Nov 24th, 2012

The holidays are all about giving, and there is something every Holiday season will give you: a few extra pounds. Smartphones have become a great tool for everything, and that includes working out. We have already recommended a slew of good apps for burning off all those Thanksgiving calories, but what if you want to make it a little more interactive? A good augmented reality game would do the trick, and Ingress is the most popular one right now.

In this game, one tries to take over energy sources before the other team does. These are usually located in historic landmarks or important locations, which are usually far away, unless you live in downtown. After being part of the closed beta for some days, I realized it’s very hard to make any progress unless you really go out of your way. The closest energy source to my house is about 3 miles away, and it is not very convenient to keep parking to hack these and fight the Enlightened while I am running errands.

You have to make time and go out of your way for it. The best way to succeed in this game would be to make it a working out tool. It would be especially good for bikers, who could simply ride around town looking for energy sources. But if you are a trooper, you could even pull it off by running.

Simply make it a goal to hack a 2-3 energy sources a day and you are set (or less if you are jogging it). You could just take different routes every day; we all know a good change of scenery is necessary to keep things fresh and exciting. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to drive downtown (where there are usually more energy sources) and run over there once every couple weeks. Just to look at new things and further advance in the game.

Great idea, right?! Sadly, not many have access to Ingress just yet. But the closed beta should end soon enough, and this battle will be about to become very fierce. Whether you are fighting for the Enlightened or the Resistance, a good work out that also serves your Ingress purpose would be ideal.

Don’t forget to go to to sign up for a confirmation code. After you get one, you can simply go to the Google Play Store and download the game. Enjoy the holidays and let us know how you are using your phone to keep all that delicious food from staying in your body! Will you be using this Ingress exercise tip?

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