Mophie’s first non-iOS smartphone case is available for the Samsung Galaxy S3


I’m sure many of you folks have heard of Mophie. The company creates mobile battery-charging units, and it got its claim to fame by making “juice pack” cases for iOS devices. These cases provide protection and extra battery life at the same time, so it’s like having an extended battery or swapping out a spare. While this problem was obviously more geared toward the non-user-replaceable Apple devices, many people wanted these cases for other phones.

Well, Mophie has finally extended its collection to include the first Mophie juice pack case that isn’t an iOS device. As you might have guessed (that’s if you didn’t read the title first) it’s for the Samsung Galaxy S3, and this makes total sense for the company. For starters, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is pretty much identical on all carriers in all regions. Some units might be just a tad thicker, but the difference is so marginal that it doesn’t matter.

This gives Mophie just one form factor to target, and since the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a wildly popular phone it’s the perfect device to break out of the iOS wheel they’ve been stuck with. The Galaxy S3’s Mophie juice pack delivers an extra 2,300 mAh of juice, which is actually 200 mAh more than the capacity of the battery the Galaxy S3 ships with. This effectively gives you double the battery life, and while your phone will get a tad bigger you’ll no doubt appreciate what it adds.

Of course, there are a couple of different ways to use this case. Some people keep their devices inside the pack all day, even if they start the day at 100%. Others will only attach the pack when their devices are about to die, and this is probably the most practical way to use it.

But no matter how you prefer to go about your business the commonality of it is that you’re getting a great mobile charging solution that isn’t as cumbersome as the usual bricks we see. It’ll cost you $100 for the privilege of owning one, and you can go ahead and take the plunge over at their website today. The cases are available in either white or black. Read on for full press details.

New mophie juice pack Lets Samsung Galaxy S® III Users Do More with their Device

Battery Case Doubles the Time to Rock, Talk, Surf and Send

SANTA ANA, Calif., Nov. 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The mophie™ juice pack, which has kept millions of iPhone’s “in the green,” is now available for the popular Samsung Galaxy S® III, providing double the battery life on one charge as well as complete device protection in an ultra-thin, lightweight, low-profile design. The juice pack for Galaxy S III marks the company’s continued expansion into the Android market, with the new case joining mophie’s existing universal line of external rechargeable batteries.

“mophie has become synonymous with device power, and we are motivated to engineer new battery solutions for both the Apple and Android communities,” said Ross Howe, vice president of marketing. “We’re excited to empower Galaxy S III users to do more with their device without having to worry about running out of battery or having to take a time-out to recharge at a wall outlet.”
The juice pack Galaxy S III is now available for $99.95 at and launching this weekend in select retailers nationwide.

Features of the case include:
100% Extra Battery Life-Packed with a 2300mAh rechargeable battery, users will appreciate up to 9 hours of additional talk time, 11 additional hours of Internet use, 32 hours of audio playback, or 8 hours of video playback
Custom Design-The ultra-thin, lightweight and low-profile case design provides protection while perfectly complementing the sleek look of the Galaxy S III
Sync with Ease-A pass-through USB cord allows users to charge and sync without removing their mobile device from the juice pack case
Charge on Demand-Features an on/off toggle switch that allows for standby and charging mode, giving users the ability to dictate when extra juice is needed
Battery Status Indicator-An integrated 4 LED status indicator notifies the user of how much battery power is left and displays how much charge time remains when the case is plugged in
For more about mophie and its full suite of products, please visit
About mophie
mophie is a California-based, award-winning designer and manufacturer of accessories that let users do more with their portable devices. The brand is widely recognized and highly acclaimed for its creative designs and innovative solutions; specifically surrounding the juice pack, the first “Works With iPhone” portable battery solution certified by Apple Inc. All of mophie’s products are developed to address real consumer and business needs and are seamless integrations of industrial, electronic, software and artistic designs. mophie products are available in more than 100 countries, and can be purchased in Apple stores worldwide, AT&T, Best Buy, Verizon, Sprint, and on Follow mophie on Twitter at or on Facebook at

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  1. Not bad, but for the price though…I see why they never made it for Android users…we have more common sense than money to blow on stuff!

  2. As I was residing this article my thoughts were “this rules I totally will get one”… until I saw the price. 100 bucks!? Got Damn. Think I’ll just buy a spare battery… I have that luxury.

    1. How is this any different from up-charges for memory? 16B costs X… 32GB costs X+
      Now it’s a battery size option: 2100 mAh or 4300 mAh for $100 more?

      1. People seem to want everything for nothing these days.

        1. People seem to want to save money nowadays. Spare battery or case that doesn’t protect your phone on the sides?

          1. Nvm I take that back. It looks like it does protect the sides. But it’s still 100 vs like 15

          2. That’s correct. It in fact does protect the sides also. So what is your reason for calling it out on its price now that you have admitted fault to your only reason? For the price, you get a very tough case, in which both protects the phone AND its internal battery, which is integrated inside the actual case itself. And a big battery at that. Like Quentyn Kennemer said, the price is steep, but you wouldn’t find a mobile charging experience like this anywhere else.

            God forbid any company these days makes something unique and wants to make a profit from it. Lets condemn those that do.

          3. I stated my other reason. Pricing. I’d rather gamble with 30 than pay 100. It’s all preference in the end. You’re making it seem like no one likes to pay for things. Problem is no one wants to pay THAT much.

          4. I posted an alternative from ebay in my other post. Basically the same thing except cheaper.

          5. I was waiting for you to pull out the old “why pay this when you can get an equivalent one cheaper here” comment. As the rule goes in this world, you only get what you pay for. I would rather get the more expensive one other than the one you provided. I have seen some on eBay myself earlier. The cheapest I saw was about £10 for an iPhone one. That’s nothing for what it is. From the outside looking in, to me, I would go with the more expensive one. At least it wouldn’t be made out of paper mache, and not deplete its own life span after about 2 seconds. Of course, I couldn’t knock it until I’ve tried it, but the moral here is to get the cheap knockoff that may or may not be garbage, or get the other option which would most likely have the better material, more shock proof, etc.

          6. Waiting? I suggested separate batteries from the beginning. I don’t understand why you even said my only reason was the sides. Tunnel vision or something? I said 100 vs 10 but it’s personal preference. I’d rather give the other ones a shot. I can afford it but I couldn’t imagine paying 100 for an accessory.

          7. Yes, waiting. Just because I am on this page, doesn’t mean I have read every comment. I replied to some other person originally, and left it at that. This is when you came in. I never read that far down. Besides, with an article like this, it was pretty inevitable that somebody would go ahead and say “$100?! Forget that. way too expensive. I found some on eBay for the price of a grain of rice! I bet its just as good!”

            I didn’t know what you meant by 100 vs 15 originally. At the time I posted the comment you replied to, I hadn’t even looked for cheap knockoff’s until earlier today. You are right on the personal preference part, but at the end of the day, the smarter people are going to pay for the more expensive one, while people who are looking for things next to nothing will be disappointed and will have paid $115 in total (one for the lesser, and once they get rid of that, one for the more). Again, I’m not saying the less costly one is bad, but history tells most people that you get what you pay for.

          8. Smarter? I’m not seeing how you’re less smart for trying to save money. But alright, I can see this won’t go anywhere. Thanks for the conversation.

          9. Probably because I’m not a tight sod. Its understandable if someone is on a small budget, but you’re talking about how everyone should just get the lesser priced one to save money. Like you said many times, its personal preference. Let the people who have a better budget than others decide for themselves. Don’t bother telling them to save money and get the potentially equal but lesser lasting one. You gave some examples of cheaper but better products, and its like I said, its not always the case with everything. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. You said name badges often don’t matter. Well in this instance with phones, it may well do most of the time. Its like cars. You don’t buy a used top of the range Nissan and believe to yourself that its better quality than a Mercedes Benz. But hey, its just a badge…

          10. Its like with phone cases. You can get them for as little as 99p on eBay, and they will protect your phone. But there are others out there, like Otterbox, that can go for more than £20. Difference here is, if you get the cheap 99p one, sure. It will be good at first. Then it will get all torn on the edges, the colour will fade, and it just won’t be as tough. If you get the higher price one, it will most likely be better quality, will look good for longer, and can withstand bigger impacts. And I know this from experience.

          11. You don’t know in this specific situation but I get what you’re saying. Not always true though. Some slap a certain brand name on and raise the prices based off people trusting the name. In example, mugen batteries cost so much more but there’s competitors now that give you the same based off of tests for half. But as I said it’s all preference. I got an incipio case for my sgs3 instead of an otterbox because of pricing. Reviews say it’s just as good.

          12. I will say again, I’m not saying the less costly one is bad, but history tells most people that you get what you pay for. Sure, in some instances, its not true. But at the end of the day, we are not talking about curtains, or batteries. We are talking about a phone accessory. You get a cheap phone case, they will rip and get worn. Even when you look after them. You’re lucky to get one that has gone well and was cheap. But its never always the case.

          13. It’s really a matter of convenience. I can carry around a spare battery everywhere I go, or I can slap this baby on, it doubles as a case (that looks nice to boot), and not worry about it.

            Is it expensive? Yes. But there is a little more that goes into it than a cheap Chinese case + battery combo off eBay.

      2. Because you can buy a spare battery for much less.

        Why do you think AT&T sells only the 16GB SGS3? It’s not like they would sell a ton of 32GB models for $100 more when the SGS3 has an SD slot.

        1. Can’t really put apps on your SD card. I mean you can, but then you’ll complain that the app runs slow or crashes all the time. So…?

          I think that $100 is the luxury of not having too much extra. Although that price for that luxury is ridiculous. And while wii’re steal talking about external batteries, how do you charge external batteries?

          1. That mophie adds a pretty solid amount of length to the phone.

            You charge an external by either battery swapping and just keeping the charged one on hand or a battery charging stand. The swap is easier though.

          2. You can’t put apps on an external SD with Android 4+ anymore. No idea why they would do this.

          3. People need to stop buying bargin bin sd cards….

    2. It’s a tad on the steep side but you won’t quite find a mobile charging experience like this anywhere else.

  3. I want one of these from my Galaxy Nexus

  4. I wonder if that would impede the use of NFC.

    1. doubtful. I have the otterbox defender on mine which is a pretty thick case and beam pics back and forth to show customers at work between another with a defender on it and it works just fine

  5. 100? Pass. There’s one on ebay that’s like twenty something. I’d gamble with that before kicking out 100.

    1. link please…for comparison

  6. They need to make one for the Droid Razr HD Maxx. Unlimited battery life!

    1. That way we can go through our caps in one charge :D /pessimism

  7. Most important thing they forget to mention, how much does it weight?

    1. Really!? My E4GT is actually way to light. I hate how light it is, and how light phones are getting. Yes I am one of the few that loves the bulky feel and weight of heavier phones. Somewhat like slide out keyboard phones.

      I would love a case that makes my phone heavier.

  8. For all our lamentation regarding battery life, I think this is a great idea — and the price is not completely prohibitive. I’ve been on the fence about my next phone (have to purchase it at full market price to maintain my unlimited data — GG Verizon)… Note 2 or HTC DLX were the prime contenders — looks like S3 just got added to the mix.


    NFC works w/this. Check the link for all the details.

  10. seriously? $100 for an additional 2300mah o_O? ill stick to my $10 2300mah spare thank you very much…

  11. This is rediculous. The $20 option on EBay works just as fine as this. My coworker has it and we work 12 hour shifts. I never see him charge is phone while he plays it constantly. (plenty of down time)

  12. just wait until its only $60 on amazon in a month or two

    1. So you can waste $60 instead of $100? lol…buy a spare battery today for $20.

  13. $100!? I have a 5000mA battery charger. $25. Granted I got it on sale. =.P
    They’re normally lyk $70.

    But still!! Oh well… This means that there are now enough Galaxy S3’s to actually give iPhone a run for their money. Did I just make a pun? =.3

  14. For starters, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is pretty much identical on all carriers in all regions.

    Got that, HTC and Motorola? No cases for you until you figure that out.

  15. P.O.S.!

  16. I would buy it if it offers wireless charging along with the case.

  17. Does mhl still work with it connected?

  18. I don’t understand why you would care to have this on a phone with a replaceable battery. You can buy 4 spare Samsung batteries for that price and keep the smaller phone size, using your same case or holster. It doesn’t make any sense.

  19. a $100 case that packs 2300mah of juice? umm, did mophie get the memo that the gs3 has replaceable batteries and so mobile charging accessories like this are a useless waste of money? i’m kinda lolling over here.

  20. “You get what you pay for” is like an anthem for those who don’t mind overpaying for stuff. Nobody believes that you get what you pay for. People over-pay for things all the time. That’s why whenever anyone buys something they ask themselves, “am I getting ripped off here?”

  21. This ISN’T mophie’s first non-iOS case:

    They made one for the LG Nitro.

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