Android Robot rocks out as desktop Pal Bot speaker [CONTEST]


Use the promo code PHANBOT to get a special deal on the Go groove Palbot: only $21.99 with free shipping!

We’re halfway through publishing our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, but I couldn’t resist sharing the awesomeness (and special PHANBOT offer) of the desktop android robot speaker called “Palbot”. It looks great, sounds great, it’s LOUD, it’s portable, the design/function was well thought out, and it gives you that Android robot love that emobdies the very personality of Phandroids around the world.

With the holidays coming up, the Go Groove Palbot makes an exceptional gift, and you’ll see it as one of my Editor picks tomorrow for the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide. But I wanted to spread the holiday spirit around a little bit, so figured I would give one away, in addition to sharing some more detail on the actual device.

First of all, the Palbot is versatile: it can play music from ANY device that has a 3.5mm headset jack. That could be your phone, your laptop, or anything else so long as its got a 3.5mm port. The Palbot is as plug and play as it gets which was refreshing, and with 2 foot long cord, it’s simple as pie to plug it in to whatever you’d like without having to shuffle things around.

When I first plugged the Palbot in I was surprised how LOUD it was. This thing really rocks! I had my phone (Galaxy Nexus) on full blast, plugged in the Palbot expecting it to up the ante a bit, but this little guy took things to another whole level. The Pal Bot is like a portable dance party. Actually… let me show you exactly what I mean:

I was a bit worried that the loud music would cause the Palbot battery to drain quickly, but my concerns were alleviated for several reasons. First of all, the Palbot plays music continuously for 6 hours on a fully charged battery. Secondly, with a standard MicroUSB slot tucked neatly under the audio out cord, getting the Palbot charged is simple. And when it needs a charge, the glowing blue lights will turn purple and blink to signal you’re robot buddy is thirsty for some juice.

All that being said, after listening to music on my Palbot for an hour, I accidentally left him on before leaving for a weekend trip. On Friday I turned him on, accidentally left him on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and he was miraculously full of energy with eyes glowing blue when I returned. So if you’re not constantly playing audio, Pal Bot lasts much much longer than 6 hours on one charge.

I’ve actually had the Palbot for over a month now and I’d say he’s become a desktop companion. I hadn’t owned desktop speakers in quite some time and had constantly deferred to headphones for listening to music which was outrageously annoying. Now, I keep my buddy on the corner of my desk and he acts as a great decoration. When I’m plugging away, I’ll turn on some tunes (long-time Phans may recognize Ronald Jenkees as some of my favorite work music), pull the Palbot cord, and let the audio fill up the room.

Initially, I was also concerned that the back facing speakers would cause the audio to noticeably sound distant since it faced away from me. This was absolutely NOT the case. The Palbot has a subwoofer on the bottom and 2 back-facing speakers that are incredibly full bodied. At under $30 this thing is really a steal and I have no problem recommending it for yourself or as a gift to any Android enthusiast. Or even give it to your iPhone loving friends: it only needs the 3.5mm headset jack to work, and they’ll love it so much that even if they hate Android, they won’t be able to resist keeping it on their desk for all to see.

I love my Palbot and if you’re looking for holiday gifts, you should definitely take advantage of the $21.99 PHANBOT promo; it’ll only last for about 36 hours or until supplies last. It’s normally about $70 and it would be worth it at that price, but it’s discounted during the holidays for $30. At only $21.99 for our readers with free shipping? No brainer.

While ALL of you should order a Pal Bot for yourself, one of you will get a free Pal Bot. How can you enter to win? Simply add us to your circles on Google+ and comment on this post. And while you’re at it… considering circling me up, too!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. That looks awesome!

  2. I would not have guessed that a desktop device like palbot offered a quality audio experience…

  3. It charges via microSD, or micro USB?
    Also, link to add Phandroid to my circles in Google+ not working (at least on Chrome).

    1. LOL good catch! Definitely MicroUSB… updated.

  4. Woop woop

  5. love the glowing eyes

  6. lol, funny thing is when i click on your g+ link i get error :(

    1. found it using google search:)
      Now hopefully i will win:P

  7. Darn, US only.

  8. G+ Link to post is fixed now.

  9. Well, you are already in my circle, so posting is easy.

  10. Aw… So cute.

  11. JungleBook Soundtrack! Shoo dee doo, i wanna be like you oou ouu! i wanna walk like you… talk like you oouu ouu lol

  12. this is cool

  13. How do I get the phandroid coupon for the 21.99 price ?

    1. When you purchase, enter the promo code PHANBOT

  14. Ordered. Thanks

  15. this lil android is awesome, I so want one

  16. Thanks for the tip! I picked one up.

  17. Very nice but US-only, so… useless…

  18. Purchased!

  19. Looks awesome! Hope I win!!!

  20. Sold. This will be great for me and the kids. Maybe the wife too…

  21. i was interested, until I arrived at the checkout where the only options under country where “United states”
    you might want to include that when you post things like this.

    1. Well, it’s a US based site, so I would imagine that most on here are from the good ole USA :)

      1. phandroid is a US-based site? What does that even mean, SR? The servers are in the US? The registrar is US-based? The writers go to physical offices that are in the US? What I see is that the audience is worldwide, and phandroid serves up articles to worldwide markets.

        I too wish more of the articles here stated when offers were limited to specific markets. To be fair to phandroid in general, though, I do seem to recall other offers being accompanied by such qualifications.

  22. I wonder if he likes having his tail pulled.

  23. just bought one from amazon since i had a gift card

  24. I want one but if I win, twoooooooooooooooo will be mine

  25. Beep Boop Bipp!

  26. Nifty!

  27. Squabbits!

  28. That looks like fun! :D

  29. Wish it was in canda :(

  30. Sold…… ordering mine from Amazon as I type…..

  31. Is Accessory Genie a legit website?

  32. Done and Done. Bought! :D looks awesome!

  33. this is actually really cool

  34. I would love to have that little speaker!

  35. I’ve been thinking about getting an external speaker for my Gnex, this one looks pretty cool.

  36. just bought one.

  37. Cool, and a decent deal, but… no Blue tooth (which is actually good news, since I just got a Veho 360!)

  38. how do i get the promo code to work?

  39. Wow, that seems like a nifty little speaker I could use to play my music

  40. I want one Badly:)!!!!!

  41. Ordered mine! Great price on a device that is functional and it shows that I support Android! I’ve been looking for something Android for my desk. Well, this is perfect for that and it gives me a speaker for music and phone calls.

  42. i want this

  43. ZOMG!!!! this is so freaking cute and awesome and useful who wouldnt want thsi

  44. This is awesome. I want it!

  45. Ordered! Too awesome to pass up.

  46. Say outrageous one more time….

  47. Probably the cutest Andy I’ve seen!

  48. I want one!!

  49. Coolio

  50. Anyone have any idea how I can get on in the UK?

  51. sounds neat.. literally

  52. Commenting here too just in case…

  53. Adorable and great for android fans. Got mine ordered and just hope it arrives quickly!

  54. Before you give this thing away, “I think you better turn your ticket in and get your money back at the door.” :p (I’m a big Counting Crows fan.)

  55. Let the palbot be with you?

  56. No winners were announced for the last contest yet…..

  57. I want it

  58. This thing is awesome! I want one!

  59. I SO WANT ONE!
    Added to google+
    This thing looks so freaking awesome!!!

  60. This is great. I would love one of these.

  61. Just bought mine. Thanks guys :)

  62. I ordered me one!! Thanks for the deal!

  63. Awesome!

  64. In for one. thanks!

  65. Sweet! Another great addition to android memorabilia!

  66. Tried to order. They don’t ship to Hawaii I guess. It doesn’t show up on their dropdown menu of states. I think we are still a state. LOL. That sucks. You should change description to “continental USA”. :(

  67. I just bought one! I like the fact that it’s got two speakers and a subwoofer.

  68. Just purchased one! So excited for this thing to arrive to my doorstep!

  69. Mine arrived today. This little guy is awesome. For casual around-the-house Pandora playback, the sound quality is fantastic. I’m sure it’s not going to get high marks from audiophiles, but for $21.99, I think it’s fantastic.

    1. I found another promo code though APPROMO112 saved me around 7 bucks or 26 shipped. Happy holidays

  70. just got mine today in the mail its worth every bit of the 21.99 this thing is loud and well built its made in china yea but what isnt anymore great review and great buy similiar speakers to this are 40.00 plus tax took about 4 days to come from compton ca to holland michigan they say its shipped thru dhl but they transfer it to usps so track it there!

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