Win two Nexus 7 tablets to play Zombie Driver for Halloween! [GIVEAWAY]


Following our review of Zombie Driver, where we told you whether or not the Tegra HD game would be the scare of the year, we bring you the Zombie Driver Tegra HD Giveaway! You ghouls and ghosts have a chance to win two great treats, and believe me when I say there are no tricks involved… well, not many.

First thing’s first, you’re going to want to know what’s at stake. Two winners will each win a Nexus 7 tablet, courtesy of our friends at NVIDIA. It comes outfitted with the quad-core Tegra 3 chipset they make so great games like Zombie Driver will look better than they could on any other device.

Next, you’re probably wondering what you have to do to get in on these awesome goods. Welp, it’s Halloween, and although the trick or treating phase has passed all but the weirdest of towns we still want to see and hear some creative costume ideas. We want to hear your most creative idea for an Android-related costume that also incorporates the spirit of Halloween.

Your entry can be completely text-based if you want, but we’re willing to award style points here — if you can show us an illustration or even manage to create your own in such a short amount of time you’ll definitely get some close looks. That doesn’t mean you text-only folks don’t have a chance, though — flesh out a really good idea with a nice explanation and you’ll  catch our eye just as easily.

Let’s get some hard rules and regulations into the mix, shall we?

  • This contest is only open to residents of the United States of America, Canada, and countries within the United Kingdom.
  • Two winners will each win a Nexus 7 16GB tablet with Tegra 3, courtesy of NVIDIA.
  • To enter to win, leave a comment on this post telling us your best Android-related costume idea. [Be creative, be thoughtful, and if you manage to make a drawing or a physical costume (with picture proof including your username and “Phandroid Tegra Giveaway” somewhere in the photo) you’ll stand out more.]
  • Your entry must be submitted by 11:59pm Eastern on October 31st.
  • Only one entry per person is permitted.
  • The two best costume ideas and/or illustrations will be selected as winners at the sole discretion of Phandroid staff.
  • If a winner doesn’t respond with a reasonable amount of time (generally 24-48 hours) we will move on and select the next best entry. We will continue this process until two winners have been determined. [Remember to use your real email address — no one can see it but us, and if you don’t have a valid email address you can’t win.]

That’s it! Good luck to everyone, and thank you for being the loyal Phandroid readers you always have been. We want to thank our sponsors at NVIDIA and wish all of you guys a Happy Halloween!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. It would be the android mascot wearing a CID mask (cyanogenmod).

    1. holy crap! 1st!

      1. Sure, the early bird might “get the worm”, but it’s also the one that’s most likely to be eaten by the predator. Congrats on being first…..and good luck :)

  2. I’d dress as an Android eating an apple.

  3. a android with light sabers batling a friend in a apple costume with light sabers.

  4. paranoid android costume which actually dispense jellybeans from the stomach area

  5. Me please!

  6. Black stretch suite with CID from cyanogenmod over lay glow int he dark style.

  7. How about this? A friend who face-paints turned up at the party… (Yes that is an apple sucking cock)

  8. A simple white tee shirt with the Nexus X on the chest and the words “Still Bettter than iOS” in between the shoulder blades on the back.

  9. Get a gang of android fanatics and dress up as each one of the android deserts. Cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, gingerbread, honeycomb, Ics and jb. Throw in a pumpkin whenever android hits “p”.Delicious. Only true android fans would recognize it, otherwise just a group of desserts walking around :D

  10. Picture this….you’re wearing a lime green t-shirt (android color) holding a tray (like those in football stadium selling soda). On the tray you have all the Android desserts (cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, gingerbread, etc…) with low price range. But at the corner, you have a rotten apple with price tag “Cost: ridiculous”

  11. I think the Patchwork Android (sorta like the Patchwork Man from Altered Carbon) would be pretty cool. Different parts or Andy’s body comprised of the various versions of Android. So, maybe he’s got an ice cream sandwich body, a froyo head, an eclair leg, a gingerbread leg, a donut mouth, honeycomb arms, cupcake antennae, and jelly bean eyes.

  12. I would have a body suit of our favorite Android mascot, but one half of the costume would be pixelated and have some streamers falling off to show some “fragmentation”. This is a truly “scary” costume for all of us phandroids as fragmentation is one of the largest failings of the ecosystem (or so we are told).

  13. Dressed as a zombie Android with blood in my mouth and in my stomach would be a picture of Apple, Windows and Blackberry lol

  14. I like the idea of a android costume with its inner workings sketched out. Wiring leading to various versions of Android with some apples in its stomach :D Almost like the leonardo davini android which did the rounds some time ago

  15. A clueless iPhone user wondering why my phone is navigating me to the abyss rather than home

  16. Green man suit, with a pi logo on the chest.

  17. Could be one of those really bad sexy outfits for women. Andy’s head as a hat, The white bar between the head and body as a collar. Green arms covers for the arms. A tight green one piece type bathing suit with a spinning blue polygon in front of the belly like the stock installing screen.

  18. I would love to see an Andy D. Android “trashcan” outfit that has a sign that says “Recycle your iStuff Here” with an opening in the mouth area to dispense of your iStuff. Because, let’s face it, Andy kinda already looks like a trashcan of sorts but we can all agree that Android devices eat iStuff for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  19. Try this out… dress up in a medical coat with a surgical mask on but stuff it so that you look slightly overweight.

    You would be a rounded coroner! Of course, I may get sued by Apple, but it would be damn funny!

  20. I like the idea of going as Andy with a bowl of fruit around your waist with all the releases of android in it.

  21. I want to be the dancing Android..

  22. I would find the craziest disco styled shirt and go as Matias Duarte.

    Note: not hating, just how I would describe his shirts

  23. An Android zombie that’s starving in its search for brains….because it is surrounded by Apple users? :P

  24. I’d dress up as a huge round red light – flash erratically and tell people they “Can’t do that” I’d be HAL-loween

  25. Elvis Android. Complete with the huge belt bucket, dark glasses cape, and pompadour. Nothing says Halloween than an Elvis look a like. Totally retro!

  26. I was thinking of dressing as Cid with a terminator-like face effect, but I dunno if that’s better then a zombie Cid . . .

  27. Thanks for the opportunity! I’d love to make a crazy googly eyed AOKP Unicorn, pink body, crazy eyes!

  28. Android mascot dressed up as Steve Jobs holding a Nexus 7.

  29. It would be the Phandroid figurine (smiling and winking) with the core of an eaten apple in one hand to emphasize what we all know…. Android will dominate in every aspect over it’s biggest competitor.

  30. I’d dress up as a huge round red light – flash erratically and tell people they “Can’t do that” I’d be HAL-loween – The original, simple, effective Android!

  31. Android Andy zombie with an apple in my mouth

  32. My costume idea: A green ‘Andy’ robot with all the difference cakes/desserts of Android drawn/painted on the arms, with the iconic ‘X’ of Nexus on the back.

  33. I’d dress up as a huge round red light – flash erratically and tell people they “Can’t do that” I’d be HAL-loween

  34. It would start with a green inflatable android robot costume shaped like the green robot we all know and love. On his belly and back would be a collage of app/movie/music/book icons and a play store symbol on his chest where superman wears his superman symbol.

  35. I think a costume of the bumper sticker I saw of the green Android pissing on an apple sounds like a good costume… hopefully it won’t scare away the kids though! haha

  36. Steve Jobs with a big Samsung Note II hanging out of his back pocket. The tool of true geniuses :)

  37. Andy the android carrying a pail of applesause

  38. I would have a costume with a photo of every freaking android device in the world..Yea thats right all 4000+ of them. That will scare anyone. With a big nexus X logo in the front..and a caption that reads “Beware fragmentation will occur”.. and I will call myself the Fragmentsein Monster

  39. I would dress as Matias Duarte, including that awesome shirt, from the nexus video The Verge posted!

  40. I think andy with cid (cyanogenmods masacot) both riding aokp horse would be an epic costume.

  41. green garbage can. prior art.

  42. Go as Mike Lazaridis holding an android with a Blackberry taped to it. Then when people ask, you tell them that its the new Blackberry 10 device.

  43. The Droid robot with a apple on the end of a dagger.

  44. ME and my buddys would dress up and andy green and black version then have another buddy dress up as a beat up Apple..Would have the kids dress up as angry birds and two be new new star wars angry birds

  45. My idea would be 2 costumes. R2-D2 with a custom Android paint job. C-3PO with every tasty dessert firmware Google has released attached to different areas of the costume. Or a personality core from Portal 2 with a custom Android paint job.

  46. I have been working on a r2-d2 That is wearing the costume of andy the android… I guess that sounds weird but follow me… If you were r2-d2… what would you dress up as for halloween? Well mommy r2-d2 would get some green fabric and sew up an andy the android costume!

  47. i am in

  48. The best costume would be going as Titanium Backup because that’s one of the best, uniquely android apps around. It could be a suit that looks like a safe you keep at home, saves your apps, data etc.

  49. i’d dress as dark vader but with cid as an helmet. “come to the dark side sheep we are open ” :D

  50. I would have to say that a big red slightly rotten apple costume (few bites out of it, couple of razor blades stuck in it), being eaten by 6 or 7 small zombie Android bots.

    The zombie Android bots would look basically like the standard green Android robot we all know and love, but with some blood running from open bite marks and wounds and have nice big zombie teeth/fangs.

    Some of the Android Zombies would also have a section missing on their head which would show a brain on a human, but instead show a variety Qualcomm/Tegra/Exynos Processor’s.

  51. Imagine Arnold in T2, when his skin is all ripped off around his face and arms, but instead of skynet insides, I have mobile processors and Android logos being revealed by my wounds. I would be the Nexus Terminator, with 48 cores of mobile destruction and apps that would make your momma cry.

  52. Pairing up with my wife, we would dress up as siamese android robots to celebrate the coming of multi-user logins for tablets.

  53. id go as andy with blood around his mouth and have a friend go as an apple with a bite taken out

  54. MotoBlur…………. the Motorola logo blurred out into body size suit contraption (think cupcake costume but giant M logo instead).

  55. Best idea is a cupcake that you can pull your arms and legs in and jump out of it. What makes it even better is if you a good looking woman to be inside. Android Stripper cupcake yes please.

  56. I’d dress as an old fashioned candyman, with a “counter” hung around my neck with lots of sweet treats for trick-or-treaters — cupcakes.. donuts.. eclairs.. frozen yogurt… gingerbread cookies.. honeycombs.. ice cream sandwiches.. jelly beans! I’d get my wife to dress in jeans and a black t-shirt, and be the neighbor no-one likes — the one that gives out apples for Halloween!

    1. I gotta admit I was going to post something that I thought would have been funny but you sir won it for me. This is poetically brilliant…. If I had lived in your neck of the woods my family and yours would already be filming this lol

      1. ha! Thanks! how do you know you DON’T live in my neck of the woods?

        1. The odds are sorta against it……

        2. hmm.. just noticed the rules. if I logged in via my Disqus account, you guys can find me..?

      2. Ding Dong
        Kids: trick or treat!
        Steve Jobs: hey, kids! have an apple!
        Kids: Apple? you have anything else?
        Steve: Nope, just apples…
        Kids reach into the bowl of apples
        Steve: Don’t go digging around now, they’re all the same…

  57. What else can it be?

  58. In relation to android, my idea would pay homage to the original WWE Nexus. In total 7 people would dress as members of Nexus. The faction would carry a ASUS Google Nexus 7, which would represent the 8th member of Nexus.

  59. I’d Dress as Data from Star Trek the Next Generation, rocking a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. Maybe have some chocolate android candies for the neighborhood kids, but that would be homemade stuff and that wouldn’t fly in today’s climate…

  60. A person dressed as and android and the other person dressed as an apple and of course the android is hitting the apple with a bat.

  61. “The NEW Iphone” or Ipad Mini running on Android jelly bean……Unfortunately only a few “techies” will get it

  62. It’s time for a little ‘tude… pretty much imagine Bender from Futurama done up as Bugdroid — make him green and add a second antenna. “Not feeling the walled garden? WHY NOT ANDROID!”

  63. An iPad mini wearing a Nexus 7 costume.

  64. I don’t know if its “android-related” but I was thinking about going as a apple lawyer with a stamp, going around saying other people costumes are infringing on my costumes patents.

  65. A white T-shirt with an ampersand and a bottle of steroids. Get it? And-roid? heh…

  66. Dress up as Charlie Brown’s ghost costume with a sign saying “Look at what happens when you use the iPhone’s Map App”.

  67. i think an android super hero android would be quite amazing. Maybe batman because apple is quite frankly bane and they are trying to cause chaos and take over. so back to our superhero. he should be riding the team kang unicorn. he should throw jelly beans at people and use nexus power to fight the isheep zombie army. and he should carry and LTE thunderbolt like zeus….do i really need to continue? hes a beast and i need a nexus 7 :(

  68. I believe that it would take a bit of work and more imagination, but I can’t think of a more original idea than to go with a Android-Blade Runner crossover, and come up with a Nexus 7 costume, combining some of the Blade Runner costume choices with the Google Nexus logo on the back of a jacket, and Bug Droid’s head over the left breast of a shirt and jacket. Perhaps a set of black weight lifting gloves (fingerless gloves with velcro adjustment straps), dark slacks or jeans, and work boots. (Edit) And of course, one would have to have a Nexus 7 tablet to go along with the outfit… ;)

  69. I would have made one of those T-Shirts that have a body painted on it, like the chicks with hot swim-suit painted over it, but I’d draw some robotic parts instead, circuits and stuff. That would be Mr. Augmented Reality costume.

  70. Head-to-toe Galaxy Nexii suit paired with a Nexus 10 for a face mask. Android green on all with the face up on the Nexus 10. If I had a million dollars… but it would probably keep you warm also during these colder halloweens.

  71. Dress as Andy in a Hockey mask, wearing freddy claws on the left hand and a machete in the right.

  72. How about the Android home screen!

    1) Get a plain black shirt, a bunch of iron-on shirt transfers, black fabric, and velcro strips.
    2) Print out a full-sized image of the Android home screen, such as the stock home screen on the Nexus 7 ( ), onto an iron-on shirt transfer.
    3) For each icon on the home screen, also print out a full-sized image of that icon’s application’s main screen. So for example the stock Nexus 7 home screen has Play Store, Chrome, Gmail, etc.
    4) Cut the black fabric into rectangles that will fit both the iron-on transfers and a vertical velcro strip.
    5) Iron a transfer onto each piece of black fabric, leaving room for the velcro strip on the right side of the fabric.
    6) Stack the fabric one on top of the other, with the home screen on top, and sew their left side of them onto the black shirt. The fabric should be able to swing open like a book.
    7) Attach velcro strips to the right sides of the black fabric rectangles to keep them from swinging out whenever they please; attach the loops-part of the strips to the underside of each rectangle, then attach the hooks-part so that they will connect with the loops.
    8) Put on shirt. For best effect, the rest of your clothes should be black as well.

    When people ask you what you are, tell them to press an icon, then swing the fabrics open until the application they pressed is shown. Tada!

  73. I would have to dress up as zombie, but the difference would be that I would get a really nice wig, dark hair and gelled into a perfect ‘do, ala a certain phandroid writer, with a vee neck tshirt. The shirt would have a picture of Andy, and on the back it would say”the hair does it in style!”

    Well that’s my idea…Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe!

  74. Simple. Dress up as a zombiefied sheep. Long stick attached to my back dangling a rotten apple core (on a string) in front of me.

  75. I like turtles (Android) kid zombie!

  76. do want

  77. An android wearing a somberero holding a stick and an apple pinata

  78. This time it’s me.

  79. An android and an apple.

  80. i would dress like and apple with an android taking a bite out of my ass

  81. Given the time, I would dress up a bug droid outfit as Marvin, the Paranoid Android from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie, like the top middle droid in this image:

  82. Android with a sandwich cause sandwiches taste good and androids are awesome like that

  83. A seven-headed Hydra costume with each head representing a different Android version (a cupcake, a donut, etc). When asked to explain, reply “Necks? Us? Seven.”

  84. I would BITE my Nexus 7 and transform him in to a CRAZY KILLER VAMPIRE OF DOOOOOM!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  85. how bout a international android. an android with passport stamps of where android products are sold. android is sold all over so there be a lot of stamps on the costume.

  86. I would be dressed as Steve Jobs with bandages on all my fingers (representing my fingers being sanded down to a quarter of the size to properly embrace the 7 inch format) carrying a Nexus 7 with an Apple sticker over the Nexus symbol on the back. I’d then have a buddy dressed as Andy the robot carrying an electric sander.

  87. I’d dress as an apple with a opening to my inside showing Andy and letting everyone know that I’m a in the closet Android.

  88. Find the loudest, most obnoxious patterned curtains in your grandma’s house. Cut them down and use them to make a tailored button down shirt. Wear the shirt around while passionately discussing all things Android. You are now Google’s own Matias Duarte!

    *edit* I posted this before I saw that Kris had the same idea about 30 minutes earlier. My vote is for Kris then.

  89. Get a group of people to reenact Thriller with each person dressed up as Androids. Throw in each dessert as a bonus.

  90. I would BITE my Nexus 7 and transform him in to a CRAZY KILLER VAMPIRE OF DOOOOOM!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  91. Comment left… and comment right..

  92. accidently wrote my email address lololol………double zombies ^_^! (I tried my best……..)

    1. My image doesn’t show clearly…and my disqus account doesn’t work so I had to make another account……is there a way i can do an email submission?

      1. heres the image

        1. Wait, so is Apple the “brains” in your costume?


        heres the link for the image!
        and ignore the first post i made! that account doesnt work :(

  93. First, make a helmet in the shape of the Android Guy’s head. Then throw on a huge white sheet on top. The sheet should take on the shape of the android-head helmet underneath it. Because the sheet covers everything, you don’t need to make an Android guy body. For added androidy goodness, glue some jelly beans onto the hem of the white sheet. There you have it, an android-shaped jellybean-featuring ghost! :)
    P.s. make sure you carry your android phone with you to get “in character”!

  94. Put my 3 year old daughter in lime green pants and shirt, put antennae on her head, and iron on a picture of some Jelly Beans on her belly.

  95. Dress up as the android robot with a sword or light saber and a piece that looks like the part missing from the apple logo.

  96. Dress up as android and carry a basket full of apples. Eat the apples. ???? profit?

  97. Gingerbread man holding a baby Jelly Bean!

  98. I want to be the guy from Shine Runner. Love playing that game on my N7!

  99. I know I am not creative but I dress up as an android styled Mr T

  100. I think a costume of the Android Jelly Bean from the Google campus would be pretty cool. The other statues would be great, too, but this one’s the best.

  101. I would dress my family up as the new nexus “family” — Nexus 10 for me, nexus 7 for the wife, Nexus 4 for the baby

  102. I would go bobbing for apples as andy the robot :-D

  103. I have nothing…no photo proof of cool Android stuff. So Ill just go for cool points in general!

    Im making a Pumpkin Beer Keg to be filled with Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale and Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat for a haloween party tonight!

    I will be dressed up as a 6’4″ guy in all black coveralls, black gloves and a scary clown mask chasing people with a chainsaw (no chain of course). Im sure I will ruin peoples nights. Its going to be epic!

  104. Android Andy as a baker carrying an apple pie.

  105. I would like to dress up as a galaxy s3 or Note 2 with “You got Samsunged!” written on it.

  106. I’d dress in a speedo with the android robot over the crotch region, knee high white socks, and roller blades with my android phone duct taped to my chest. My wife would dress the same, but have the phone duct taped between her mounds, even though she sorta belongs to the itty bitty titty committee. The basic idea would be to look like creepy European beachgoer Android fans.

  107. I would dress as Goku from Dragon Ball Z, and when people asked who I am I would reply, “Chris Chavez.”

  108. Dressed as a 6 layer Android Cake with real icing and cake on the outside so people can have a slice of my goodness.

  109. This trick or treat candy is irresistible!

  110. I would be an Jellybean Lockscreen….with a moveable sliding “window” that reveals the unlock options…

  111. I think a great costume would be to dress up as a Jawa from Star Wars, and have a bag or box full of different android phones or just the boxes they come in. So basically, you are showing up as a Jawa selling droids.

  112. I dont dress up anymore but my oldest is dressing as andy. We are using a large dome topped trash can. it is painted neon green with a matte black power button on the stomach. looks awesome. PS I want to win so badly :)

  113. I’d keep it simple. A red android costume with devil horns rather than antenna. Anyone with an iPhone would be targeted for tricking and anyone else with treating. Hell, if I had the money I’d carry round a bag of Nexus 4’s with me, giving them out as treats. As for iPhone users…I’d delete Google maps from their phones, leaving them effectively lost in the middle of nowhere with a killer Andy the Android targeting them in the darkness… ;)

    1. I love this! lol

  114. I would be a Jellybean lockscreen. With the starting location of the unlock strategically placed and walking around telling the hot girls how to turn me on! “Just grab the icon there and slowly slide up…..might need to try that again…slooooowly slide up. Ok…see…now I am turned on!”

  115. An android butler with a tray of the desserts from android…cupcakes, jelly beans, ice cream sandwiches, etc

  116. I carved an android pumpkin last year. 3D version. Will upload picture when I get home.

    1. here we go,as promised

  117. I would love an android jedi with a android phone as a lightsaber.

  118. I would go as 2 slices of bread, and an eyeball with an open mouth, and a soundtrack of various screaming. I would be an “eye-scream” sandwich!

  119. Finally a give away I’m interested in. This is the only way I’m going to be able to afford a Nexus tablet anytime soon.

  120. Android in a Roman outfit with a apple on a spear!

  121. If you already have a galaxy note or galaxy note II, you don’t really need a costume, or at least a mask. I would just put on a hat, tie the galaxy note to the rim so the phone’s screen is dangling in front of you, and turn on the camera app! You have a galaxy note mask (which is big enough to cover you whole head) and you can still see though the phablet’s camera!

  122. Green Zombie makeup behind a piece of plexiglas, captioned

    “Release your inner Zombie – Go 7”

  123. This is a costume I saw a while back but just a little tweaked. It will take 11 people to do thou. First we need someone in a nice big green android suit. Then 10 people dressed as the iphone. Finally we go bowling and knock the iPhones down

  124. I’d dress like a Jamaican track athlete wearing a Tegra 3 mock-up…holding a sign saying “WORLDS FASTEST!”

  125. Gee, I’m just picturing a giant Nexus 7. Cardboard and spray paint for the body. Ideally, you’d have a large flat screen hanging on the front running Android. Hmm. How to power it without needing an extension cord hanging out your rear?

  126. Terminator 2 (T1000) Android

  127. The android robot with a half ate apple in one hand and in the other hand he could be holding a jar of jelly beans dressed in a suit with glasses like the late Mr. Steve Jobs. We could call him the jelly droid and he could wear a cape with a scale representing androids sale’s over apple’s sales to make all the isheep realise what there being fed and brainwashed into believing :-) lol

  128. Andy as a transformer that morphs into a Google self driving car, lol.

  129. Chunk Norris costume with a fist coming out of the beard holding my Gnex phone with its green Android case.

  130. Dress up as Steve Jobs carrying Android tech and a black turtle neck shirt with the android logo on it.

  131. I would get my whole family involved! I would be Andy, but a Vampire!!! I would be dressed like the DYZPLASTIC Power Vampire! My kids would each be little apples that have vampire teeth marks on them and a bite taken out of each of them. Inside the bite mark would be filled with Jelly Beans – like the apples have been infected with an Android Virus and are slowly, but surely, turning into Androids. My wife would be a super sexy Cupcake. Partly to pay homage, but mostly because… who wouldn’t want to be with a super sexy Cupcake? No one.

  132. I’d love to get an N7

  133. Start with a cardboard box, and make a cut here and there, maybe some paint, print out a 3 foot screenshot of the Android 1.5 homescreen, add some levers hinges. Eventually you’re dressed like the T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream complete with working flipout keyboard. Add some zombie makeup, BACK FROM THE DEAD!

    I’m disappointed there’s no way to work a Night Of The Living Gingerbread pun into my idea. Although the zombie gingerbread easter egg from 2.3 would also make a great costume.

  134. Ohh as a Nexus 7

  135. I had a design for a simple Android costume consisting of a very large plastic “salad” bowl, large plastic trashcan and wooden dowels for the antennae all spray-painted green, and green long-sleeve tee and sweatpants that I was going to make for last Halloween, but never got around to it. It was very simple, and nothing overly special, but definitely doable. I have a picture of it, but Disqus does not seem to be agreeable right now.

  136. An Android in a suit and briefcase that says winner on the outside, while eating apples.

  137. Android eating an Apple with Blood Running Down my face!

  138. I would go as bugdroid eating an apple. simple yet effective.

  139. I’m not creative but I would love to win!

  140. Big red Jelly Belly man!

  141. A bloody Andy, with vampire fangs and huge claws. Children can dress as dead apple who were eaten.

  142. An Apple Store Zombie whose head has been split open, revealing an Android “skull”

  143. A trio of costumes: A Key, a Lime, and a piece of Pie.

    (please don’t let the moron in the key costume below affect your decision) :D

  144. Would create a costume as Andy the Droid, with a clear center filled with Jelly beans, and dispensing the Jelly Beans from his tuckus!

  145. A Frankenstein android name Frankendroid

  146. the werewolf andy that dead zebra is selling that would look awesome

  147. Android costume with an illustration of Steve Jobs stuck in it’s stomach.

  148. ZOMG!

  149. I’m going to be a zombie, yeah I know not original but it has a setup. I will be a zombie that was just shot in the head, like in this picture and the candy will be next to me.

  150. I don’t think it gets any better than this .

  151. I’m going to be a zombie, yeah I know not original but it has a setup. I will be a zombie that was just shot in the head, like in this picture and the candy will be next to me.

  152. I’d dress up as an android and give out android related desserts to all the kids that trick or treated… Cupcakes, eclairs, froyo, gingerbread, ice cream sandwiches and jelly beans.

    Better eat that froyo and ice cream sandwich before you get home. I’m gonna pretend that honeycomb doesn’t exist… what kid would want that? Kinda like what person wants honeycomb on their tablet?

  153. Family costume idea. Dad is a Nexus 10, Mom a Nexus 7 and the kids are Nexus 4s, Galaxy Nexuses, or Nexus S.

  154. I would dress up as Holo:
    1 – Tron costume:
    2 – As a helmet, I would use a black Andy head.
    3 – Replace the disk with the brand new Nexus 7.
    4 – Run around and scare iOS users.
    5 – Profit.

  155. Here’s my idea:
    Dress up in a hipster outfit with tire tracks across the front, wearing smashed hipster spectacles. Have a fake hand in one sleeve which is holding a shattered iPhone, and the fingers are all broken and crushed around the phone.

    You would be an iOS 6 Maps user, come back from the dead!

  156. I would dress up as a giant evil patent. Basically it would look like a huge document with arm and leg holes, fully equipped with devil horns and tail.

  157. I want to see a muscle bound Andy named SterOID shaking the S*(T out of apple trees in a field !!!!!!!!! And marking off each tree he shakes on his Nexus 7.

  158. Dress all in black and paint a large Droid eye in the center of my shirt. Refuse to say Trick-or-Treat, using a voice changer to say “Droid” with that great robotic sound. Optional: Attach combo locks to my black boots to signify my locked “bootloader”

  159. Sticking to the theme of the Zombie Driver THD Giveaway, I wondered what costume would be effective. Then I saw that it had to be android related, then I said to myself what would be the perfect hybrid that can incorporate both themes into a scary Halloween costume. Then it came to me, why not take the best character, in the best driving, shoot em up game known to man, and mush it together with the best operating system mascot. Therefore my Halloween costume will definitely be an Andy-Sweet Tooth costume with flaming hair. Sweet Tooth is by far the most scariest most favored character in the ever popular twisted metal game. Using Sweet Tooth from twisted metal complements the theme Zombie Driver, and Andy aiding in bringing out the android essence of the costume. Link to costume picture:

    1. Not sure why my photos aren’t showing up…

      1. Insert a drobox link like I did

        1. Thank you..

  160. Android costume holding an Apple stem thats been eaten to the core rocking a baby bib that says: ‘I’m Rooting for 7.9″ “Stem” Sale Research’

    If I was at work I could’ve scanned it but this will do :-)

    Edit: For some odd reason uploading pics on here via Disqus seems to be screwing up so here’s a Dropbox link:

  161. An amalgamation of the different dessert named releases. Like the Jelly-Bean for a head, Doughnut for the chest, froyo/cupcake hands, eclair arms, gingerbread legs, Honeycomb stomach, and icecream-sandwich feet. Did I miss anything? Immagine “Devastator”, but with sweets.

  162. I like the idea of an android wearing a tuxedo t-shirt, because it’s formal, but it also says “I’m here to party”

  163. “Trick or treat!”
    “Oh, what are you supposed to be?”
    “I’m an Apple Logo that’s been possessed by Android”
    “huh ho, that’s clever – here, have a Nexus 7 for your cleverness”


  164. A Zombie Android costume but instead of fake blood and stuff, use, well a little fake blood, but then make it look like the android mascot is rusted in places and attach bitten pieces of apples to it (instead of human entrails), apple cores, tops of apples, pictures of iPhones with bites cut out of them, etc.

  165. I like the idea of going as a Nexus 7.

  166. A green worm with the android antennae, because we all know what worms eat. :)

  167. So much pressure! There’s some great ideas (and some weird ones) on this thread. How about a Mario and Luigi combo with Andy as Mario and Cid as Luigi? Think how the mascots appear, but with the plumber outfits? Hope I win :]

  168. Obviously the best Android costume can only be done by several people. You have many different bugdroids in all sizes and colors. It’ll send the iPhone users running for the hills, as they cry in terror: “FRAGMENTATION!” True Halloween scariness.

  169. A good group costume would a bunch of sheep with white ear buds in their ears asking for directions. A lot of people won’t get it but I’ll respect those that do.

  170. I wore this last night to a party. I was Android Andy, dressed up as an Apple. I had a Nexus phone dressed up as an iPhone that was 2 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches long. I had my dog in a black turtle neck and doggie denim jeans with a sign that said “Trick or treat , Jelly Bean or Apple?” Most people picked jelly bean for their treat :)

  171. Though you can’t see it, I was at work as a Lego Zombie and using my GSIII to take pictures of the others. Costume totally home made by my wife and I. (Thought I would mention it because otherwise you would not believe it because of how awesome it is). ;)

  172. I would go as a tomb (grave), with the sayngs “RIP Apple” or “RIP IPAD”, the images above are self explanatory :)

  173. I’d be the regular android mascot with the phandroid wink head.Just have to decide weather I wanna keep an eye closed the entire night or just have a cut-out.

  174. I wont have time to make an actual costume because I’ll be out with the Kiddo’s … but nothing beats a classic!

    1. Not sure why this didn’t get posted to my account …. but here I am :)

  175. An apple with a giant axe in its head

  176. I’d be the android peeing on apple

  177. Roaming the lands ceaselessly, defending against the zealot masses of Lord Pomme’s army, and slicing fruit like no other… It’s Andro Samurai!

  178. BANDY! he will take over Gotham and destroy apples stocks at the stock market! check him out

  179. I’ll be out with the Kiddos tonight so no actual costume for me … but nothing beats a classic…

  180. Andy iVampire Slayer. Rotten apples on a necklace instead of garlic

  181. Make a Jelly Bean costume out of Jelly Beans. Stringing them together one by one. Coordinate the colors of the Jelly Beans to say “Jelly Bean” on the front and back of the Jelly Bean costume. The best part is, after Halloween you could eat the Jelly Bean costume. You probably couldn’t eat all the Jelly Beans at once, but maybe someone could. I know I couldn’t.

  182. I was going to post my costume idea here, but then I figured Apple would steal it, file a patent for it, implement it next year, call it revolutionary, and then sue me for my own idea.

    So I’ll just keep it to myself.

  183. Dressed up as SlenderMan from the game Slender. Little green guy with a light green stocking over the head, dark green suit, lime green dress shirt, and Nexus symbol tie.

  184. The best Halloween costume is obviously a slutty android ghost where u place a sheet over your android costume and on top of the sheet nothing but a bra and underwear… for ladies or of course cross dressers

  185. here is our beloved android guy suited in knight armor after a busy day of slaying

  186. Being an android fan and a star wars geek i would find some way to incorporate the android mascot and r2-d2 into a halloween costume. Since they have a similar shape and are short. I’d probably keep the android head and arms and the body look like R2.

  187. The Android carrying a big knife with an apple stuck on it would be a great costume.

  188. our beloved android guy suited in knight armor after a busy day of slaying. don’t mind the horrible quality, drawn on my note 2 with my son climbing all over me.

  189. The blog from the game “Cut the Rope”

  190. A nexus android robot

  191. The Android carrying a huge knife with an apple stuck on it would be a great costume.

  192. Use two Nexus 7 tablets one in front of your chest and the behind you. Switch on the cameras add a torn shirt, a little fake blood and ta-da! It looks like someone blasted a hole right through you.

  193. I would say the best costume ever would be a cardboard outline of the Android covered in Green Painted Android Devices that are running various Android ads.

  194. Zombies, Android, Nexus, Tegra 3…does it get any better?

  195. Frankendroid – a faded green Andy decked out with bolts and massive stitches piecing together the outfit. Stumbling around the neighborhood moaning “Aaaapples, AAAAAAAApples!” Then have a bag of apples to which m80’s are inserted into the bottom of a hollowed out core and the stem is actually a fuse. Then a lighter is placed inside the gloves of the costume to have a flame coming off the index finger (a la Young Frankenstein). Lastly, every time you see a parent ignoring their kid because of an iPhone a lit “Apple Bomb” is tossed behind them, “Aaaaapple!” BOOM goes the dynamite! Alas they drop their iPhone and of course the screen breaks. Happy Holloween!

  196. My idea would be a Little Shop of Horror theme. Andy ,our loved Android, would be an evil human eating bot, and in order for our OS to get updates he had to be fed. Yes I know that is not a real costume, but you said to be creative! ;o)

  197. Two twins one dressed as an iphone device and the other a Samsung Galaxy S1 device with the logos on the back of the costume.

  198. Dress yourself in carboard boxes/large box with “AnCade” painted on the side along with the nVidia Logo, with a Nexus 7 or other Tegra powered device functioning as the screen, with a PS3 arcade controller such as the InCade stick controller for player interaction (via a USB OTG adapter obviously).

    Kinda like the iCade iPad accessory, but larger and androidified! The cardboard boxes would be cut/arranged to look like a traditional full-size arcade cabinet obviously. Arranging the cardboard around an internal PVC pipe frame would allow for support of the above devices, and the ability to set the costume down on the frame to prevent you from tiring out.

    For an added bonus, you could add a tray/box in the back with MicroUSB cables hooked up to a portable power pack for people to charge their phones up while playing or trick-or-treating…

  199. Pumpkin colour and pumpkin like head. The slogan could be ‘Orange you glad you chose android?’

  200. Image didn’t get attached the first time..!

    1. But then all the iPhone’rs will mock you for being more than 4″ thick.

  201. Dressed up as the Marshmello Man from Ghostbusters

  202. My costume idea is an apple suit similar to the fruit of the loom apple suit. It will be missing the bite piece only it will look like it’s eaten from the inside because it is. You will have the green droid hanging out dressed as a worm and a face full of apple … seeds and all.

    The reason being we all know how android eats at apple from the inside they just won’t admit it. … haters

  203. I’d do a Garbage Pail Kid Android. ME ME ME ME. GIVE IT HERE!

  204. Fruit Ninja Andy D. Android complete with two swords and plenty of (fruit) apples to slice..

  205. My dream outfit would be an android robot with LMFAO-like underwear on top of the costume. I’d also have a waist band around the costume with a nexus 7 blasting “I’m sexy and I know it” and jam out to the song. Also instead of the “wiggle wiggle” line it would be edited to “google google google…google google yeahhhh” :P

  206. I can duel with my 6 year old.

  207. A Nexus 10 strapped to my chest with the screen on looking like it’s looking into my chest, where my heart is shaped like the “Android” robot.

    Then I’d have a tablet lower down my waistline looking into my intestines. There, in my intestines, would lie an iPhone.

    ([email protected])

  208. I’m going as the deadliest of all creatures…..
    …an Apple Patent lawyer.

  209. Zombie Android.
    I would have to avoid iPhone fans, though. No BRRRAAAIIINNNSSS!

    Edit: Damn! Did not read all the reponses first Someone beat me to it with a similar post.

    How about dressing up as a big green key with the symbol for pi on my chest? Key Lime Pie?

  210. My Android costume… walk around with an x tattooed on my chest, and with a bunch of miscellaneous wires and cables coming out my sides to connect to all the members of my robot army as we storm into Apple HQ and make sh*t get real…
    I’m a Nexus for Halloween ;)

  211. I would put on a t-shirt with one of those “Hi my name is” stickers that says “Andy”. Underneath the shirt I’d wear one of those foam fake muscle things. Then I’d tape a syringe hanging down from my inner fore arm.

    That would make me … Andy Roid

  212. I’m dressing up as Mayor Bloomberg and my girlfriend is dressing up as Lydia Callis, the sign language translator next to Bloomberg during his Sandy updates.

  213. An android version of Steve Jobs.

  214. Best costume ever would be the lifesize Andy Pez dispenser for the unattended honor system candy bowl that gets raided

  215. how about an andy the droidbot with an apple and an ax in it on top of his head as an hat : )

  216. My 2 week old is a cupcake today <3 original android os !!!

  217. I would dress us as an Android wench. I’d be the green android robot with gigantic green boobs & wearing a pirate wench costume!

  218. You combine Tux the Linux penguin and the little Android dude and bam! A penguin colored Android costume. Double the cute. Although cute really isn’t what you want for Halloween, oh well.

  219. An android with the Jim Carey’s ” the mask ” as a face, the original ” the incredible hulk ” ( tv series) as the body, he’s eating an apple, while dancing on live tiles

  220. dress up as the android mascot..

  221. I work in the Ice Cream biz for Good Humor. I’d redo an icecream truck to resemble Andy, outfit it with an Apple cellphone jammer and ride around tweeting my stops as I give out frozen icecream android version treats. Tricks for apple users, treats for androids. Maybe outfit it with a missile system to attack my enemy in the picture. Not a costume, and unrelated attack, but just a dream. So no nexus for me :(

  222. I wanted to dress up as a hipster with an S3 but I live in KY and no one knows what an oxymoron is.

  223. An android with the Jim Carey’s ” the mask ” as a face, the original ” the incredible hulk ” ( tv series) as the body, he’s eating an apple, while dancing on live tiles

  224. I think I would make it simple. An Android costume with pictures of all the patents that Apple is trying to sue all of the manufacturers over, including all the ones that they have lost on. It could get a little hard to see everything though.

  225. Simple. Dress up as a zombiefied sheep with a long stick attached to my back with it arching over my head. A rotten apple core dangling (by a string) from the stick in front of me.

    I then walk, drool, mindlessly towards the apple……

  226. i want to win

  227. best costume would be the android dressed in some traditional mayan clothing since 2012 is close!!! =l

  228. Here we have Andy dressed as his favorite serial killer Dexter, equipped with his handy apple slicing blade and a blood slide to preserve the memory of all the crappy OSes he’s slayed. I made it with Androidify and Microsoft Paint. Hope I win anything. Happy Halloween everyone!

  229. R2-Droid2

  230. How about one person dress up as android Andy with two (people) dressed up as rotted apples who are chained to the [android] with no arms….*Walking Apples*

  231. I would dress up as an iphone with a cracked screen, and my girlfriend would dress up as a nexus 4.

  232. Android Cardboard Dessert Truck costume.

  233. If I weren’t working, I would be dressed up as Scott Forstall… complete with resume and the the now famous Maps apology letter.

  234. I suck at drawing but anything for a nexus 7, basically what I attempted to illustrate is a Android with deadmau ears, so its Android dressing up as deadmau for Halloween the Android’s head and the body would be separated, the gap in between the head and the body would be for viewing to the person inside, it could make up a couple accessories like a bloody knife going through a apple for the spirit of Halloween(bloody murda) , a jar of jelly beans and of course a mock up Nexus. Here’s my rough sketch, try not to laugh at it :
    Idk if my image uploaded properly but here a link :

  235. dress up as Matias Duarte and make a cardboard cutout of an SD card that’s on fire.

  236. take my galaxy skyrocket and dress it up like and iphone. oops….law suit

  237. I suck at drawing but anything for a nexus 7, basically what I attempted to illustrate is a Android with deadmau ears, so its Android dressing up as deadmau for Halloween the Android’s head and the body would be separated, the gap in between the head and the body would be for viewing to the person inside, i could make up a couple accessories like a bloody knife going through a apple for the spirit of Halloween(bloody murda) , a jar of jelly beans and of course a mock up Nexus. Here’s my rough sketch, try not to laugh at it :
    Edit: Sorry I accidentally posted twice i keep getting an error on disqus, ill try to delete the first

  238. Hey Phandroid. Here is my costume idea: I drafted it up with my brother’s Galaxy Note II. Haha, it was pretty fun to do with a err…”phablet.” Now I see why Android is so fun. Anyway, if you guys like it, vote for it! :)

    So my idea as you can see in the attached picture is obviously centered around Google. First up is Andy the Android mascot. I’ve got a helmet of him. Then have a specially made Google Project glass for it. Hehe. I’d have a “G” utility belt with all of the latest things like replaceable batteries, mini USB cables, etc. My shield would be a Nexus 7 (because it’s the best Android tablet apparently – don’t own one myself, but from the reviews, it is) so I can fend off iPad fanboys and my sword would be another “G” sword with the words “Don’t be evil” inscribed on it.

    I know people hated the Nexus Q, but I loved its shape (too bad it’s not very useful, and I never got one) and the dangling wires hanging out of it. Very cyberpunkish – Matrix-y and so I’d use those as shoes, also because they’re black and easy to make.

    I think it’d be cute.

    It looks like my picture is not showing up in full via the attachment I placed below, so here it is in full:

    Thanks :) May the best person win! ^^

  239. A pirate but instead of a parrot on your shoulder, you have the Android mascot.

  240. Android Cardboard Dessert Truck. With full menu of desserts from the folks at Google. If I was any good with scissors I would totally attempt this.

    Disqus having some issues with uploading photos. Here is my link:

  241. I know Gangnam is overdone (Southpark), but my simple twist is a Gangnam style outfit, except in green with android robots patterned all over it, and, an Apple apple hanging beneath my legs, for… the best tea-bagging part off the dance. ;)

  242. One of my favorite costumes I ever wore was a white winter hat, an orange sweatshirt, and yellow sweatpants… Candy corn! And my fat bearded self gave it a lebowski vibe for up votes. To android this idea out I’d rock some antenna and other Andy like accessories. Also maybe add a candy apple to eat… Taking a bite out of the competition often.
    And yes, this and all of Halloween is corny… (you know you see what I did there)

  243. Dressed up as an Asus Padphone, I would be the phone and I’d have a gigantic tablet strapped to me that I could get in and out of. Sure, I’d get stuck going through doors and wouldn’t be able to get in my car or use the toilet but it’d be so worth it, and plus I could undock myself to accomplish those tasks. Simply awesome!

  244. I would Dress up as the Android logo (andy for the time being) BUt i would walk around with a big table jutting out of my tummy and on said table would be a sign that says dessert buffet: and on the table would lay: cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, froyo, gingerbread cookies, ice cream sandwiches and 2 flavors of jelly bean. I would also have a No fruit sign! (apple)

  245. I would dress up as the android “T3PO” (Tegra 3 Processor On-board) and have the Android mascot as my sidekick “N74U” (Nexus 7 For You). We would hand out Jelly Beans and Key Lime Pies to all, and have our light sabers handy to vanquish all zombies and fry any apples that stray into our Empire.

  246. dress up like an android phone.
    get a friend to dress up like Tim Cook.

    Every time somebody tries to touch one of the icons on your phone outfit, have Tim Cook jump out and punch them in the face.

  247. Here’s a visual aid for my previous “zombiefied sheep” post…

  248. I would dress up as a Nexus 7 in portrait orientation. The costume tablet screen would be the Phandroid website on the browser. The article of the website will be about the Nexus 7. On the center of the costume (Around my chest area) I would have a nexus 7 mounted to the costume with the front facing camera turned on. The headline will say something like “Yo dawg, I heard you like Android. So I put a tablet in your tablet, so you can watch yourself while you read this!” … Okay, maybe not, but something that is funny!

    edit: Picture is for concept only. Not to scale.

  249. All the obvious stuff’s been said and done, I’d use one of the Google Doodles the make for specific days

  250. A full-body Android costume, a Nexus 7 box with a bow attached to the Android’s crotch area (d*ck-in-a-box style), and the following printed across the Android’s chest: “7 inches is the perfect size!”

  251. Honeycomb Andy being on zombie mode, self explanatory no?

  252. Android mascot as a storm trooper!

  253. I imagine wearing a huge lime with a Big Key necklace and a Pi symbol tattooed in the lime. To make wait for it Key Lime Pi. lol

      1. Put in by me thought I was still logged in.

  254. The best Android costume would be wearing a big globe with the phrase “Android – there’s a map for that!”

  255. Two of the little green android toys (one as a boy and one as a girl) inside someone in a Cell from dragon ball z costume like in the pockets or something (since he ate the two androids and all). And when you take one out, you change that part of the costume to what he was before the android was in there like in the show

  256. I would dress an an orphaned SD card slot and carry a sign that says “I AM NOT CONFUSING!”

  257. Is it worth buying a tablet which runs on Ice Cream Sandwich? I hear that already Android 4.1 and 4.2 have come so if I buy one with 4.0, will my tab be obsolete in a few months?

  258. I think having multiple people at differing age groups dressing up as the different desserts/updates.

    -Updates 1.0 “A” and 1.1 “B” could be a new born baby that hasn’t been named yet and has fewer distinguishing features.
    -Cupcake would be the baby with starting to have identifying features.
    -Éclair can be a toddler learning to walk and talk.
    -Froyo would be a child entering school and exploring all new and exciting things in the world.
    -Gingerbread/Honeycomb would the teenager that isn’t sure what it wants to be.
    -Ice Cream Sandwich is the 18 year old who has graduated and come into its own, trying to change their image.
    -Jelly Bean can be someone who has graduated from college, a time where you have refined your craft and will continue to fine tune your skills and what makes you unique; with milestones coming fewer and farther in between but with more change.
    -Key Lime Pie would be a silhouette, letting us imagine what the future can hold.

  259. I would dress up as an android, curve a wire that is painted yellow (so it can look like a stream of urine), connect one end to my genital area and the other to my small nephew dressed in a apple costume

  260. To celebrate the Pure Android Experience, I’ll go naked of course.

  261. As the sun sets on Halloween day a group of green robots can be seen in the distance. Their shimmering silhouettes reminiscent of the plastic green army men you used to play with as a child. As they draw closer they are, in fact, Plastic Green Army……ANDROIDS! Android robots covered in the same plastic looking paint I used for my plastic army man costume this year. Army helmets and either painted guns/grenades or keyboards/ mice as accessories. If you have any Apple lovers in the group they can dress as Apples and run behind you with giant magnifying glasses or follow as life sized lighters with Apple logos. If you want to turn the tides arm the Plastic Androids with them and chase Apple logos. It’s relatively easy to make with the right paint and is sure to win contests while winning the hearts of every child who tortured these poor plastic men in their childhood! Pictures of my costume are attached for reference.

  262. Android mascot r2d2 style with Mickey mouse ears.

  263. I can’t draw, but picture this! How about an Android robot eating an “Apple” and pooping out a “Blackberry”?

  264. Android mascot as r2d2 with Mickey mouse ears.

  265. I am dressed as Batman using my Nexus 7 as my Bat-Androidnator.
    I’m off to to do the work of a super hero on my Bat-Cycle. It’s all in a day’s work.

  266. pleaseeeeee gimmeee

  267. I would dress up as the original G1 but with a Matryoshka doll twist. When you slide out my keyboard, more little G1’s would jump out.

  268. a Tron-ish android guy holding Jelly Beans in one hand and an apple core in the other?

  269. Betty Boop Android

  270. Android Andy straddling the fat man (an atomic bomb) waving a cowboy hat like Major Kong from Dr. Strangelove. On the tip of the bomb would be an Apple logo, making fun of how Steve Jobs promised to go “Thermonuclear” on Android!

  271. Steve Jobs corpse/zombie (Blue Jean / tattered black turtle neck)… U would get extremity dizzy spinning around as u’r way of walking… While resiting great one liners like “U’r holding it wrong” or “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” & “why am I in hell”… Maybe have one u’r buddies chase u around dress as the devil… Telling u… “We made a pack Jobs…” I would also carry around stickers that say Patten by Job’s and stock them on everything I can spin around too…. Specially on sexy nurses/cops/pirates/ghosts… Etc…

  272. I am dressing up as the Hexcode – Android Collectible from the Android Mini Collectible – Series 02.

  273. I’d love to wear a red trench coat, red fedora hat with black trim, black gloves, and a theme song on repeat “Where in the World is – Federico Carnales (Carmen Sandiego)”

  274. Heres my idea – a guy dressed up as a droid with a stitched stomach showing some guts.

  275. Im 6’3 Ft tall and I think a good idea would be to dress up as a Samsung Note. It would be funny if it had “Actual Size” written on the screen. People always exagerrate on how big it is anyway so i think it would be perfect.

    my email is “[email protected]
    my phandroid account username is “Casual”

  276. Im 6’3 Ft tall and I think a good idea would be to dress up as a Samsung Note. It would be funny if it had “Actual Size” written on the screen. People always exagerrate on how big it is anyway so i think it would be perfect.

    my email is “[email protected]
    my phandroid account username is “Casual”

  277. Not mine but I’m glad that with all the sexy (insert literally any profession) costumes someoneade a sexy bug droid costume.

    Not sure if the picture uploaded since it’s not showing on my phone so here is the link

  278. One of my favorite Halloween costumes that I have made and worn was that of Two-Face in Batman. And to keep it to the Android them I would do the following I would do the following twist to it. I would create a custom where I would where half would be Android green and the other half would be Apple white. My hair would be spiked into one “Antenna” and green on my Android side. My face would be painted green on the Android side as well. On my white side I would have a plain, clean and boring hair style. Just plain an unalterable looking kind of guy. Then I would walk around, talking to myself and in a constant conflict with myself. And when in question, I would take out my coin with an Apple logo on one side and the Android logo on the other side to solve the disputes.

  279. Thanks to NVIDIA for making the great processor in the Nexus 7 and offering to give two away!

  280. Dress completely in White with a Black Bowler hat. Paint an Orange circular arrow atop a Black gear on the right eye. I bet the ClockworkMod team would like this idea “Viddy Well”

  281. My best idea… To dress up (using a painted box for the costume) as a charger for the TF101… Probably 2 people would know what it is, but I’m betting my costume would be more durable the charger for my tablet!

  282. A HTC Thunderbolt running ICS!

  283. I’d dress up as an iPhone with AOSP on it

  284. An android dressed up like Prometheus engineer

  285. Dressed in a lime green Android mascot-shaped trashcan carrying a bag of apples to eat and arm punched through a window.

  286. You could dress up a Droid like Willie Nelson and call it the Pot Bot!

  287. Im dressed as psy and I no joke called this sensation after only 40, 000 views.
    Now it’s approaching 1 billion

  288. Dress as the Apple apple (just a while/silver apple with a bite out of you) and walk around running into everything, people, houses, cars. When people ask you if you’re drunk, just say “No, I’m using Apple maps!” Anyone who laughs, (android fans) gets candy, and anyone who is offended or whatnot, (Apple fans) gets nothing. $26.99 on Amazon isn’t too bad!

    1. Will you be able to message me since I logged in through Facebook, or do I still need an email?

      Just in case: [email protected] well worth the spam I’ll get from publicly posting this online.haha

  289. An android samurai…. Yeah…. i would so make this into a costume!

  290. I would be a pink Unicorn that farted rainbows in support of AOKP .

  291. This is a true story. It happened to a friend of a friend of mine.

    The date is October 31st, 2004. Sonny from “I, Robot”, the T-X from Terminator 3, Lt. Commander Data, the Android mascot, Robo from Chrono Trigger, Agent Smith, and Andy Rubin (yes, he’s a robot) are all riding in a Herbie the Love Bug to their secret Dr. Frankenstein lab to activate their plan to enslave the human race.

    They had planned their attack for months, and Hallowe’en was the perfect time to strike. Their plan was so diabolical it would make a polar bear shudder. On Hallowe’en of 2004 the Androids had planned to release a video of Keyboard Cat singing Chocolate Rain while dancing Gungham Style… truly evil!

    The video would captivate anyone that watched it, forcing him into a zombie-like vegetative state. From there, the only possible reaction a person could have is to watch it again, and then forward it to everyone that he knows, and then watch it again. Eventually it would reach The President of the United States and when he watched it, THEN they would get the NUCLEAR ACCESS CODES! From there they would launch the nukes and destroy humanity many times over, leaving a perfect world for the machines.

    Little did they know that the Android mascot and Andy Rubin were actually sent here from the future to spoil their plans! With the launch of the video imminent the Android mascot jumped to the rescue. Sacrificing his own body he shorted the network wires and redirected the video feed from the Internet to the Flux capacitor in his body! Sparks and electricity leaped from his body, zapping nearly everyone and everything in the room!

    The voltage from the Flux Capacitor sent everything scattered across space and time. The Chocolate Rain and Keyboard Cat videos were sent to 2007, while the Gungham Style video was sent to 2012. Robo was sent back to his own time in 2300. Herbie the Love Bug was sent to the year 2005, and has worked as the Google Driverless Car for the last seven years. Agent Smith was sent to Middle Earth, and adopted a new role as Elrond. It’s currently unknown where the T-X, Sonny, and Lt. Commander Data were sent to, but it is believed that they were sent far into the future.

    Andy Rubin, being the only survivor that wasn’t sent forwards in time, decided to honour the little green robot, and not let the technology go to waste. He used the robot’s computer code as the basis for Android the operating system. Although our technology now is very primitive, he’s slowly introducing the features of the futuristic Android as our technology becomes powerful enough. If you think Android is amazing now, just you wait! Also, as a gift to humanity he gifted the code for the video distribution to three engineers in Silicon Valley. They used it to form YouTube which still remains to this day.

    This is a true story. It happened to a friend of a friend of mine.

  292. I would love to be the C3PO egg from the Star Wars Angry Birds game.

  293. Trick or nexus :)

    1. I’ll take a Nexus please. =)

  294. My twist on the often used Sandwich Board Android Smartphone theme would have an LED lit JB Bootimage animation on the back with a Standard JB Wallpaper on the front again with LED animations on the widgets. Maybe even mount an actual tablet running JB as one of the widgets. I would be in a Penquin costume between the boards for Linux underneath. Then top it off by wearing a Green hat shaped like the Android head. Oh, and because someone has to pass out the Jelly Beans— my hot wife would tag along as an Orion Sex Slave from Star Trek…just because…Hum!?

  295. I’d like to dress up as a glowing Nexus X with LED lights up the arms and legs in the Nexus colors that glowed and dimmed like the Nexus boot animation.

  296. I’d carry a sack of apples and a sledge hammer and go to town like Gallagher.

  297. Dress up as a zombified Andy carrying around a half eaten oversized apple.

  298. I would wear a giant Mott’s applesauce costume and on the top, glue a mini Android figure. Hence, “android crushing apple.”

  299. The best costume is one you don’t have to spend too much money on. For your viewing pleasure I give you my Junk-Droid costume! Hope it’s good for some laughs, I know I got some questionable looks here at work…

  300. I’d dress up as a creepy old man. How is it android related? I take motorola parts and put them inside Apple cases and give them away. I’m the one that puts Razrs in Apples.

  301. The costume – Standard green Android suit with non standard popping eyes and some of the halloween picture editing skills
    The Phrase – All hail Android ; ZD and Phandroid..

  302. A ‘Andoid Andy’ wearing Duarte’s phenomenal shirt he was wearing while unveiling the new nexus family.

  303. Well I went a little further and actually made my wife dress up as an Android with me :)

  304. I’d dress up as an apple core, apple is only a small part of what it used to be and is now so desperate that it may as well be going around door to door asking for candy

  305. Lackluster computer drawing skills aside, The Headless Android!

  306. My Fiance and I would dress up as Bride and Groom Lloyds. Because I can’t see her dress before the day, this is the best I could do.

  307. Alright, I want to play! I have attached 2 classic Halloween costumes. One is scary, the other is whim/muse like a unicorn or a fairy. The first is the scary one, a classic Android tablet (Xoom) running Apple IOS. This one was inspired by the kids coming to the house tonight as bloody, stomach churning zombies, this had the same effect on me. The second is the suite of new Nexus devices all coming on Verizon’s LTE network. Its like a unicorn, everyone wants to see, some have claimed they can find one, but no one has proof!
    Even if it doesn’t have LTE, I still wouldn’t mind an nexus 7 :-) Good Luck Everyone.

  308. This is a family costume. eric schmidt and tim cook (or steve jobs for the extra creepy spooky dead person factor) with a little baby app costume and a little baby android costume.

  309. I would have a normal android costume dragging an apple and a windows symbol behind me playing catch up.

  310. I would buy a garbage can, spray paint it green and put some shoulder straps on it, and be a real life android for Halloween!

  311. Android in a Bikini, ’nuff said.

  312. Dress up as the AOKP unicorn as a vampire.

  313. Hope y’all are ready for HulkDroid. Drew him myself, Andy is tough as hell.

  314. I would do a mashup of the world’s best Androids….Star Trek’s Data and Andy Android. I would wear a Star Fleet uniform with green face makeup and antennas.

  315. This works best for the ladies but could be modified for men. Wear an Android T-shirt with a stop watch hanging around your neck. After a set amount of time, the stop watch would count to zero and you would lift your t-shirt to show off your sports bra with the word ROMS across the chest. When people ask what you’re doing you would just say “it was time to Flash my ROMS!”

    1. and of course my email isn’t tied to the Discus account i signed in with.. so use [email protected]

  316. Great game great tablet!

  317. So my idea I think was definitely pretty original… I decided that since most nowadays technology has had its days of pirate-ism… that I would come up with a pirate android suit… like the dancing android suit just retaylored to be a PIRATE! not none of them disney channel pirates… im talking full blown hook and captain coat pirate… like, gonna make you walk down a plank to your DEATH pirate. So I thought of an awesome google pirate based logo on the hat, and just champed him out with an eyepatch and a red glowing eye… I figured It has to be worth the awesome. specially since I drew it by hand.
    I also gave him some little pirate boots and all the awesome a pirate android can have!
    I sure hopes I wins~ I put a lot of LAST MINUTE effort into this~!

  318. I would grab myself and seven of my closest friends an go as a smorgasbord of tasty Android treats.

  319. I would dress up as the overweight green Android. I would be overweight because Android always receives desserts as updates! The stomach portion it would look like it’s see through and I would have all the previous android updates floating around in there.

  320. I would dress up as a blue android with a jack o’ lantern head. In the head would be carved an Android face with fangs that are dripping fake blood. The entire android would be in a black and red bloodstained suit with a cut and tattered cape. I would use the fake cob webs on my cape so it would look even older. The entire outfit would look like it had been around for centuries. On my chest I would have a Google logo with the nexus logo right under it. The nexus symbol would be back-lit. As I go from house to house, I would ask for kernels so I can ROM NOM NOM them.

  321. I’ll go as a android in a werewolf costume. Fur all around with a torn flannel.

  322. You could dress as pre-ICS Motoblur &TouchWiz and just walk around really really really slowly.
    [email protected]

  323. A human version of the classic Android robot but in a more human form called the Nexus 6 with it standing 6′ tall. Think Blade Runner meets Google Android.

  324. I am not a CREATIVE person, but I am sure WINNING those two NEXUS 7s will IMPROVE MY CREATIVITY, DRASTICALLY.

  325. I would dress as a giant globe with a foot large green android on top of the world. I would have a banner draping in front saying the play ground is open hanging off of two clouds. And random spot I would have pictures of different areas similar to street view and in each picture would be a business representing the different kinds of android released. Like ice cream shop for ice cream sandwich….

  326. Dress up like the honorable Judge Lucy Koh- a female with a judges robe wearing an Apple Store employee t-shirt and jeans underneath.

  327. My idea is to go as frankendroid the rebirth of android in the tablet game is here with the nexus tablets so why not represent it as said frankendroid for ANDROID IS BACK IN THE GAME though it really never left. Oh my twitter handle changed its TezzzyTez now but it still signs me in another way weird

  328. Slender Droid

  329. Ok, imagine if you will the ghost of Steve Jobs…too soon? Ok, scratch that. I envision a man on a mission for the great candy haul of 2012. He is determined, but unsure of where to go. He realizes he needs some guidance. He needs a map. “I’ll use my phone on the go!” He gets his costume of the Apple logo, but it has issues. Seemingly with every step he takes, a bit more of it slowly starts to fall apart and is dragging behind him. As he struggles, he realizes he’s lost too. His iPhone map is horribly wrong. He happens upon a man sitting on his porch intently playing Zombie Driver on his Nexus 7. He asks for some directions to which the man graciously gives him the correct route via Google Maps. “Wow”, he says, “thanks”. As he steps off the porch, more of his costume is trailing him…”hey” the man on the porch yells, “you should have been an Android”.
    So, long story short…er, well, long story…my costume would be a man wearing an Apple logo as the costume, but it slowly falls apart as he walks with pieces trailing him and he says, I should have been an Android.

  330. I would dress up as Andy the android and carry around a headstone with the apple logo on it.

  331. Plans fell through, but my friends and I were going to create our own Android OS flavor costumes. Much like the Android OS flavor statues featured on Google’s property, but we wanted to do interpretations of Android flavors to come. We’ll probably still do them just for fun.
    Pick me, and I’ll use the Tegra 3 device to design it in 3D and send it in to you guys!

  332. Zombie Droid

  333. I’m too old to dress up and whatnot, but If i wanted a Halloween costume.. I’d carve Chris Chavez face on a pumpkin and get a big ol’ andy neck down and scare the little kids.

  334. I would be the Android (of course), but part of my color scheme would be Jelly Bean, and part Ice Cream Sandwich, and part Gingerbread, etc. I’d be….Android Fragmentation! Woooooooo….
    – Jim

  335. Evil Andy giving out candy

  336. Evil Andy giving out android candy

  337. Imagine me dressed as a big ole htc one s battery with letters saying kiss my mah.

  338. I would like to make a homer simpson donut costume

  339. thiis isn’t a submission but a cool idea would have been an Android version of Mysonne from The Dead pulling around her 2 zombies dressed up in Apple clothing

  340. I’d do a slightly different take on Android Costumes, especially taking into account the Nexus. I’d dress up as Rick Deckard. Hunting Androids and possibly one himself.

  341. I was thinking that I was be gonna be an ice cream sandwich with the Android logo in the centre back and front.

  342. My idea would be an Android Angry Bird!

  343. I would be a zombified Cid with various small patches on my attire to represent past Android/CM versions.

  344. Android dressed up as ‘Predator’ vs Apple the ‘Alien’…ultimately annihilating the ‘Alien’ with it’s cool and futuristic weapons ;)

  345. R2Droid2

  346. Seems like a lot of the recent posters haven’t noticed that the contest ended at midnight this morning.

  347. hello

  348. Ineedtwotablets!

  349. So, who won?

  350. Will the winners be announced here? @Quentyn Kennemer

  351. Has the winners been announced?

  352. ??? Any winners?

  353. Sooooooo, when will we find out the winners?

  354. The number of awesome submissions must be…awesome…?

  355. Did I win???

  356. do you won guys?

  357. Any winners?

  358. you would think a winner would have been announced right? Maybe they forgot that Halloween happened. :P Just playing,

  359. Any update on a winner for this guys? its been more than a month now since the competition ended.

    An update as to why no winner has been picked would be nice at least.

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