Google’s Nexus event threatened by Hurricane Sandy: will it be canceled? [UPDATE: CANCELED]



We have just received a bit of sad news from Google: the event in NYC scheduled for this Monday, October 29, has been postponed.

We are canceling our Monday morning event in New York due to Hurricane Sandy. We will let you know our plans as soon as we know more.

We have no idea when the event will happen, but we will definitely stay in touch with our friends at Google and keep you up-to-date. Sad day for all Google fans out there, but it was to be expected. Stay safe, New Yorkers!

On Monday October 29th, Google is scheduled to host a big Android event in NYC. We’re expected to see some Nexus devices, potentially the LG Nexus 4 and Nexus 10. But for those of you not tuned into East Coast weather, Hurricane Sandy – dubbed the “Perfect Storm” by many meteorologists – is threatening to delay Google’s October announcement for a 2nd straight year.

Current expectations are that the East Coast will be bombarded. Airports shut down. Electricity knocked out for several days. Public transit closed. Winds at 80+ MPH. Flooding in coastal areas. And this thing is supposed to touch down Sunday night, with the biggest impact on Monday into Tuesday. The same time Google’s event is supposed to occur.

It’s a bit surprising that the collision of mother nature, Google’s event schedule, and sensitive travel itineraries hasn’t caused Google to issue a public or private statement regarding the event’s status. I can’t imagine they would risk hosting an event without electricity, especially when traveling to the venue could prove unsafe and potentially life threatening. But as we speak, many potential attendees could be readying themselves to travel to NYC, where they will be greeted by a hurricane.

Don’t forget last year’s Google Android event was intended for CTIA in San Diego but later rescheduled for one week later in Hong Kong. Rumors swirled about the event being moved out of respect for Steve Jobs passing while others claimed the announcement was intended to avoid patent lawsuits in one way or another. Rumors aside, this would be the 2nd year in a row Google is forced to move or reschedule their event.

Google – if you’re listening – could you give us an update on the status of the event?

We took to Google+ and Facebook to ask our Phans if they thought Google would cancel/reschedule the event or surge along with fingers crossed. Here are some responses we received:

So what do YOU think? Let us know by voting in the poll below and leaving a comment!

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  1. They may be able to squeeze it in if they don’t waste time. It’s said “Sandy” will be off shore Monday Morning and then come on shore Tuesday. We’ll see. They might wind up postponing it, though, to be safe.

  2. I don’t want it to, but it’ll get pushed back a week later.

    1. It’ll be pushed back like three weeks, just like last year, watch. They are going to use to probably fine tune some things, I’m calling around November 20th.

  3. Congratulations. This is the most worthless poll I’ve ever seen.

    1. you are welcome.

    2. You really don’t get around on the internet much then….

    3. yet you replied to it, making your comment the most worthless post ever seen…. on this page.

      1. You do realize what you did, right?

    4. lol

  4. Dunno, but that Kyle Lovering dude’s someone that’s find himself in a bad way one day.
    Fight mother nature and you will lose, it’s been proven many, many times, like living in tornado alley. How many times do people need to have their homes destroyed before they realise they’re fighting a losing battle?

    1. I live in tornado alley. I’m 31 years old and have never even seen a tornado in person or had one touch down even remotely close to me. Its not like tornados happen all the time everywhere. Besides, where are you gonna live that doesn’t have some sort of dangerous weather/ natural disaster?

      1. Many, MANY places.
        I, along with many other Brits are all smug about it because we don’t really have any areas that are known black spots.
        We get the occasional bad weather, but nowhere’s really known for it (although with global warming that could change).

        1. Not really true. I don’t live in tornado alley but I’ve seen 1 1/2 tornados touch down. Mother nature is a lot of random chance.

  5. i got class on monday and i dont think my college even care about that storm.

    1. knitting 101? Regardless, a lot of schools wait until Sunday or Monday morning to cancel classes. That’s pretty much a widely known fact.

  6. Why do they keep holding it in NYC with that bad luck? Maybe I was right though, this might be a N7 release. We have no idea when its actually coming out.

  7. The news hypes up every storm now. They have nothing better to do.

    1. Tehhh Perrrfeect STAWWRRRMMM 2!!!

      Tune in at 11 for disaster preparedness tips from Chip the WeatherGuy! :)

      HARD RAIN and 40mph wind is no joke (well, it is, a little :))

      1. I bet you work in a seedy lounge off the Atlantic City strip. Very poor jokes. 2006 called and wants full custody of “Teeeh” back. Abusive non-comedian.

        1. Nobody takes my baby Teh back and puts it in a corner! nobody!

          And be sure to stay out of teh RAIN; you might catch a cold and DIEEEE from the storm of the CENTURRRRYY! RAWWRR! (can’t have my rawr back either!)

  8. They’ve confirmed with jurnos, it’s still on:

  9. Nah, Google will cancel the Hurricane. I mean they run Google-Weather in the end.

  10. Still too early to tell, I live in Florida we get hit with storms all the time and most of the time they change direction

  11. Do it through the hurricane!

  12. Rob..welcome back to Phandroid. Lol.

    1. Yeah, he asked to come back and made us fee bad… so we let him. :p

      1. Hey him log in to the forums, he hasn’t posted anything since July. Did he forget about us “little” people.

  13. The hurricane is one of apples tactics to prevent Google from releasing new products lol

  14. In United States Google control hurricane! Actually, I think the storm is over hyped to get people to watch the news.

  15. Laff, that means it will now be 1 month out, lol.

  16. Seriously canceled over a lousy Category 1 hurricane, that might be just a tropical storm when it hits, should have had the event in Florida, we don’t close anything for a weak ass storm like this. The regular winter storms you guys up north get are much worse than this storm is going to be.

    1. Florida? They are nowhere close to being used for big media events. Pretty much just NY and CA.

      1. I know, u missed my point. It shouldnt be cancelled over a Cat 1 hurricane

        1. Well they were saying it was supposed to clash with a cold front, and the possibility of strong winds and even snow. So it’s not the typical storm that would be seen in florida.

    2. seriously! i am rolling my eyes and lolling at everyone freaking out over this storm. it’s just a cat1! that’s nothing.

    3. actually schools all throughout the state were closed. Nice try pretending FL is “hard”.

      1. schools through out the state were not closed, there were a few counties that canceled school for threat of tornados not directly due to the hurricane and this was actually a rare thing I have never seen before, they never did this when I was in school and now the counties that did close public school regret it because there was no need to, nice try in being a smart ass!

  17. LuLz. A hurricane would never stop an Apple event. Just sayin’…

    1. Because Apple thinks they can control mother nature too!

  18. Well that blows…on like a couple of different levels.

  19. Balls!

  20. Its apples fault they bribed someone with a weather controlling machine

  21. well looking at the hype, one would think it is a hypercane or something, come on it is just a small little hurricane.

  22. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is horrible news. I pray everyone on the East Coast makes it through the hurricane safely.
    As for the event….Google move your event to San Jose instead and keep it on Monday! Please

  23. Just release it and save the money on some big unveil. Most of those things are overly hyped and douche-laden (aka Apple)

  24. Mother Nature is an Apple fanboy, and we just that it was the northern Californian judicial system.

  25. As much as I’d like to put a apple spin on this as possible. I think mother earth is filing suit against google for samsumg stealing the nature ux theme that earth patented.

  26. Damn, Apple will do ANYTHING to stop Google.

  27. last year SJ and now Sandy haha
    oh well. it just another device which im not getting anyway.

  28. Some of you guys are idiots. Category 1 or a hurricane of.any nature is dangerous. People die in every storm of this nature. People lose power, resources, and plenty of necessities. After suffering through Katrina in a bad situation and seeing first hand the devastation, while rescuing those in need I will never ever under estimate a storm again. Nobody is ‘hard’ for staying open or operating in the eyes of these things.. only stupid. I hope everyone on the east coast lives and is not injured or or put in harm’s way. The over hyping by the weather channel is necessary because a lot of people have never experienced the Blount of these storms and always mock them. I see it often in NYC and northern states. You do not see this in FLA, Lousiana, Alabama, and Miss Coast.

  29. They should reschedule the unveiling for Wednesday and throw a big Halloween party afterwards. That would get the media’s attention.

  30. The same guys at HAARP also work at Apple

  31. Google is rumored to be looking at a new HQ based in the UK. No hurricane threat here & makes more sense as launching phones in the US is like holding the Olympic opening ceremony in the. city it just finished in. ;-) (US get the phones only after the International version has been rolled out)

  32. Last year it was the death of Steve Jobs this year a hurricane…shesh we have no big announcement breaks lol

  33. It is barely a Category 1 storm. Come down to Florida and we can show you how to handle a Category 1 storm! Schools will close for 1 day, a few people will get of work, but not many, and most will go about their day as if it is a normal day. Power may go out, but will be back on in an hour or two.

    Our buildings, however, are built to withstand hurricanes. Not sure about NYC.

    1. Wow, if only we were as tough as Florida.(sarcasm).What is the point of your comment? I hate when people do that it’s so stupid. People freak when snow falls in Florida so it’s the same thing, just an unusual circumstance. No need to downplay the severity with such an idiotic comment.

      1. Not downplaying it, but playing it for what it is. I wouldn’t say that Florida is tougher, we just are used to the media hype. The media gets off on things like this. Floridians have come to realize this and have learned to take it with a grain of salt. You said it, NYC is used to snowstorms. You guys have lasted for centuries with bad snowstorms, a little category 1 hurricane is not going wipe you out. Some trees will fall, a window may break and you can assure yourself that a news team will be standing in front of whatever little damage there is.

        The media here will find that one tree that feel on a car or house, that one street that always floods during normal rainstorms, and a old rickety boat that is sinking in every storm we get. We just choose to ignore them. Oh and snow, even though it has been 15 years since we had even 5 minutes of snow, we don’t freak out, the media does. We just go, oh how neat, the media takes over the television station for the entire day and acts like it is a major thing.

        1. Snow has fallen in Florida in more recently than even 5 years but nevertheless ,a hurricane in FL is a different beast than what comes up here. This is the most densely populated region of the country, and as you said in the original comment the infrastructure of buildings, as well as natural features such as bays and other things must be taken into account. No need explain media hype as we understand it from snowstorms. But if one person were to die trying to get to this Google thing that would be horrible, so its canceled. No need to interject with the Florida endurance argument.

  34. Breaking news: The weather center has decided to rename the storm. They are changing the name to hurricane Apple, because its out to get Google and has won patents for distruction because there has never been a catagory one hurricane like it before with its “new” wind and rain…

  35. “Hurricane Sandy… is threatening to delay Google’s October announcement for a 2nd straight year.”


  36. Prepare for the worst, but hope for the best. For any of you in the tri-state area, stay safe!

  37. Why not just stream it live on YouTube ( We could then have meet-ups or viewing parties locally.

  38. Not a big issue, we (almost) know everything up front. This cancellation is the only real surprising thing about the whole event.

  39. Ha LOL the LG Nexus is D.O.A. LOL what a crappy phone

  40. hmmmnm

  41. The poll isn’t a yes or no question. Its a this or that question. How do I answer it? o_O

  42. Thought I’d be waking up to good news today. Welp… my sad life doesn’t offer any so Google was my only hope :(

  43. yeah. it seems to be svrewing with sprints towers as well. sprint/VM is down in my area at least

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