Check your email: Nexus 4 is starting to ship!


November 13th rolled up onto our calendars and techies were sent into a tizzy trying to order the newly-dropped Nexus 4 before they inevitably sold out (which happened in 24 minutes, mind you). We know quite a few of you got in on that, and are patiently awaiting confirmation that your devices have shipped.

Well, we have good news: folks are beginning to receive shipment confirmation emails for their devices today, meaning most should see their devices tomorrow and Monday. We’re not sure if Google’s shipping process will happen in waves just yet, but we’ve seen nothing to suggest anyone who was able to submit an order will have to wait for one.

Our own Chris Chavez got his confirmation email and his tracking number is already active, though we’re not being given an estimated delivery date at this time. Hopefully that’s just UPS being slow with its estimation, but regardless it’s in transit and headed to his doorstep.

You’ll want to check the email address you used to order the device as it’ll be coming straight from Google Play. While you wait for your new device to make its way into the grips of your hands let us know what you’ll be doing with your Nexus 4 as soon as you open it in the comments section below!

Thank you.

Great news! Your order on Google Play has shipped. Track the status of your package [redacted]. Note that it may take 24 hours for your tracking number to return any information.
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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Usually when it’s shipped via UPS, it may take about 12-18 hours before they show an estimated delivery date.

    With that being said, I hope I get an email today showing my Nexus 10 shipped. Since I had to pay for 2 day shipping, hopefully it would arrive Saturday.

    1. how come i saw no option for shipping i just see a standard 3-5 days. i tried looking for a two day or even a one day but nothing.

      1. UPS is shipping them 2nd Day Air fyi. It’s 3-5 days from when you ordered, cause Google apparently needed 1-3 days to process things.

        1. I just received an Email from the play store saying that its on back order an its gonna ship in 3 week that sucks !!!

          1. Oh man! That sucks dude. If you really gotta have it you can pay a little more from t-mobile.

      2. My Nexus 10 only gave me the option for 2 day shipping. As said below, it should be 3-5 days received after being ordered.

    2. It took mine about 9 hours from when I got a Google email saying they shipped it before UPS would show where it was with the tracking number.

      1. Yeah, sometimes they’ll report it sooner, depending on the time of day you receive your tracking number. We deal with FedEx, UPS, and USPS at work and all three average at least 12 hours before reporting any type of deliver by date.

    3. ups will not deliver on saturday unless the shipper pays for saturday service. that isn’t part of 2 day shipping.

      1. We won’t actually know if Google worked Saturday shipping into it until someone mentions they got theirs delivered on Saturday. Mine personally didn’t ship yet, and isn’t estimated to do so until Friday, so I won’t get it until next week anyway.

  2. My Nexus 10 shipping info was waiting in my inbox when I woke up!

  3. I hope they ship in the order they were received, that being said, I hope mine ships today. My order was submitted and completed at 8:34am PST

    I am also hearing that orders with bumpers are being delayed??

    1. You shut your whore mouth! lol

  4. Thats awesome where the shipper can send emails to confirm, maybe someone should have plugged in Google’s email servers so they could send out notification emails for those that signed up as well.

  5. I ordered mine around 10:30am PST. Here’s hoping I don’t have to wait 2 weeks like the nexus 7 launch.

  6. I already have mines got it from T-Mobile yesterday and I have to say this phone is super fast and smooth. Looks amazing and feels amazing. Great job google and lg.

    1. I totally agree! Bought mine yesterday from TMO too. I F’ing love this phone and enjoy unsing the Photo Sphere…great feature!

  7. Mine is in Kentucky, per UPS. They said it’s sent “2nd Day Air” so I’m hoping it shows up tomorrow or Saturday.

  8. Mine still says Pre-Order and I ordered at 9am PST. Today the charge was removed from my bank account. Nothing has updated on Google play or wallet, but I have a feeling i’m about to get screwed :(

    1. yeah there are rumors of people getting emails of canceled orders because they were out of stock. You ordered early though, so maybe your bank canceled the payment?

      1. Yea I think my bank cancelled payment even though I called back and told them it was a relevant charge. No cancelled order email from google yet though. I talked to support yesterday and they said everything was fine that it would process today. As sad as it is I may cry if this thing doesn’t go through. I’ve been using an old flip phone for the last 2 weeks b/c my Sensation broke.

        1. ouch, Godspeed

    2. Nah I think they’re just slow, assuming you mean that they took the money from your account when you said “removed”

      1. No i mean the hold charge is no longer there. It was for 3 days. Yesterday I got a notice from BofA of irregular charges on my card. I called in and cleared it, but today the charge is no longer there. I’m assuming when bofa withheld the funds due to an irregular charge my order probably got cancelled. But I haven’t received notice from Google about anything yet.

        1. Check your google wallet page cause that happened with mine and it auto-cancelled my orders for the 16GB unfortunately.

          1. I’ve had it open on refresh every 5 minutes for 2 days lol. Nothing has changed there yet. I’m going to give Support a call again.

          2. Good idea, and good luck!

          3. Well google support says its still processing, nothing wrong with the order. I’ll keep holding my breath

          4. Fyi, and from my experience…online b of a pending charges will sometimes disappear from the website, but it is still being processed. It has to do with the merchant and how they process it. If Google support says you’re good, you should be.

  9. got a ups # at 5:06am EST from google. UPS # now shows up on their website as of 11/15/2012 12:56 P.M. – am shipping to Dayton, OH and package is in Louisville, KY, so close.

  10. still no email but i was late to the release party a bit but still got thru

  11. I want my 3 Nexus 4’s now!

    1. It’s people like you………..

      1. yes, thank you. Google should have limited it to only one per customer if they had limited amount of stock @facebook-520248802:disqus you owe my a Nexus 4 and no I’m not buying it from eBay for $900.

        1. I didn’t purposely buy 3 of them. Settle down there guys.And I’ve actually tried cancelling the other two. But have not received a confirmation email that it worked…

          1. I bought 3, but it was for me, my wife, and brother.

    2. Speaking as someone who didn’t get to order one, I have no problem with you ordering three…as long as you are’t reselling them for profit. People who are mad at you for ordering more than one just have sour grapes.

  12. Lucky you people!! Some people like myself have the misfortune of recieving an opposite email saying it’s back ordered and wont ship for another 3 weeks…. fml… thank you google! thank you…

    1. … and yours was one of the “early” orders?

      1. yes, ordered on the 13th, around 2pm EST

        1. Okay, so the same time I did- and the same time the “buy now” button was coming and going. I just received the same e-mail.

          I’m going to cancel the order and pay the premium with TMo. I’m going to have to be under contract, anyway, so I may as well just pay them for it and be done. I need to finish taking the rest of my lines off Verizon, and waiting on them to figure out their nonsense in Mountain View isn’t going to do that.

        2. Am i missing something here? I wouldn’t call 2pm EST early when it launched at around 11:30am EST? I was able to order mine around 11:45am EST… I still have not got a shipping email either…

          1. I’m in the same boat. I ordered mine right around 1130 est and still have yet to receive an email. I called Google and they said everything went through and payment was received. should arrive Friday or Monday.

  13. I’d be careful with that “tomorrow” estimate. If Google has an asinine agreement with UPS like Verizon has with FedEx, they won’t be allowed to make a delivery attempt until the second day.

    I’ve had Verizon phones ship from Memphis to Memphis and sit in a container at MEM for two days before due to the two-day air service being used for shipping.

  14. Ordered mine around 2:30PM EST on launch day and just got an email saying Google was out of stock and the phone would ship in 3 weeks.


  15. I need the blogs to give Google HELL!. I hope to see stories on every blog bashing Google. I’m not so mad that I got the back order email, I’m more pissed about this launch and lack of communication. They held people’s money for two days in addition to claiming an order was placed when in fact they had insufficient inventory. This whole deal has been handle like an amateur company and not like a multi-billion dollar corporation.

    1. Completely agree. This whole event was the height of amateur-hour. It should be a STAIN on what’s perceived as a world-class company, yet Google appears to think it was a success.

      I’ve got a friend/co-worker who’s an iPhone user and who went through the whole order MESS with me. Needless to say, his first Google customer experience has not left him impressed.

      Google has handled literally *every* aspect of this launch poorly, right down to the two-day delay before notifying people that the phone is back-ordered for another three weeks.

      Larry Page should be closing conference room doors and firing everyone involved in this debacle.

    2. They didn’t hold my money and I ordered it on day one.

    3. It’s true Google’s strength is not in supply chain management, many eBay sellers who sold under 50 items do a better job at it. I guess it’s a bit harder to manage a Nexus launch than a single item on eBay though. If Google wants to proceed selling hardware then it really has to go through this learning curve more efficiently. Why now just outsource the supply management part? It’s not Google’s core business and they definitely don’t have a good grasp on it themselves, might be cheaper to outsource that.

  16. I just got confirmation that my confirmed order is now on back order. Ugggg. You think they would have learned from the Nexus 7 experience. in consolation, I will get free shipping. geez!

    1. They need to give me $50 play store credit too!

  17. UK here, just received the “phone on back order” email. Sites like Phandroid should ask Google what’s going on and explain why they messed up again following the N7 problems.

  18. I ordered this phone on 13th of November through Googleplay website and the email that I got say “you will not get charged until your order has shipped”. on 14th of november I already got charged from my bank acc. So, my item should be on the way now, no? However, I didnt get any email regarding shipping. I already got confirmation that my order went through (Ohhh thanks God). Is the email about shipping only for local ? Coz I am international ~_~a

  19. My order says pending

  20. Three week backorder!? I didn’t think the Nexus 4 launch could be more screwed up then the Nexus 7 launch but they managed it!!

  21. this release also left a negative feeling toward google. this was at best amateur!!!!!! i cant stand the phone i have now and waited months just for the nexus 4. i also missed out because there was no advanced notice to how this was going to go down. screw that! i cant wait weeks for the nexus 4 to come back in stock so im getting a free sgs3 or note2 from tmobiles sale tomorrow.! maybe in a couple of years from now google will have put there big boy pants on and do things right , then ill get a nexus 6. good luck on waiting for your phones

  22. Just a quick question to all whose orders went through where is your device shipping from? Its seems everyone thats approved gets shipped from KY…..

  23. It sucks that so many people are getting back-order notices. Either stock should have been bolstered up before launch, or Google shouldn’t have allowed excess sales to go through. They knew how fast these things were going to sell out.

  24. The first thing I do once it gets here is test it against my blender lol

  25. My Nexus 10 will be here any minute!

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