Facebook app finally getting share feature soon [UPDATE: Now live in the Play Store]


One of the biggest Facebook features is the ability to share posts that your friends have made to your own timeline, but oddly enough it has been absent from the social network’s mobile apps since their inception. We’re not sure why a bigger focus hasn’t been put on introducing one of Facebook’s most widely used features to the vast amount of people who use Facebook in a mobile capacity, but as of now it just hasn’t.

According to TechCrunch, though, that’ll be changing soon. Facebook is reportedly gearing up to launch the ability to share posts from within its mobile app. This functionality is already available to those who are still tied to the mobile Facebook site, but it will be nice to get it inside the company’s native app.

Heck, us Android users are still waiting on the update that will make use of Android’s native UI elements instead of the slow HTML 5-based code still being used today. Facebook has already updated the iOS version of its app to make that change and the reception to that change has been very warm. Us Android folks need it even more so hopefully that is Facebook’s focus alongside the aforementioned share feature in its next big update.

[via TechCrunch | Google Play]

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  1. If Facebook really needs to “Gear up to launch” a core feature of it’s entire website for its mobile app, that’s a problem. Just another reason facebooks mobile site is and always will be better than the actual app.

  2. I gave up on the Facebook app a long time ago. I use Friendcaster and more than likely will just stick with them…unless Facebook really wows me with something.

    1. I did that too, but then I began using their app again just so that I spend less time on Facebook.

  3. Just ditch Facebook altogether. You’ll find out who your real friends are and get away from all the damn drama that Facebook thrives on.

    1. If you don’t accept friend requests from every dip with an account, you don’t have to worry about drama. Common sense.

  4. @ Disqus Sucks: I sooo much agree! I’ve been using fb quite a bit less recently, I don’t even browse it.

    I have a ph#, and I exist in the REAL-WORLD!

    1. Too cool for us.

  5. they need to pull the entire app from the market and start over

  6. about @#$@%#@# time!!!

  7. Honestly, I really hope this is the best damn Facebook app we’ve ever seen once we get the native app.

    1. It better be. And I want Holo UI or bust.

  8. I just got the update a couple minutes ago! About damn time they added a share feature!!!

  9. The mobile app has been capable of sharing photos for some time. Do you mean it will have the ability to share statuses and other posts.

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