Sprint bringing 4G LTE to its PAYG subsidiaries [RUMOR]


With increased pressure from the likes of Cricket and MetroPCS, it appears Sprint won’t let its pay-as-you-go carriers operate without meeting the competitive edge that the aforementioned carriers have established. According to leaked marketing documents Sprint might be bringing 4G LTE to its Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile soon.

It wouldn’t be the first 4G network for Sprint’s PAYG subsidiaries. Boost and Virgin both enjoyed WiMax for a short time, but with Clearwire’s struggles to roll coverage out and Sprint’s plans to phase WiMax out of its life this is significant news for anyone who prefers the smaller cousins of the Now Network.

Since they all share the same spectrum and radios it wouldn’t be much extra work to get Boost and Virgin up and going on Sprint’s ongoing LTE rollout. Sprint will likely take care of the other end of the hurdle — devices — by simply rebranding some of the more affordable LTE options already available on its end.

There’s no telling when, exactly, this is all going down but if marketing materials are indeed being prepared then we could be as close as a few weeks out (though it’s still entirely possible we’re as far as a few months out, too). Whatever might happen, if you’re a Boost or Virgin faithful and you’ve been dying to get some 4G LTE in your life you can rest easy knowing you likely won’t need to switch carriers to get in on the fun.

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  1. I’m on Sprint in the DMV and I want some LTE. This Note 2 is useless unless I’m on wifi.

    1. S3 here in the D[M]V. We need some love bad.

    2. That bad in DMV too? Here in Milwaukee I couldn’t so much as send a Tweet, let alone wanting to stream some video or load a website over 3G.

      1. it’s embarrassing trying to show multi screen and it’s just loading.

  2. Sprint has big plans and little implementation.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. How about becoming great at something, instead of decent at 20 different things.

  3. Sprint is going to bog down everyone’s 4G which is thin at best. Bad move Sprint.

    1. I guess you didn’t read the article on Sprint buying some of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE towers…. don’t worry. They’ll have plenty of coverage for all.

  4. Seems like a no-brainer considering that they are already doing all that for third-party MVNO Ting.

  5. whoring it out so soon?

  6. What about actually implementing the service for Sprint customers?

  7. Fake notice in the image a gs2 that is a wimax device for them

    1. Could be a new model considering they are trying to phase out 4G WiMax

  8. Does sprint even have LTE working good anywhere?
    Now they going to share that. Funny stuff! LOL

    1. How is it sharing if they own boost and vm. Noobs these days

  9. I have Boost Mobile & have no problems. Great coverage and
    3G here in Boston. I can watch youtube, netflix, get on FaceBook and load webpages with out a problem. If Boost gets LTE I wonder what phones they will offer.

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