Oct 29th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 4th, 2012, 5:38 pm

RPG fanatics who were alive and well throughout the 16-bit era will no doubt remember Chrono Trigger. It is by far one of the most important RPGs in the history of gaming, and although its name hasn’t had the same staying power as Square Enix’s Final Fantasy the game is highly regarded by many, including yours truly.

Imagine my excitement, then, when I’d learned that it was now available for Android! The game, once only accessible on Android via the touchy world of emulators and ROMs, gives you command of Crono, an unsuspecting boy who’s found himself on the ugly end of a science experiment gone wrong.

His daring friend Marle volunteers for a teleportation experiment at the fair, but what occurs is nothing short of fascinating and daring — she disappears, and because Crono is such a loving friend he makes sure to get into the risky contraption by the grasp of her amulet to find her. I’m getting excited just talking about it so I’ll stop right there so as to not spoil anyone.

Before you’re hit with a bit of sticker shock, I’ll disclose this bit of information right now: you’re going to be paying $10 for this thing. It’s not pretty, not even a little bit. But I can guarantee you that $10 will spawn tons of hours of entertainment and gameplay to sink your teeth into. Part of this is because there’s a long experience to withhold, but you’ll also be compelled to go through this game another two or three times before you grow tired of it.

And remember, it could be worse — Final Fantasy 3 is $16 in the Play Store as of the time of this writing. Be sure to check out some reviews of the Super Nintendo classic on YouTube, and circle back to the Google Play Store if you’re convinced that this will be a 10 dollar bill well spent.

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