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It was a few months back Google began rolling out their all new redesigned Chrome user interface for Chromebooks. While the functionality or convenience of a Chrome-only laptop was still up for debate, everybody was pretty much in agreement that the new design of the OS was beautiful. Clean, minimal — all the great things we loved about Android, but with a flavor all of its own.

It was this design that sparked the imagination of Android themers, and we even showed you one such design titled “Chromium OS Theme” back in June. Today, a Googler posted a quick concept image of “Chromephone,” a vision of what Chrome OS would look like on a phone. Have to say, the minimalist in me was drooling. Take a look.

It was earlier this year Google also introduced Google Now, their all new revamped search app. The one thing that seemed to strike me about Google Now was that the UI seemed different from even the white Holo look of Android. I always felt it looked more akin to the “Chrome OS look.” Cruising through (a guilty pleasure of mine), I came across an equally striking Google Now theme. Check it out.

You’ll notice some similarities with the Chromephone concept, the only difference being this is ones a reality. The theme was built using a variety of apps and images and with a little time, you can get the same look on your stock Android device. Tonight. Hit the source link for a full list of apps used to create this and if you guys pull it off, post a screen shot in the comments. I’d love to take a look at your fabulous creations.

[via ChromeSpot | MyColorScreen]

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