32GB Nexus 7 in stock at Walmart for $249, 16GB model now $199


Although the Google event scheduled for this morning has been delayed as Hurricane Sandy bears downs on the East Coast, at least one retailer is going ahead with a refresh of their Nexus portfolio. Walmart’s website now lists the new 32GB Nexus 7 as in stock and features a price drop for the 16GB model. The 8GB Nexus 7 is no longer shown for sale.

The 32GB model comes in at the expected price point of $249, but perhaps the bigger news is that the 16GB model has dropped to $199, replacing the 8GB model at that price. It is unclear if Google plans to continue sales of the smallest storage option with a similar price cut as the 16GB model or if that device will be discontinued. Not present on the retailer’s site is the rumored 3G Nexus 7, which was also to be unveiled this morning at the New York City press event.

Google’s Play Store now lists both the 8GB and 16GB Nexus 7 as “coming soon” rather than on sale, a sign that a refresh should soon occur. It was expected that the tech giant would introduce a refreshed tablet lineup today that included the 32GB Nexus 7 along with a new Nexus 10 tablet developed by Samsung. The star of the show, however, would have been the LG Nexus 4, the next addition to the lineup of pure Google smartphones.

Google may still proceed with the rollout of the new Nexus 7 products today, but we are awaiting word from the company about plans to reschedule their Nexus event.

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  1. Google Drive still isn’t a replacement for your own local storage when
    it comes to media and that was my breaking point with the Nexus

    The Nexus 7 also has a great display and wonderful specs, but it’s a machine for someone’s loved one. It’s not for me.

    After that experience I will most decidedly be buying Android products that feature a memory card slot.

    1. I’m using dropbox on my android tablet and phone. Still like this much better. Feel like I have more control of my files vs Gdrive. Dropbox gives you 5GB for free, then an oppurtunity to get more space with referrals and if you have an SG3, you get 50GB free for two years…

    2. Think about it though. I understand your point, but I don’t mind my videos being in the cloud. Here’s why. Are you watching that video when you’re playing games? No? Then why should it be taking up space? It’s not lyk you’re ALWAYS watching that video. Unless you are always. Then that’s ok. LoL!!

  2. Yet people will flock to a $329 old tech tablet.

    1. Well, at least it’s got video out. That’s the main reason why I have no interest in the N7.

      1. You have a very good point. My N7 was stolen when my car was borken into, I will be waiting for something with an HDMI port to replace it. Amazing device though.

    2. Do we really need to talk about Apple more, even when the article doesn’t mention them?

    3. I wouldn’t call the iPad mini old tech. Yes, it uses an A5, but that’s still quite zippy. Also, I own a Nexus 7. Its screen is washed out and it has poor viewing angles. Its build quality is crap. The iPad mini’s screen area is 36% larger, while also being lighter and thinner than the Nexus.

      Having written all that, I wouldn’t buy an iPad mini because its a bit too wide (the Nexus’ narrower form-factor makes it more portable and easier to handle). Also, $200-250 is really the sweet spot for this sort of device. IMO, Apple screwed up by not getting the price below $300.

      1. you know apple got the price down cheap enough its probably cheaper than the n7 due to the old tech. but they know they can rip people off any they will still line up for it.

  3. im pretty sure they have it at office depot too…..

  4. Neat, now where is the $199 Nexus 4 with 16GB.

    1. No, where the hell! is Nexus 4 32gb?? We live in 2012 not in 2009!

  5. Dropbox called, wants to know why anyone cares? I believe most Android fans already have their 16gb Nexus 7 and aren’t going to upgrade to these.

    1. But there are a lot of people who would have held off without the larger capacity. Namely me. Being said, I was hoping for a better 10″ showing than what looks like is coming from the Nexus line.

      I need local storage to load up with HD content when traveling. Outside of video I am happy relying on the “cloud” but when I am on a plane I need local content and HD videos take up tons of space. And when you travel a lot you prefer to be able to put hours of video on it instead of having to stop and replace the videos at each port of call.

    2. Because WiFi isn’t always available.

    3. I care. I bought a 16GB Nexus for myself. Now my wife wants one, too, so I waited for the 32GB for myself and will give her the 16GB.

    4. Actually, I’ll be upgrading to 32GB and giving my 16GB to my son. Unfortunately 16GB is just not enough — I filled that up after the first Google Play app sale.

  6. Really want the Nexus 4, also want the Galaxy Note 2, may end up getting the Note 2 as I am really skeptical about ANYTHING LG makes, I’m holding off on a decision until I get a chance to play with the Nexus 4, already played with the Note 2 and loved it.

  7. BOOM!

  8. My brother wants a tablet. I guess he can have my 16GB and I can have the 32GB. =.D

  9. Can I buy this at stores now – officially? I want to buy one today.

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