Wii U launching at midnight, Google TV and Wikipad cry tears of envy


At midnight tonight, Nintendo will launch the Wii U (visit WiiUDaily.com, WiiUForums.com for full coverage).

Look familiar? How about you take a Google TV set top box:

And add a Wikipad:

Thought so.

Nintendo’s newest version of the Wii leverages a tablet-style controller that introduces an entirely new style of gameplay. Imagine “unlocking” different views using your tablet. Maybe after chucking a deep pass in Madden NFL, you have to reach in the air and lock your tablet’s focus onto the ball to pull down the catch. Or how about lifting your tablet in the air in a first persion shooter to view your weapon through the scope or use night vision Goggles?

I love the concept, and I’ve already pre-ordered a Wii U myself, but I can’t help but feel envy and jealousy on behalf of Google TV fans everywhere. The product has been out for a couple years now but Google has not made the platform a priority, and so unsurprisingly both manufacturers and developers have failed to support it through production of products, apps, and games.

When Google announced GTV two years ago at Google IO, they offered a solid product proposition: in a world where so much concern is placed on the size and quality of our device screens, it’s absurd that the largest screen we own (our televisions) have experienced very little technological growth compared to mobile devices. By leveraging Android on GTV, Google could effectively jumpstart a television revolution, bringing apps and games into a unique experience enjoyed on big screen TVs.

Then, at IO 2011, Google announced Android Open Accessory and Android @ Home designed so 3rd party manufacturers could more easily build and create meaningful products within the Android ecosystem.

Then an Android device emerged called the WikiPad (currently delayed) that when combined with a Google TV, pretty much replicates a Wii U, only the GTV/Wikipad combination isn’t limited to the constructs of gaming.

The Wii U will likely be a huge consumer success during the 2012 holiday season while Google TV sits on the sidelines, jealous. It’s long-term value will likely be determined within the first several months as the early adopter wave comes to a consensus on its entertainment value. I’m hoping it takes off, Google takes note, and it helps jumpstart the GTV product line in the same way Apple jumpstarted the consumer demand for tablets.

Did you pre-order a Wii U? Do you plan on buying one? Will Google TV become the next Wii U or is it headed for doom?

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Il take the Google TV

  2. Got it pre-ordered. Can’t wait.

    1. one of the 10 people actually buying the horrible Wii?

      1. I wouldn’t bet against it yet. It may not penetrate the Hardcore gamer market much. I know, even though I much prefer my PS3 to my Wii, when it gets a bit cheaper I will buy one for nothing but the first party titles and maybe some cool dual screen games.

        1. I think you’re right about the hardcore gamer market but the more I watch with the gamepad the more I can’t wait. Local multi-player will be awesome with the gamepad and that is what I want it for. I will still have my Xbox for Call of Duty, and Halo. But I want the Wii U so that my roommates and I can play CASUAL games against each other. That often times is way more fun than playing Call of Duty on Xbox Live against people you don’t know.

          1. Casual games? I have a kinect for that.

        2. Did you take a look at the releases coming out on the Wii U? Nintendo has Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U and that’s only coming out on the Wii U. I don’t really care, but the entire gaming community does.

      2. The wii is the highest selling console of all time. #justsayin

        1. Actually, the PS2 is still currently the highest selling console of all time followed closely by the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Gameboy, Sony Playstation THEN the Nintendo Wii.

          The Wii was however the fastest selling console to date.

          1. You were looking at the “handheld section” of the wiki. The real order for CONSOLES are: Sony PlayStation 2 – 153.6 million followed by Sony PlayStation – 102.49 million followed by Nintendo Wii – 97.18 million followed by Microsoft Xbox 360 – 70.27 million and so on. But srsly, make sure you pay attention to what you’re posting before comparing a console to handhelds. Its like comparing a phone to PC.

          2. Actualy i didnt check a wiki or handheld sales. It a list of home and handheld console sales to date.
            If you remove the handhelds from my list it is the same exact list you just posted except i didnt post the 360 since its below the Wii..
            Maybe you should pay attention before you post… o_O?

      3. some people actually like mario games….and zelda…and donkey kong…and kirby….and smash bros…and mario party….etc etc etc. is it really a bad thing to have recognizable characters and fun (not necessarily intense but FUN, the key word) game play?

        1. Mario Party. That is all.

        2. I like Mario and all that…. back before they were popular *hipster head toss and sips on Starbucks*

  3. waiting for PS4

    1. Waiting for Xbox 720

      1. Waiting for Wii Z

  4. They should add Google TV functionality into the Wii U via an update.

    1. I agree with this, because it would help nintendo get sales up

      1. It might, but wouldnt they lose cash on content if Google takes a piece. Or better yet, bring Nintendo Games to Android and Google TV.

  5. Waiting for the next gen consoles (Xbox/ps4) I don’t like the idea of throwing a tablet device around as a gaming toy – I would probably lose grip of it and watch it crash straight through the fuc*!ng window !

    1. LoL!! Just lyk when the Wii 1st came out with the Wiimotes not having straps?

      I’m sure they’ll have some type of safety strap. But who puts those one while un-sober? Eh… while hurrying to play video games? =.D

      1. or how they made the cable that connects to the nunchuk too damn short for tall people? I kept ripping it out of the controller when playing those damn dancing games with my niece and nephew!


    3. Because the wiiU doesn’t have controllers almost exactly like the xbox controllers, right? Fucking moron. The wiiU is everything the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are but better. Now, you might have an argument when the ps4/xbox comes out, if they have that much better hardware, but there is one thing the xbox and playstation will never have and it’s top tier first party games.
      There is a reason the psvita doesn’t sell even though it’s hardware is light years from the 3DS and that is the lack of mario/pokemon like games.

      A gaming console is not meant to play FPS. any real gamer knows that. FPS are meant to be played on a computer with a mouse and a keyboard; casual gamers with below average IQ might think otherwise and enjoy skill-less games like CoD, but in the end it is games like mortal combat, super smash bros or puzzle games like mario and zelda that should be a console’s priority which is something Nintendo has nailed.

      1. Screw you right back moron – or should that be retard (that’s your name as chosen by you) do I not have the right to say this console is not for me ?

        What are you, the console police ? Grow up and go fetch the dummy you spat out MF !

      2. Not everyone can afford a decent gaming rig, or has the knowledge to build one themselves on the cheap. Consoles allow people to pop in a disk and play. There are no differences in the hardware used, so no one truly has a bigger advantage than the other.
        I have a monster gaming rig, insanely fast internet, and it wasn’t cheap, but it gives me an advantage when in FPS competitions.
        Most of my friends play FPS on Xbox, just because it’s cheaper and easier.

  6. The Wii U is a HUGE competitor for Google TV because it actually offers great TV features with WiiU TVii. And it will become more popular, because people will be buying the Wii U anyways. With Google TV, people have to go out of their way to get access to the platform.

    1. But the Wii isn’t an open device. Although it was hacked, so I guess that really doesn’t matter. Once the Wii U get’s hacked it’ll be insane parties on that thing. Hmm… This’ll be interesting to watch play out. Let’s see what 2013 (because I’m living through the Apocalypse) has to offer.

  7. I was sad that gamestop forced me to cancel my wikipad pre-order. That being said, my wiiu preorder will sit nicely next to my launch model ps3, xbox 360, gamecube, sega genesis, sega saturn, sega dreamcast, nes, snes, n64, original xbox, and 4 grand gaming desktop computer.

    1. You look younger than me. So why do you own anything below a Dreamcast? This post sounds fake. -_-

      Also if you’re trying to boast about having all these cool consoles, where’s your Neo Geo? I’m so done here.

      1. dont forget the 3DO ;)

        1. And Atari Jaguar!

    2. 4 grand gaming desktop? LOL. You better be pro superstar over there spending on a rig like that. lol.

  8. The only reason I’ll buy this is if it gets really cheap, and the Zelda game turns out to be really good. I have the original Wii, and the games are so kiddy that it just sucks. I’m a pc gamer though…

    1. Yeah I also got a wii in the hopes that it would lead to real change instead of the same old Mario kid stuff. I was wrong…won’t get another Nintendo.

      1. Did you see some of their titles? I made a posting up top about how they have Bayonetta 2. I don’t know what that is, but all the people that does know is mad that it’s only coming out on the Wii U and are actually tempted to get a Wii U just for that game.

        It has some pretty hardcore titles coming out for it. I wouldn’t know since I’m a casual gamer, but yea.

    2. I would love a Great new Zelda game, I really stopped playing Zelda when Nintendo went with that cartoonish look, that was a major turn off to the series for me, if I want to watch cartoons I’d get up early on a Saturday morning Nintendo.

      1. shame.. wind waker is one of the best zelda’s out there..

  9. i’m looking forward to wii u. i’ll have to save up, but i’ll get one.

  10. Waiting for 720

  11. I’ll be picking mine up tomorrow… all this talk of “hardcore” vs “casual” is idiotic. Gamers will play games wherever there are games to play. The console(s) they play on doesn’t necessarily define the players.

  12. Also, Rob, they delayed the video streaming services on Wii U for a short time past launch.

  13. I think Ouya needs to take note and redesign their controller. I’m confident that when it comes out it will do much better than any gtv unit.

    1. Come on. Ouya is just another Notion Ink disappointment waiting to happen

    2. If they do that, the Ouya will also need to raise their price about a couple hundred dollars. Not everyone want’s a Wii U. I for one will be satisfied with what the Ouya has to offer. I’m not hardcore gamer, so I don’t really want to spend much on games.

  14. I don’t plan on getting a Wii U just yet. Don’t really care for the games all that much. Yes I am male nerd who doesn’t play hardcore video games. I am very well satisfied with my Nintendo 64 emus and 3DS PKMN White 2. And millions of random apps that I actually PAID for.

    …Until the next Super Smash Bros and PKMN Stadium styled game comes out on the Wii U. Then I will HAVE to purchase one!!

  15. I am a huge nintendo fan and I gotta say I am shocked and elated to see my first love edging it’s way into my current loves niche. I am going to make a prediction here tho. this tablet/tv/gaming console game is going to be huge next year. Google will somehow purchase one of these companies or at least pay to play and brand and tv/gaming will be working into the mobile space we all know and love. It started this year with all of these new devices, the samsung camera included. I saw someone mention we had plateaued in the mobile world and that is simply not the case.

  16. old tec im good with my cfw ps3 and lt3.0 360

  17. the wii sold well but know one plays it i havent turned my on in over a year

  18. Picked mine up today, plugged it in and bam, it did not work. Nintendo was no help either. The way they handled the situation with me turned me off. They really expected me to pay to ship my BRAND NEW WII U to them and insure it and then repair it. I didn’t pay full price for a refurbished unit. I advised I would do so if they refunded me $100, and of course they declined. Only other option they gave me was to buy another one from them, and pay to ship it to me, and then send them my defective unit back, once again at my expense and they would refund my money once they receive my Wii U back. Of course, I declined those options. Advised they have lost a lifelong customer with the way they handled this. All I asked was to send a new unit to the store I purchased it from so I could do a swap since they only had pre ordered units, and no other store in my area had any extra ones for sale. They said they couldn’t do that.

  19. I remember 15 years ago I would be excited to get a new game or a new console was coming out.
    But now….

  20. This is a really stupid comparison between devices that really aren’t much alike. The Wii U’s gamepad is not a tablet. It’s a controller with a screen. It doesn’t even work completely without the console being turned on. An actual tablet functions on it’s own.

  21. I’ve been playing my new WiiU all Sunday long. Its fantastic! Not a GTV type of feature set but a great machine all around.

  22. Here’s my problem with this. If you watch the commercials, the person with the tablet controller is primarily looking at the controller, not the TV screen. The other people with the Wii controllers are watching the TV and look more engaged with each other than with the person with the tablet controller.

    If they can’t fake it for a TV commercial, what’s the real world experience going to be like?

  23. The Wii U is an incredible console. Backwards compatible with Classic Wii titles and hardware, the new Wii U tablet controller and the Wii U Pro controller. The way Nintendo and third parties are integrating the tablet is awesome. Let’s also not forget how the Wii U and tablet controller can act as a media controller and hub with direct access to TiVO. Lastly is the excellent third party support which was desperately lacking on the Wii. All in all it is a fantastic console that has set the bar for “Next Gen”.

  24. Nintendo nothing new here same old games reworked ps3 360 games that dont look any better ps4 720 next year might as well wait.My Wii hasnt been on for over a year so im good

    1. Zombii U, Pikmin, Mario, Zelda, The Wonderful 101 and more. Not to mention future titles that will come to the Wii U that take advantage of the new gamepad. As for your Wii I am sorry for it. There really are a lot of great first party Nintendo titles plus some excellent third party hits. Granted it is no PS3 or XBox 360 when talking about 3rd party titles but it has quite a few exclusive gems. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on the Wii U. Oh and the PS Vita while not selling well, which is a shame, is an incredible handheld. Nintendo 3DS + Wii U and Monster Hunter 4 = WIN! Just so much stuff out there that is just plain ole awesome. Next up will be the OUYA which I am eagerly awaiting as well. It is such an awesome time to be a gamer.

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