Android 4.1 arrives for HTC One X in Europe and Asia


The rollout of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for the HTC One X commenced over the weekend in parts of Asia and Europe. The update first arrived in Taiwan but has since been reported in other regions.

The new software brings the One X to Android 4.1.2 and includes HTC Sense 4+, the latest version of the Taiwanese smartphone maker’s custom user interface. New features include SMS forwarding, password protection for the message inbox, and an updated Gallery. In addition, Sense 4+ is said to bring a 10 percent performance boost in addition to the enhancements of Jelly Bean’s Project Butter. Users can also expect other Jelly Bean features, including Google Now and actionable notifications.

For now the update is making its way to the Tegra 3-powered version of the handset with no exact timeline for the arrival of Jelly Bean for users in the US. Next up for HTC is getting Android 4.1 to the international version of their One S handset.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. Hopefully it’ll also include my Evo LTE, and it’ll come soon!

    1. Fingers crossed bro!

  2. Let’s get it rolling for the EVO LTE… I have a feeling we’ll be last

  3. hurry HTC I want to see jelly bean before my one-x+ arrives!

  4. with how long it takes to get updates to Sprint’s variant of the One X, it makes me wonder if it will be abandoned faster than other HTC devices.

  5. I have a feeling our evo LTE’s will fade away like every other EVO iv owned before we get this update should have learned by now next time here I come nexus device or Samsung :(

  6. Lies, lies, lies. Worst news website about android. The update started rolling out just in some countries in Asia and the update is to Android 4.1.1 not to 4.1.2.

    1. It is to 4.1.1 and Sense 4+ wich is lagging more than last sense 4.1. It doesnt matter where u live as long as u have that model of HTC One X. I have the Asian Ver. and i live here in Puerto Rico and i just downloaded update,

      1. I have the Eastern Europe version and I live in… Eastern Europe (Romania) and I checked for updates but… nothing… like the rest of Europe.

  7. I’ve altready downloaded on my HTC ONE X here in Puerto Rico adn i just got 6855 on Quadrant Score. Thats the most ive seen on NOT Customed or NOT Rooted Android Phone other than the new LG Optimus G wich throws some 7k +. Ive got to say Jelly Bean is @$#$ fast. I like the new customed sms options and the ability for secure box wich i had on my last HTC, Power saver mode, i dont like the new Power app, i can see History power consumption in a graph. It used to tell “screen time on”. It now doesnt!!. Sometimes it lags when getting to Home(i never lagged before) or browsing through menus.. So although its blazing fast it does have some slugish times and lags. Other bad news: “Memory Rendering” didnt change. When using recent apps.. it still loads pages etc etc.. but now it takes longer cause ther is a small black screen pause. I dont know why but its annoying. Other than that, its really fast on opening apps, sms and web browsing

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