Ice Cream Sandwich headed to Sprint’s LG Viper


The Ice Cream Sandwich update for Sprint’s LG Viper 4G LTE has commenced with users now receiving a notification to expect the new software to arrive within the next two weeks. The Android 4.0 build is tagged as version ZVI and includes such enhancements as Ice Cream Sandwich’s updated user interface, new lock screen with Face Unlock, an improved camera, and more.

Viper owners can expect the update to be downloaded automatically when its ready. If you have already received the new software, let us know what you think!

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  1. People bought this phone?

      1. Lol

        Sent from my EVO 4G LTE

  2. Congratulations to the dozen or so people here @ A/F who have posted in the LG VIPER forum. :D

  3. LG’s updating plans are really weird. I would deliver ICS to devices that are more sold first, like Black, 2X, 3D and many other LG phones. Like this, their effort won’t be noticed and they’ll stay ”known for not updating their phones” company…

    1. Well, ICS already hit the 2X and was open sourced. Black and 3D are said to be receiving ICS as well, though LG hasn’t given a firm date.

      1. It is source code for korean ICS and is nowhere near OTA which is the easiest way for a non-tech savy user to upgrade. Saying it will be updated doesn’t even count anymore, because they said that a long time ago…

  4. This is so awesome. The LG Viper is an awesome little device running stock Android. This makes it an AWESOME option for anyone currently on Sprint or looking to switch.
    Great work, LG :)

    1. Stop! Tell them the truth, that they should have paid a little more and got a better phone.

  5. @CHRIS:

    I agree 100%!

    It’s good to see LG putting in the work to support the less than popular, but no less capable phones, with an update to a relevant O/S.

    Take note MOTO,or the only company you’ll be keeping is w/BB, fighting it out for last place.The RAZR MAXX HD alone isn’t going to save you, as everyone else is catching up w/respectable battery life & has passed you in the timely updates long ago.

    Anyway,MOTO rant aside, congratulations to all LG VIPER owners.

  6. i don’t understand the hate for this phone?

    It is a pretty damn good device and has been awesome since i got it.I guess if you don’t have a HTC or a Samsung you don’t count?

    Anyway you folks go ahead and pay through the nose for you’re over hyped phones that do no more than the Viper.
    Oh and this phone is more than capable of running 4.1 (JB)

  7. Dave is completely right. You all pay for your over hyped phones and you all think that the viper cant do the same things as your overpriced devices. You guys that hate on the phone can SMD.

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