May 10th, 2011

While much of Google’s I/O keynote presentation focused on the here and now of Android with news on Ice Cream Sandwich, an update to Honeycomb, and the unveiling of Google Music and Movies, a portion of the presentation was dedicated to more forward-looking projects the Android Team is working on. One such initiative is Android@Home, which seeks to give you total control over your home using Android as the control hub.

Functions could be as simple as turning lights on and off from your smartphone or tablet, but could extend to everything from controlling heating and cooling to setting a security system. The possibilities seem endless, and Google likes it that way.

One function demonstrated was audio streaming via a central “alien” looking hub to a set of speakers. This is by no means a new technology, but demonstrates how functions like this can be built on and into the Android OS.

Android@Home is still a pretty forward looking initiative, though partnerships with companies such as LightingScience will see some consumer products such as lighting with Android support released near the end of the year. Google is inviting developers to have a go at the new framework in hopes of eventually turning the home into one giant Android device.