Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sells 3 million units in 30 days; Galaxy S3 at 30 million


The Samsung Galaxy S3 took the world by storm when it released this past summer. Sales are still going strong, and Samsung has found its bread and butter in the mobile world. Many didn’t know if that same success would eventually roll over into the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 series. Still relatively young, Samsung started perfecting this phablet phase back in 2011, and while the Samsung Galaxy Note was no failure, it certainly hadn’t reached the same success the Galaxy S line did.

The line is starting to blur, however, as it appears the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is quickly becoming a hit. In the short 20 days since it’s been available the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has apparently sold 3 million units. Sure, Apple might be able to sell that many iPhones in just a week or probably even a day, but considering how large this device is up against more slender and small options those seem like some very good numbers.

And consider this: most of North America haven’t even gotten a chance to buy the phone yet. Verizon and AT&T customers won’t have a chance to buy it until later this month, while those in Canada are only just now beginning to get their hands on it. Add in all the smaller countries in Europe, Asia and South America that might not yet have it and we’d say the Note 2 is doing pretty damn good for itself already.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has already eclipsed 30 million units sold to date, and with the holiday season looming it looks like they might be in line for another surge in sales after those who missed the summer rush finally get a chance to buy one. Samsung maintains four out of its best five weeks came after the launch of the iPhone, a figure that might indicate brand loyalty for Apple is finally starting to wane a little bit (though there’s really no telling what, exactly, it comes down to).

Whichever way you put it, Samsung has found no issue getting through the iPhone launch and this further shows why it now has a vast majority of the world’s major carriers in the palms of its hands (yep, even in the cellular mess that we enjoy here in America).

[via Samsung Tomorrow]

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  1. Can’t wait till March ughhh

  2. I don’t own a Sammy phone, but go Samsung!

  3. I have an S3 and I hate it’s UI… But I also have an EVO LTE and I love it’s UI but it suffers poor LTE connectivity while the S3 is flawless with its connectivity. Anyway… Go Samsung?

    1. Have you tried a replacement launcher?

      How about installing AOKP to get the vanilla Android experience?

      1. I use Nova but the UI is still an eyesore in other parts. The one that bothers me most is the notification pull down :/

        1. Ditto … mainly the lack of a wifi toggle (verizon). Other than that, Nova makes it a perfect phone for my uses.

        2. Lawd yes! And I hate the messaging icon and app altogether… I hate having to use a different app just for messaging!

          1. @toomuchgame441: Can you please recommend which app to use for messaging?

          2. I use Apex launcher and GoSMS Pro on my S3. Couldn’t be happier!

    2. Yea. Replacement launchers are the way to change the UI without root.

  4. gotta wait another few weeks before I give my wife my s3 and get me a note2!!!

    1. They still have not made the protective back case for Note 2 available. You might want to hold out for that.

      1. I have 3 for my Note2 from sprint. No idea why you think no cases are available. Check ebay out. They are there.

  5. ahhh I’m due for an upgrade but I can’t decide between the GS3 and the new N4?!?! I was set on the GS3 until the N4 came out…. now I’m torn between the two. What to do, what to do…

    1. Wait for the HTC….

        1. agreed my jimmies will never know peace from the rustle htc has caused with that phone.

          1. HTC better announce it quick. My wallet is getting twitchy for the Note 2.

          2. It looks just like the incredible… No thanks

    2. My dad and his co-worker had the same dilemma. I put one simple question to them: Do you need more than 16GB of storage that is actually formatted to less than that and is where you’re going to be storing your apps, games, music, photos, etc, etc? If the answer is yes, you want the GS3. If you’re able to live with that amount of space, then get a Nexus.

  6. I Can’t wait to get my hands on one. But I’m not paying $700 off contract, so It’ll have to wait.

    1. I’m in that same boat.

  7. Im waiting for AT&T, and my upgrade is the day after the phone is available.

    1. It’s like it was meant to be… O_o

      1. I was practically begging HTC to do something like that on their Facebook page. Apparently Samsung Facebook stalks HTC.

  8. ppssibly getting one with sprint.

    1. It does note support SVDO, but does support SVLTE if LTE is available in your area.

  9. got my S3. glad its doing good. not interested in note 2 though

  10. I am picking up a S3. If the J Butterfly comes out in 30 days or less I will return it for that. I don’t see what the appeal of the note 2 is. Other than the quadcore cpu what does it gain you over the s3?

    1. Size, spen features, …… U. Mm……. Yeah, that’s all I got

      1. If the screen res was higher I would understand the size argument but as is the S3 con display the exact same amount on the screen.

      2. Multi-View (2 select apps open at the same time), Non-pentile Super Amoled HD (not that most people can tell a difference), no pebble blue! (hate that color), 3100 mAh battery (200 off of the RAZR Maxx). That’s why I’d rather have the Note II over the SIII. not that I have the upgrade or money for either one :(

    2. The size and stylus. I for one see it as a great media device. I game on my tablet and phone. So yea. It’ll help.

    3. samsung eats htc for breakfast lunch and dinner

      1. Well, at least HTC provides three hearty meals. It would be sad if HTC was only a coffee and croissant.

        1. hahahah +1

  11. I work for T-Mobile and have been playing with this since we got our demo. It’s absolutely the best phone I’ve ever seen, can’t wait to get my own!

  12. I really wanted this handset but the lack of SVDO and LTE in my area are keeping me away from it. I’m in hope LTE will be available within the next 60 days and or rumors on the CDMA HTC J 5″ 1080p device will surface. :/ one can dream.. I had no doubts in this device though, if it wasn’t for the lack of SVDO I’d already have one.

  13. saving up for the note 2 right now i thought i may get the nexus 4, but i cant see using a smartphone only on edge and 5.5 inch screen sounds amazing. I hate verizon but no one else has 3g in my town of 3200.

    1. Lol my high school had more people in it

  14. Can any of the 3 million comment on what it feels like to carry it around all the time? I’m totally sold on what it can do, but after checking it out at Tmobile I’m just not sure I want that much phone in my pocket 24/7.

    Probably didn’t help that it was chained to the desk, so maybe I’ll go back and see if they’ll let me handle one free range.

    1. Without a doubt the S3 is the best phone I’ve ever owned. You get used to the size real quick and I can’t tell you how many people have commented on it’s looks.

    2. if you someone who doesnt where tight jeans or wheres baggyish clothes with large pockets i think you will get use to the size…for me the s3 is the limit as even though its big i can still carry it around comfortably…as for 1 handed usage i dont even put that into consideration as i have always used phones with 2 hands even when i had my iphone 4 and s2 i always held with 1 hand while navigating with the other…

  15. I’d honestly get one but I’m not going to spend $600 for it. Gotta keep my unlimited data and I’m not switching carriers.

  16. I got the og note a week after it came out and can’t wait till the 9th. Carrying it around isn’t bad at all. I don’t wear skinny jeans so it fits in my pocket nicely. My former phone is a gs2 so a 1 inch difference in the screen to a few days to get used to. The hardest part is when I happen to use a smaller phone to text on.

  17. Mine is in the mail! So excited!!! – screw you sprint for messing up my order, or I’d have it today! ::shakes fist::

  18. What’s the point of that size if no s pen HTC is my least favorite OEM

  19. 3 million and 1 just got a white color with a white flip cover so effen sweet I love this phone!

  20. That’s good news to hear, keep it up Samsung.

  21. One thing I love about Samsung, they know how to optimize their phones. Congrats to Samsung!

  22. Wow! It took a WHOLE month! I wonder if this is sustainable?

    1. cant tell if you think this is bad or good…considering it took note 1 9 months to sell 10million the note 2 to sell 3 million in a month is incredible..we need to remember this phones isnt going to be for everyone but looks like there are plenty that do…was going to call this a niche but can you call 3million in 1 month a nich product…consider this phones like the one x probably have not even hit that number otherwise am sure we would know about it.

  23. That’s a pretty big milestone to get to. I was one of the people who
    bought a Galaxy Note II on the day it became available. I chose to stick with
    T-Mobile since they are the only carrier to offer an unlimited plan with actual
    speed. My phone that is running on 4G is considtently faster than my DISH
    coworker’s phone that is on LTE. We both use the DISH Remote Access app to
    stream our shows from our Hoppers from DISH. It hardly seems worth paying extra
    for LTE, especially with how much his phone buffers while streaming a movie. It’ll
    be nice to catch up with all of my shows when I want. Limits just don’t make
    sense for a smartphone.

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