Nov 1st, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 4th, 2012, 5:06 pm

Samsung and Apple have been at each other’s throats in this legal battle between the two, and some of the most interesting bits have come out of the United Kingdom. Samsung was found to be in the clear on the grounds of infringement with a judge saying Samsung’s products weren’t “cool” enough for people to get them confused with Apple’s products.

As such, Apple was forced to make a statement on its UK website stating that very fact, though we felt the manner in which they did it was a tad distasteful. Apple made the statement, but it spent even more text letting people know that the company has been victorious in other regions. In fact, Apple seemed to welcome the “not cool enough” statement so it took that and ran wild.

Well, it looks like the courts across the pond seem to agree with our initital reaction — the statement isn’t what they had in mind. They’re going as far as forcing Apple to correct the statement on its website.

They want the new statement to be short and sweet, and nothing more. A simple “Samsung didn’t infringe on our products, UK courts have found” or something to that effect might do the trick.

Oh, and the statement mustn’t be tucked away via an obscure, hard to find link — it has to be smack dab on Apple’s homepage, and must remain there until the middle of this month. The ruling even goes as far as forcing Apple how visible the link must be — nothing less than 11 point font, apparently.

This particular correction won’t do much to help Samsung get over the fact that one of its biggest component buyers is suing the pants off of them, but hey — at least the UK courts won’t let Apple stomp all over them. That has to count for something. Apple is said to have 24-48 hours to comply with the request for a correction, and you can bet we’ll be looking for that correction as the week closes. Score one for the good guys!

[via The Guardian]

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