Waze makes driving even more social with latest release


We all know the feeling. You’re waiting for a friend to come pick you up, growing more anxious by the minute wondering just where exactly he is and why it is taking him so long to arrive. If only there was a way to get real-time updates on his status. Oh, what’s that, Waze? There now is?

Waze is an app that aims to make driving social, and its latest update brings along some pretty ingenious features. Our smartphones are already an integral part in arranging meetings with friends, checking on their status, or delivering the news that you are running late, so why not roll all of these things into a tidy and intuitive app experience? With Waze 3.5 you can now do all of the above quickly and easily.

Going out to eat with some friends? Share your driving info and you can track arrival times down to the minute. Picking up your mom? Get instant directions to her location and let her see just how far away you are. It’s an idea that makes so much sense it’s a wonder no one has done it such a succinct way before Waze.

Along with the new social features, the app has also been overhauled in the user interface department, making for a much nicer overall experience. And if all this talk of tracking your exact location has you too concerned to check it out, the app can easily be switched to an incognito mode. To check out all the new features, head over to the Google Play Store and download Waze now.

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  1. awesome, now I will know where they at when they say ” oh yeah I’m taking the exit now”

    1. and then they still somehow show up two hours late…

      1. …and don’t even bring the chips, smh.

  2. Google Latitude works well enough

  3. Glympse is also great for sharing your location, but it doesn’t do navigation at the same time, I’ll have to check this out.

  4. Waze is one of the top 5 apps ever released. Glad to see they keep adding functionality.

  5. Love me some waze…. if the area has good editors.

  6. Last time I looked at Waze, it used its own (horrible) speech synthesis. Have they upgraded it yet to use Android’s native TTS API? I want to be able to use the SVOX voice that I bought, which actually sounds somewhat human.

  7. Glympse recently added group sharing. But since there’s no navigation, that means using a different app like Google’s, which I don’t mind. What I do mind is that Glympse assumes I am in a car and therefore has terrible ETA times since I use my own two feet and sometimes buses (tiny European city). If Waze supports “walking now” or “in the tram now” in addition to “driving now”, I might just switch.

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