Android Overload: Play Store updates, free NFC tags, 1080p phones and more


There is never a shortage of Android news, but many stories don’t make it to our home page. If you are getting ready to head out the door and enjoy your weekend, make sure you get your fix of Android news before you go! Here are some great stories that are still worth a read.

  • New Google Play Store update [Android Police]
  • Get a free NFC tag from Movaluate! [Movaluate]
  • Google forgets to add December to the Contacts app in Android 4.2 [Android Police]
  • Samsung trying to stop sales ban by using information from HTC/Apple agreement [The Verge]
  • 1080p LG device gets benchmarked [GLBenchmark]
  • Toshiba AT300SE 10.1-inch tablet announced [Slashgear]
  • Nextel announces Motorola IRONROCK [Motorola]
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Wii U launching at midnight, Google TV and Wikipad cry tears of envy

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  1. wow, thx for the NFC tag share. the reprogrammable part is the only reason I signed up but I’m sure that will the reason most do. I don’t have an NFC phone yet, but will next month. Will take advantage of this tag and use it for presets for the entering/leaving the house.

    1. whats the secret code? link doesnt work for me for some reason:/

      1. ENJOY2012

        1. thanks for a quick response:)

          1. no prob ;)

    2. Same here, looking forward to re-programming it as a toy (my MARTA card was locked apparently).

  2. Now if only Google could figure out how to f’ing launch a product. I reaally hope I can get a Nexus 4 for Christmas. Its looking less likely everyday.

    how I see Google –

    1. Google is known for making money off giving free stuff :/

    2. If it takes a month, that would be Dec. 18th… It could arrive at your doorsteps with a little extra. Never know. Google has the money to give extra to those who waited. And didn’t you learn from all those who pre-ordered the Nexus 7 early? All those 1st to order issues? LoL!!

    3. Google Logic: Lets create the best device ever, and lets forget to make enough of it.

      1. And let’s forget to market it after a week or 2

  3. Brian Klug had already found that the Nexus 4 had some LTE support before iFixIt for Anandtech.
    However it’s apparently not currently possible to support the multiple bands of LTE on a single device.

  4. Daily Steals has the HTC Nexus One on sale for $79.99 for any of you with a fondness for the first Nexus phone, sd card support was something that this phone had, to bad Google took it from the Nexus phones that came after.

    1. *Me crying* Not because of the sale, but because my radiator decided to go out so my money has to go to that instead. =.[

      I hate being a broke college kid. Grr!!

      1. Well, I hate being a broke high school kid. If only I had the money right now!

    2. Would be cool to have that with the so many ROMs available. Just couldn’t go to a smaller/less powerful device

  5. Can someone please elaborate on the nexus 4 having lte ? Why is it there? Can it be activated? What networks could it potentially work on? This seems to be a pretty big deal and no one is really saying anything

    1. nobody knows, nobody knows, all US networks.

    2. There is a chip yes, but probably no antenna for it and definitely no power amp for it so Im going to go with a big fat no.

      1. Why would they put a chip there with no antenna for it? Seems like a waste of money/resources…

        1. Actually because the phone is so close to the Optimus G they may have used pretty much the same internals leaving out a few key things that would have added to the cost. Not having to produce a whole new set of gut for the Nexus 4 would probably be pretty cost effective.

    3. The LTE chips supports LTE bands 1, 2, and 4, according to Anandtech, so basically, the 2100 MHz, 1900 MHz, and 2100/1700 MHz frequencies. In the United States, that translates to AT&T, MetroPCS, and Leap Wireless. Though, if the other required components are missing in the phone, the point is moot anyways.

      1. Would this work on T-Mobile’s future LTE network on AWS? I would imagine so if it supports Metro LTE.

  6. potential for a future sprint nexus 4?

    1. Sprint is CDMA, the N4 is GSM.

      1. Duh. Blonde moment >.<

        1. No worries man, we all have them. I guess you could get the LG Optimus G, but it looks like dev support is non existent.

          1. I already have an evo lte. I don’t think it’s upgrade mid contract for a non nexus, unless the gs4 has that exynos 5420 with a 2500+ battery

          2. Actually, the Sprint Optimus G has already been rooted.

  7. As far as I know, new chips aren’t made with 3G only anymore, all new radios have LTE/3G integrated.

  8. I can’t believe I’m jumping back on FB for a free NFC tag. Smh

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