Nexus 4 makes video debut, Android 4.2 quick settings shown off


Any Swedish speakers out there? Swedroid has uncovered what appears to be our first look at the LG Nexus 4 in action despite the cancellation of a Google event today where the phone was expected to be unveiled. The YouTube video doesn’t provide much, but we do get to see the new Android 4.2 quick setting menu in action. The feature is accessed via the notifications pane and provides instant access to setting such as brightness, WiFi, airplane mode, and the like.

As shown in numerous photo leaks, the handset borrows from the design language of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus closely, though it lacks a curved display and looks to be slightly thicker. Likewise, Android 4.2 will act as an extension to the current Jelly Bean branch of the operating system and major user interface changes aren’t expected. Instead, Google will introduce a series of minor enhancements such as the aforementioned quick settings menu.

We’re still awaiting word from Google on plans to reschedule the event that would have introduced the world to LG’s first Nexus device. The phone’s coming out party was postponed in light of a Hurricane currently making its way across the North Eastern United States.


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  1. The video is private. I can’t see it.

    1. Mirror’s here : http://youtu.be/5q3HUP8gmLA

  2. Bah…the video was made private.

  3. I am interested in this device but what do yall think. The reason I’m hesitant is because of lgs Past on having bad devices and not updating their phones. Although Google is now in control of that I’m still skeptical on the reliability of the hardware. My friends and I had bad luck with LG before. Had this been another company I would jump all over it. Would appreciate any other thoughts and opinions.

    1. You shouldn’t be worried that LG is elected to build the Nexus 4. It will be supported under google rather than LG making the phone specifically for carriers and either get delayed or glitchy updates. It will be using qulity parts also. Lastly remember when HTC debut the Nexus one and was labelwd the iPhone Killer back then and was riddled with glitches, and google fixed them with updates and patches. So in this case you shouldn’t systemically align LG with a crap experience in thi instance. If you are gonna think that way about LG then this must be said for all android devices for most of them ate glitchy to hell. In my case i am thinking to go to ios full on because every android device i had was never reliable after a few months except one. There was always major and minor issues. The same with my SGSII (SGH-T989). I am gonna go nexus this time and hope for greener pastures. If the glitching and freezing happens again intolerably, everything will be traded for apple iphone and ipad. Sorry if i offended any android die hards.

  4. Whew, I caught i before it went private. I’m surprised with the build quality. Even though it looks thicker, I’m gonna go on record by saying it looks better overall than the G-Nexus. However, the video did not show off the back.

    1. well, the look is very much based on taste and personal preference, I like the slightly curved appearance of the gnex, it’s barely perceivable, but it is there. just that slight curvature makes it a bit unique. this one looks a bit block like, even though it really isn’t.

    1. Couldn’t have provided the link without a shot at Phandroid?

    2. I am a fan of all the Android blogs! No blog is really better than any other, they all report on many of the same things!

      The link works for anyone looking to see the video who missed it.

    3. http://www.youtube.com/v/uiAygWFbZKE&hl=en_US&fs=1&
      Or just post it here and help out. Nobody is perfect.

  5. i dont get the point of “quick” settings as implemented officially by Google here.. it seems to take just asmuch time/clicks as going through the settings menu. ill stick to using customized toggles and aokp cherry picked tweaks as my real quick settings ;) i rather not have my notifications any more cluttered!

    1. looks a bit more streamlined than going through the settings. it’s always good to offer the most common settings as an easy to get to area, and it appears they’ve done that. it opens up real estate on my home screen windows to replace the toggle widgets with other widgets, or app links, which is good.

  6. Just noticed they bumped the app drawer up to 5 columns instead of 4 on the Galaxy Nexus…

  7. Interesting, five-icon rows in the app drawer. Makes sense since the N4 seems to be quite wider that the Galaxy Nexus.

    Not a fan of the quick settings menu, the notification toggles in custom ROMs or apps like MoreQuicklyPanel are much better IMO. Also no ringer mode control from the lock screen which I kind of hoped would be included. But at least multi-user support is finally in.

  8. Phone looks nicer than I expected. Though, every single time he swiped or clicked in the browser, there was noticeable lag.

  9. Im guessing this is targeted for people who bought the gnex 2 years ago. This is not an upgrade for any phone recently announced in the past 4-6 months.

    1. Galaxy Nexus came out 1 year ago… I’m keeping mine as this lg nexus is ugly and trying to mock the GNex’s sexy design but can’t pull it off. Look at the sleek design Samsung has with the back, sides and curved screen. love my removable battery also. :)

  10. I wish some of these manufacturers would fire their wannabe UX designers and hire some of the fine XDA devs… I’ve been using quick settings in notifications since my EVO 3D, and I’m sure they’ve been available since before then even.

    1. I had quick settings on my G1 in ’08. hahahahah

  11. it’s unlocked again, I just watched it

  12. Well wouldn’t you look at that. The clock isn’t in the middle!

  13. WANT!!! Please CDMA version drop soon! least by xmas!

  14. £279 for the 16GB, it’s a great price.

  15. Check this out. Much more information on both the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 10


  16. I like the news about the nexus 4 and I love the nexus brand. But I think many (many) of these articles could be combined.

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