Nov 15th, 2012 publishUpdated   Nov 28th, 2012, 5:32 pm

My heart skipped a beat after reading the headline from today’s Wall Street Journal post. Apparently, Dish and Google were having a friendly chat over tea earlier this week, bouncing ideas back and forth on what a world would be like if Google entered into the wireless market. An Android fanboy’s dream come true, a deal between the two companies is nowhere near set in stone (virtually non-existent even). As it turns out, Google is just one of many companies Dish has been chatting with, with AT&T as another likely candidate as partner.

While Dish’s Chairman Charlie Ergen did go on the record confirming the company’s talks with other companies “who would like to be in the industry,” he also mentioned it would be easier to work with a company who already has a wireless presence, where T-Mobile and Sprint were once possible partners. Still, with Google’s $45 billion cash pile, that could could be more than enough to convince Dish. That is, if Google wants it bad enough.

With Google making the move into the home internet business, a wireless offering doesn’t sound too far fetched, just a bit premature. Discussion time. Do you guys think consumers could benefit from a possible “Google Wireless?”

[via WSJ]