Titanium Backup for root users gets new flashable zip backups


Easily one of the most useful apps to ever come out of the Android Market, the fan favorite Titanium Backup (Pro) saw a noteworthy update in the Play Store today. One of the most important tools in any ROM flashers utility belt, Titanium Backup was one of the first apps ever to give rooted users the ability to backup all their apps (including data) onto their SD card/internal storage.

Today, the app was updated to version 5.7.0 and now gives users the option of creating flashable zip files of their backed up apps, cutting down on the lengthy restore process. Now, you can zip up your must-have apps and/or their data, and flash them quickly from recovery whenever you jump to a new ROM. This was a much requested feature and as usual, developer Titanium Track listened to customer feedback. The feature is only enabled for the Pro unlocked version of Titanium Backup and can be downloaded from the Play Store for $7.

[Play Store Link]

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  1. Worst UI they should stop programming ! i like Go Backup Pro

    1. In case of backing up apps and data, UI is the LEAST of my requirements. If you’re able to root your device, that should be the least of your worries too.

    2. Sorry, but Go Backup Pro is a complete turd. Childish design just like the rest of Go’s apps.

    3. I like and use Go Backup Pro too, but I think TB UI is fine. It gets the job done and is great for power users. I usually just need to reinstall apps though so I went pro with Go Backup. Both apps are good, they are just aimed at different users.

  2. I don’t use this app enough to warrant the amount of money they’re asking for it.
    It is a good little app though.

  3. I was the same as RozJC, didn’t use it enough to justify the spend. Then I got a Nexus 7 with £15 credit and decided to buy, well worth the money. And this update will make it even better.

  4. This is a great update finally you can creat a zip to back up your apps, It dose help the flash elites swapping from rom to rom instead using the old batch restore once you restart with a new rom. Titanium backup is for advance users to be honest and there tones of options to use I welcome this back up and already done my zip back up great work guys

    1. I haven’t checked the feature yet, but to me the best part is not having to have an Internet connection right after you flash, in order to install Titanium itself.

      1. To be fair, TiBu has had the option to back *itself* up to a flash-able zip-file for as long as I can remember. (No internet connection required)

        1. Thanks for pointing it out. I totally missed this.

          1. No problem. I missed that for ages, too. Didn’t actually start using it until about 4 months ago, so you’re not too far behind. :p

        2. This never worked for me though. I’d wipe, flash my rom, GAPPS, then TiBu. Restart the phone and no TiBu to be seen. I’d have to restart and flash TiBu a second time.

          1. Wipe, flash rom/Gapps, reboot, flash titanium. That’s pretty much how it has to be done. Something with the way Android sets up the /data/apps partition initially (guessing).

            What I would do, basically, is simply add the titanium apk to the rom’s flash-able zip-file in /system/app/ so it would be available on first boot, every time (requires 7-zip or similar).

    Im so glad I bought TB years back… been a fantastic tool, and this will make jumping from rom to rom an utter breeze. BY FAR the best thing out there now with this feature.

  6. This is a great new feature but after looking at it, I see that it doesn’t give you a choice to exclude system apps. Don’t we generally want to do this for any new ROM since the system apps provided with the ROM are always newer? Am I missing something?

    1. It’s possible. When you run the batch to create your recovery you can select what you want included in the backup. Once you name the recovery file, scroll through your list of backups – any in red will be system apps. Uncheck them if you don’t want them included and then make your backup. Simple

      1. Yes I saw this actually. I guess I was hoping for an easier way to select “user apps only” or the reverse (“exclude system apps”). It will take a bit to go through and uncheck things but it’s certainly doable. I put in a feature request to the folks at Titanium for this filtering to be added.

        1. Backup/Restore->Click to edit filters->Filter by type. You can then select user, system, etc. Cheers!

    2. You should be able to fully customize which apps are included.

  7. HOOOLY SH!T! This is one of the most amazing features ever. Flashing my necessity pack from recovery? Holy cow!!! Suck that, Google backup!

  8. Got root? Yes? Got 7 Bucks? ;)

  9. This is awesome! I Will make my life so much easier.

  10. This is HUGE news. While the in-app Titanium process wasn’t bad at all, this is a whole lot easier because I can just flash everything at once while in recovery, and there won’t be any UI limitations holding me back. Glad I bought this app.

  11. This developer is a GODSEND!

  12. This has been one of my best app purchases, and this developer simply continues to churn out the updates. Yes, the UI could use some work, but for a true power user the app was already a godsend. TB Pro now wipes the floor with any other competing app, bar none.

    I wonder if you can also back those zips up to say GDrive or Box from the app? If so I will be even happier!

  13. Super cool. Pretty easy to. :-)

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