Jun 1st, 2012

A few days ago, Google took the wraps off their new and improved Chrome OS update. The most notable change was a completely overhauled user interface, reminiscent of Android’s tablet UI, but with the sleek, minimal stylings of Chrome (possibly a hint of OSX int there). Well, after a request popped up on XDA to bring Chrome’s snappy all new UI to Android in the form of a theme, one Android modder is looking to make that a reality with his “Chromium OS Theme” concept.

Still just a mockup, you get a good idea of what we can expect when/if Google’s Chrome UI would look slapped on your Android device. Smjfosho is the themer involved in bringing the concept to life, and is currently looking for some good feedback from users on the thread over on XDA. Hit the source link and help the man out.

[Chromium OS Theme XDA]