Apple goes after Jelly Bean, Galaxy Nexus, Note 10.1, and more in latest patent suit


Last week we told you guys about Samsung adding the iPhone 5 to their countersuit claims against Apple and during a hearing with U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal today, it seems Apple is following suit… and then some. Look out, folks. This could get ugly.

As reported by Bloomberg, the judge was presented with Apple’s argument on why 17 devices (including the Galaxy Note 10.1) should be added to the their second patent infringement case against Samsung. Apple’s problem with these devices? They’re all compatible with a stylus (even though they don’t all ship with one).

The Galaxy Nexus, however, is a different story. Apple was clear that the Galaxy Nexus should also be added to the suit simply because it’s running “the Jelly Bean operating system.” Nothing more. Nothing less. If you think that sounds like a slippery slope, leaving Apple to add more Jelly Bean devices to their suit, Samsung felt the same way and argued that point to the judge. Apple however, promised it would only target the Galaxy Nexus and that no further J-Bean devices would be added into the mix. They pinky swore so, you gotta believe them.

Samsung also tried to ague that Apple waited too long to include the Galaxy Nexus in their latest claim, with Apple maintaining they were only waiting for all carrier variants of the Nexus to receive Jelly Bean. Something that took longer than expected thanks to Sprint and Verizon slower update process.

You may remember Apple’s first attempts at going after the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 didn’t end too well for them. The tablet was one of few devices cleared from infringing on Apple’s design patents. It seems like the Galaxy Note 10.1 will share the same fate as it’s largely the same device, only with a handy built in stylus. But, Apple has something else in store for the stylus wielding tablet. Exactly what, we can’t be sure. What we do know is by going after Jelly Bean, it’s finally clear to the whole world that Apple’s real problem is, and always has been, with Google and their mobile OS.

Today’s hearing took place in the same federal court in San Jose where Apple won their first patent case against Samsung back in August. One that left Samsung with $1.4 billion in damages. As the internet well knows, you should never feed a troll and the same goes for patent trolls. It only makes them stronger.

Judge Grewal wasn’t quick to issue a ruling just yet, scheduling the trial for a 2014 date. Apparently, he wanted to deny both sides their requests but knew it would only cause a new round of lawsuits to spring forth. Sounds like he knows Apple’s reputation all too well.

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  1. Whoa! Apple didn’t get enough, came back for more punishment. It will be dealt accordingly.

    1. ’cause being awarded over 1 Billion dollars was a terrible punishment for Apple… There’s a reason they are going after Samsung again in the US.

  2. Oh HELL naw!! I know they didn’t say because the devices have a stylus!! I want to read more into this!! I want to hear exactly what were Apple’s words. Something isn’t adding up right.

  3. Is it just me or are Apple getting more and more vague with every single lawsuit? They are seriously becoming a parody of themselves. I really want to know how they can target a tablet BECAUSE it can use a stylus (Palm and HP says hello) or the Galaxy Nexus because it has Jelly Bean (which they did because….what? I’m sorry I’m still not seeing it). This kind of behavior really depresses me. Apple is the #1 company on the planet and yet they still want to crush the competition. Anti-competitive much?

    1. I want to know how they can target a UI for using a grid of icons … like MS Windows has been using for the past 20 years.

      It’s all a game. They’re playing the US court system like the lottery.

      1. and it’s rigged in their favor ><

      2. Tide is turning, judges are starting to see Apple for what they are, patent trolls.

    2. What bothers me is that the FTC want to sue Google for a supposedly anti-trust violation but they don’t sue Apple for Anti-competitive behavior… I just can’t believe it…

      1. I’m still trying to figure out how rounded corners are patent-able. Virtually all of Apple’s “patents” seem like they fall under trade dress/trademark, not patent or copyright. I also think the new patent laws are just junk. You need to be able to produce a working model in my opinion to gain a patent. Hopefully, Google’s patent checking system will sort out some of these issues in the future, if the court system doesn’t just get fed up and do it themselves.

    3. but more important is to tell everyone on FB, G+, Twitter, everywhere this:

      boycott Apple, why? you will not believe! Throw away all your Apple products, please, to save a choice!

      1. I personally prefer to vote with my wallet. Boycotts, polls, petitions, etc., don’t really do anything. We need the courts to decide whether or not Apple is being anti-competitive or overly litigious about things. Although as much as I hate them and all of their business practices, we need Apple. Whenever a [insert type here] becomes dominant most (though not all, Google may be an exception as time goes on) tend to stagnate as they have no outside force to create incentives to invest in R & D. Just look at Nokia and what happened to them in a short time.

        1. People on an Android forum claiming they are going to boycott Apple does nothing. Other sites like Engapple are iFriendly. It’ll take quite a bit of time to get the word out to the millions blindly buying Apple products.

  4. Sue Again, Sue Again, I DARE YOU, I DOUBLE DARE YOU Mother****ER, SUE ONE MORE TIME!!!!

    1. i see what you did there

    2. xD Still the greatest Tarantino movie ever. Well done, sir.

      1. I don’t recognize it. Which Tarantino movie is it?

        1. Pulp Fiction

  5. Stupid apple ! clearly they are cowards n do not like competition… Wht can of tech company does that?

  6. HAHA .. 2014.. let them have their trial. By than the GNex would be long time not important for google. Also, they’ll loose the trial too.

  7. It’s time for a judge to tell Apple that they either stop these shenanigans right now, or lose their entire patent portfolio. No more putting up with this.

    1. I swear to God I’m going to pistol whip the next guy who says, ” Shenanigans.”

      1. hey, what’s that restaurant you like? the one with all the crap on the walls?

        1. shenanigans?

          1. Ok meow, these movie references have gone on long enough.

          2. Say it…say team RamRod!

          3. Oh Hello waitress, Ill have two tacos with no Guacamoles!

            Yea Cheif…Ill have a Chinchilla!

            Whats with all the jokes?

            They think Im Mexican!

            You’re not Mexican?

            What? Another Highway Cop. What, are you guys multiplying?

            Yea, If they could figure out what hole to stick it in

            *throws empty syrup bottle*

            Hey, I say that Mac!

            Sit down Randall…

          4. Meow what’s the problem with these movie references?


        2. Bennigans?

        3. and the mozzarella sticks!

      2. Shenanigans shenanigans shenanigans. I’m in India. Hope you enjoy the flight over.

      3. ShenanigansShenanigansShenanigansShenanigansShenanigansShenanigansShenanigans Derp.

      4. I see what you did there! ;)

    2. not how it works. Apple, just like any other company, has a right to file complaints (aka patent trolling lawsuits) against the competition. What’s different in their case is they have the backing by judges like Koh who are known Apple consumers. There is already a certain level of bias going into these cases.

  8. Im personally getting annoyed with Apple and their incessant lawsuit tirade.

  9. by 2014 we would have like 6.2 or something. and IOS still gonna look boring and ugly.

  10. 2014? Is that correct?

    Also, what angle is Apple trying to play with the stylus?

    I don’t get it. I know Apple is stupid, but they aren’t dumb…right? They must have something up their sleeves…they can’t just be throwing crap against the judicial wall and seeing what will stick, can they? O.o

  11. Putting my Android bias aside, these lawsuits just help fuel my hatred of Apple as a corporation. I will never buy an Apple product, not because of their quality, its because I dont think they give a $hi# about anything else besides their profit margin. Greedy a$$holes.

    1. I for one, don’t think there is a single company that is not driven by profits.
      I would never buy an Apple product, because they are closed source, in a closed ecosystem and because of the general restrictions.
      I don’t want a device which is to be used in Steve’s way only. I want a device which adapts to MY needs, where I am in control of everything. This is my main reason for my Apple aversion.

      1. Ipatents should be closed off as well

      2. It’s funny how people who are defending Apple just can’t buy what you say. I totally agree.

      3. Profit and greed are not the same thing. Apple is greedy.

    2. Bang on the money greedy apple need a reality check

  12. Apple should give it up and make a device that runs android if they feel so threatened. They’ll make bank lol

  13. So Apple thinks they have some kind of patent on the stylus? I have got to see what kind of contorted reasoning or horribly obvious patent they think they have

  14. What the?… Go home Apple, you’re drunk.

    1. Thank you for this!

  15. Who wants a stylus. You have to get em and put em away, and you lose em. Yuck. Nobody wants a stylus. — Steve jobs.

    If this is for really the lawsuit, this is ridiculous.

  16. Has anyone ever seen an Apple product that comes with a stylus? I haven’t :-P F’in Apple, I wonder who the hell at Apple comes up with these crazy ideas of simply suing the hell out of Samsung. What a waste of resources, Apple, its employees, and all of its followers are Douche Bags.

    1. Apple Newton PDAs aka Apple Message Pads.

      1. other PDAs had a stylus prior to the newton. Besides, you can’t patent a stylus at this point.

        1. I know this already and the whole idea of sueing over a stylus is retarded. Hell, I would present a notepad and a pencil as prior art and say it was a natural evolution of technology.

          He asked if anyone had ever seen an Apple product with a stylus and I mearly answered with an Apple product which used a stylus. ;)

      2. On a resistive touchscreen, a la Palm, Winmo, etc.etc.etc.
        But yes, there definitely was an apple product with a stylus.

  17. I feel like this will slowly creep to nexus 4 Lmao the b.s needs to stop I don’t even wanna be friends with apple product owners Steve jobs mom shoulda swallowed him..js.

  18. Apple knows it robbed the lg Prada for phone design.
    Not sure if it robbed Google or Android inc for the Os.
    Its a shame chrome is on the netbooks and not android.
    If Google won’t license android netbooks come on third parties.
    MIUI Cyanogen Mod AOKP. Android is Open if Google doesn’t take it to the top Someone Should!

  19. I don’t get the stylus either…Technically a finger can be a stylus, so is Apple going to sue for that? And how can they claim a patent infringement against an OS on one phone, when many phones have that OS? Apple is acting like a toddler that thinks everything is “MINE”!

    1. everything is apples, they invented(innovated) everything, ask them.

  20. I’d like to take my Note II’s S-pen and shove it in Apple’s eye sockets.

    1. But then you’d just get it dirty! And then sued for taking their idea. Idea for what? Who knows.

    2. Don’t you mean their iSockets?

  21. I wonder if Corporations could be deemed to be vexatious litigants.

  22. I used to kind of care, now I just want to see Apple razed to the ground and its ashes spread to the four corners of the earth.

  23. Apple newton patents? maybe? …um mm..

  24. It is possible that Wacom’s patent portfolio for stylus technology may well be able to protect them here. Wacom’s tech is licensed to the Note family of devices

  25. If apple has a problem with jelly bean, then why doesn’t apple file a suit with Google? That would be the more logical thing to do right? Guess apple knows they will lose to Google. Why wouldn’t they go after LG too? The nexus 4 for is running jellybean. Shows how Apple is only targeting Samsung because they’re the biggest competitor. Apple is so stupid. Taking a good company and running it into the ground and become a laughing stock just because they can’t innovate or create something better. Go Google! As for Samsung, good luck with the stylus thing. Not sure how that fights gonna turn out.

    1. well apple is going against Jelly Bean Android 4.1, Not Jelly Bean Android 4.2

  26. *waits for Apple to sue over the nexus devices and ics devices being able to take panoramic pics

  27. my old nokia 5800 had an stylus, palms had stylus, the judge saved apple from a really BIG mess up setting the date for a trial in 2014

  28. People do not forget Apple invented the stylus, before it was invented.
    They also trademarked the world Jelly Bean back in 1902, and lets not forget they invented the first every cell phone.
    Hell I am pretty sure they invented the Apple people need to stop thinking they grow on trees.

    Stuff you might read on an Apple FanBoy Site

  29. $1.4 billion? I thought it was $1.05 billion. Did something change?

  30. Because no device ever worked with a stylus before the ipad???? f off Apple

    1. the iDevices dont even work with a stylus…
      capacitive styli dont count. they emulate touching the screen with your finger. A piece of foil works the same. lol

  31. I really hate trolls, patent trolls, fanboy trolls, facebook political trolls. Just hate em.

  32. Well suing is all that’s left of Apple innovation, invent more ridiculous reasons to sue. I mean they released the iPhone 5 and the TV ad talks about the major feature of the new iPhone –> the ear pods. Really releasing a new phone and using ad money to talk about the headphones coming with it.

    1. Those Shenanigans!

  33. *rolls eyes, sigh, and face palm*

  34. UPDATE! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

    Recently, an approximately 5,000 year old drawing was discovered in a cave in a remote area of southern Iraq depicting a rectangle with round corners. Inside the rectangle there’s something that looks like a bowl of fruit as well as an arrow below that is eerily similar to the “slide to unlock” function.

    Even though the jurisdiction is being highly contested, Apple is consulting with scholars, archaeologists and Middle Eastern governments to pinpoint the people responsible for the infringement so that the offender’s ancestors can be tried, found guilty and held accountable.

    It’s not looking very good here, folks :0

    1. Hahahahahaha, well said! +1. Apple is cancer to the mobile industry.

    2. lolll

    3. BWAHAHAA!!!……Count it!!

  35. wait… they are sueing because the devices can use a stylus? I wonder what Wacom and N-Trig have to say about this seeing as all these stylus input devices use either Wacom or N-Trig styli and digitizers…. Unless they are talking about capacitive styli which makes this so much more ridiculous.. lol

    And sueing the GN because it runs JB and only because it runs JB? WTF?!? So I guess the Nexus S, Nexus 4, GNote 2, GSIII, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 amongst many others are sure to be next.

  36. The list of people I know who are swearing off Apple is gradually growing longer. Soon only the ignorant and Apple fanatics will be using their products…. although there are enough of both to keep the company in the black.

  37. For me, Apple is no hardware- & software-house anymore, it’s a lawsuit-company. Because they know that Android is much better than their own mobile OS. It’s not against Google personally, but against the popularity of Google’s mobile OS Android. If WP will become ever more popular than iOS, Apple will also sue Microsoft and Nokia. Apple just can’t accept it that there are others better than themselves.

    In stead of improving their products, Apple prefer to wave with patents about things that they think it’s pattentable. Using a stylus on a mobile device, patentable? How ridiculous is this!! Using styli is already so old and used by so many brands and for different OS’s.

    “Apple however, promised it would only target the Galaxy Nexus and that no further J-Bean devices would be added into the mix. They pinky swore so, you gotta believe them.”

    If this is true, what wants Apple than reach with this? Stop selling Galaxy Nexus devices? Let them do, Nexus 4 – which they swore will never be sued – is coming next week, stupid Apple.

    I’m wondering that Apple haven’t patented the use of a mouse for a computer. But if they’ll do that, I will take a patent on the use of a keyboard in any kind. Than I will earn a lot of money I think so.

  38. Patent laws should be amended to prevent this type of harassment. Apple has made a mockery of the system with their ridiculous law suits. They are wasting precious court time and resources that can be used for better purposes.

  39. they’re going after the Gnex which is a great phone but is a year old and basically discontinued on Google play as well not selling on Verizon or sprint and is pretty much one step away from being offered as free on Verizon. Great move apple that’ll show them

  40. These apple C%^ts are starting to get to me, how about instead of suing your biggest competition, build a better UI, hell how about you start innovating again, the bloody iphone hasnt changed shape in 7 years, still looks the same, still runs the same, still the same old S&^T. ive been voting with my wallet for many years and will continue to vote against apple.

  41. Even though i own both android and apple… Now i am thinking of selling my ipad3. Do they realize that their action will just drive customers away?

    1. as mentioned in an earlier post, only the hard core, ignorant apple fans will stick with them, but does every apple fan know what they are doing? or are they to stupid aswell?
      No offence to you, as i have an apple product aswell(ipod)

  42. The is a US courts problem,outside of the states sense prevails and Apple have won very few cases. Patent law is completely out of control and until that changes we will have years and years of this crap

  43. They are preparing another lawsuit against the Nexus S, and a bunch of other devices, for infringing on Apples NFC patent. Everyone Knows that Apple invented, innovated and used NFC first on their devices in 2016.

  44. Stylus has been used for years prior to android and iOS. Palm? Personal organizers? Win tablets? Apple should be fined for each excessive lawsuit they file which is found to have no merit.

    1. I agree completely. When will these judges say enough is enough?

  45. If apple put as much into innovating as suing what a wonderful world it would be. GET A GRIP APPLE

  46. It appears that they may have something else they want to take down from Samsung… Good GOD I hope they don’t pull this one out too!

  47. The only way we can drunken madness from Apple cider intoxication is to vote with our wallets. The love of money is the root of all evil.

  48. Apple had the Newton back in the mid to late 90s. It had a stylus and handwriting recognition. That thing was awesome. I believe one of my friends still owns one.

    It’s possible it has something to do with that.

  49. I expect this lawsuit to go absolutely nowhere. If it does, someone seriously needs to just demolish the USPTO and any other trademark offices that granted such a patent.

  50. This has all just become a pissing match out of spite for each other. Apples claims are ridiculous, a stylus? Really? So who will sue Apple for being compatible with a stylus too? They sure as hell weren’t the first to have it. And I’m confused about what the infringement is on Jelly Bean, can someone clear that up for me?

  51. Please confirm, this is a joke, right?

    1. Hrmm…haven’t released anything even remotely innovative since 2008 and losing market share and loyalty every day. No, not a joke. Just desperation.

  52. Have they been smoking crack?

  53. Made me smile…..


    “VirnetX is not entitled to money for things they did not invent.” – Apple Lawyer

  54. Apple keeps looking more and more despite no wonder samsung is kicking their a$$

  55. Something tells me Apple is about to learn a very expensive, embarrassing, congressionally mandated lesson

  56. I want to be one of the lawyers on either side of this argument..$$$$$$

  57. The bottom line is Android is starting to expose Apples plan to keep making the same product over and over again while adding minor upgrades that Android had been giving there consumers years prior. With Android making so many strides forward, Apple enthusiast are beginning to realize there being spoon fed and have the inferior products when seen side by side to the likes of the galaxy s3 and samsungs new powerhouse, Note 2. It can be argued by Apple lovers that there happy paying top dollar for panoramic photos (which I had on the galaxy s2) and new headphones. But the things Apple boast about to get your money are the things that where on Android already, and Android doesn’t even mention it because it’s standard at this point and not even a big deal. Apple has actually made an iPad mini and had the nerve to strip the retina display which was the only thing that separated the iPad 4 from the previous ones. So now you have an iPad 3 with a smaller screen? And your still going to buy it huh? Smart… But these are the same people that bought the iPhone 5 and thought they where getting a different phone from the 4s. the iPhone is the same phone it was when it launched years ago! It’s dated and is only surviving because the media wants to support an American company and keeps using iPhones in any commercial they have to use a phone in. That tricks the unknowledgeables into believing that the iPhone is still the phone to have and its clearly not. If it where they wouldn’t have to sue Samsung for a technology thats not even relevant on the iPhone. There mad because iPhone users wasn’t supposed to know a phone could do what the Androids are doin until they decided to spoon feed it to there supporters. They could have sued years ago, but they where not feeling heat as they are now! Samsung is killing them right now and there trying to stop it rather than being innovating

  58. Apple boys, Don’t forget the history of mobile devices and handwritten recognization:

    1888 : First patent of an electronic tablet used for handwriting
    1915: First patent of a system that recognized handwritten characters by analizing handwritten motion
    1956: The first public demo of a system using a tablet & handwriting text recognition instead of a keyboard for working with a modern digital computer
    1989: First release of a TABLET, named GRiDPad, to the CONSUMER by GRiD Systems and as manufacturer: SAMSUNG. This used also a stylus!!

    When is Apple formed: 1 April 1976 (big april fool). So, Apple, saying you invited a mobile device, a stylus and are the first with all these ideas? Forget and stop this!!

  59. Seriously Apple, if you’re that threatened with everything else Android, then stop wasting money on a Lawsuit, and build more variety into your iPhone line-up, and make a more competitive product, instead of trying to get every other product blocked so yours is the only one left. Win the battle fairly, so-to-speak, and stop whining because something might be better off than yours.

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