White ASUS Padfone 2 spotted in the wild


The ASUS Padfone 2 is a great device no matter what color it’s in, but some people take their gadgets’ coat of paint so seriously that they might even pass on buying one if it’s not to their liking. As Apple took the liberty to confirm early on in the portable electronics boom people seem to love the color white. It seems ASUS knows that as the company is apparently ready to bring out a version of its aforementioned Padfone 2 in the neutral color.

VR-Zone spotted the device sitting out in the wild with a white cloak covering not only its backside, but its front, too. We can’t quite tell from the photos, but it looks like there could be a chrome finish wrapping around the sides of the device, but for the most part this thing sparkles bright. The accompanying tablet dock is white as well, though folks are saying that the front of the device will still employ a black bezel ala the iPad line.

For all that’s changed on the outside, though, you’ll have to remember that the innards stay the same. It’s still a Padfone 2, and you won’t be gaining anything by buying this version over the black version except for the satisfaction of knowing that you had a choice in the first place.

This little beauty should go on sale soon, though, so we’d keep our eyes fixated toward the store shelves — we have a feeling the black version won’t mind making a little room at some point.

[via Unwired View]

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  1. supprised apple didnt patent the color white……

    1. I’m sure there’s some patent application floating around somewhere…

  2. Man that’s a slick looking phone, now reduce the price a little Asus a move some units!

  3. Dude, why isn’t this in the US?? The functionality of that tablet with the phone is a must-have! And with a close-to-vanilla Android UI, I want this thing.

    1. Don’t forget the timely ASUS Update policy, the super good sound on this device and the 720p 60fps recording. This device is godlike.

  4. I’d be so excited if the Nexus 4 didn’t exist.
    I really wanted the original Padfone, it was just never available from a major retailer in the UK

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