name and a new gimmick and for sale for 200 buck in two years, where do they get this brilliant idea? …ipad mini basically an ipad 2 but cheaper…

  7. Apple feeling the heat eh? lol

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