Google to unveil 10-inch Nexus tablet, 3G Nexus 7, and Android 4.2 on Oct. 29 [RUMOR]


Google’s October 29th event is expected to introduce us to the new Nexus smartphone from LG, but it could also serve as the launch of a 3G-enabled Nexus 7 with 32GB of internal storage as well as a new 10-inch Nexus tablet from Samsung. We’ve been speculating for weeks that we might see the updated Nexus 7 make its official debut at the event, but the Samsung tab, codenamed Manta, is a new twist.

According to The Next Web, Samsung’s Manta tablet (possibly launching as the Nexus 10) will feature a hi-res 2560×1600 resolution display, an iPad-besting DPI of 300 pixels per inch. But perhaps more intriguing is the prospect that the slate will launch with Android 4.2. While a few leaks of the new Android build have surfaced, it wasn’t quite clear if we would see it launch alongside the latest round of Nexus devices. This now seems likely.

As for what to expect from Android 4.2, multiple Nexus tablets brings a new feature called  “Tablet Sharing,” which appears to be the name for setting up multiple Google accounts on a single device. We should also see a new Play Store widget as well as an updated panoramic camera that can stitch together images both vertically and horizontally. It still is not clear if the new OS version will launch under the Jelly Bean moniker or if this will be our first taste of Key Lime Pie.

The same report reconfirms details about the Nexus 4 from LG, which will also run Android 4.2. Apparently everything we have heard up to this point has been accurate and we can expect a quad-core Snapdragon S4 CPU at 1.5GHz,  4.7-inch 720p display, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, and an 8MP camera.

Take it all as rumor for now. Nothing will be confirmed until the 29th, and we’ll be there covering the event live. A few key questions remain, including how much we might expect to pay for a 10-inch Nexus tablet with high-end specs.


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  1. I’m waiting to see if this Nexus will be carrier subsidized at all? I don’t really want to pay $399+ when I can pay $199 for a contract I’m going to be on for two years anyways.

    1. You must be one cheap bastard.

      1. or smart. why piss away money if you don’t have to

      2. And you’re making absolutely no sense. If in your mind he’ll pay more for the phone+contract, then he is definitely less of a cheap bastard than you are.

        On a serious note, if one’s been with one carrier for 10 years, and enjoys substantially better rates then new subscribers, what’s the point in buying an unlocked phone? In my case – Canada – there is absolutely no financial benefit from owning an unlocked phone, as there’s no incentive for that on any carrier’s part.

        1. Don’t waste your time. He literally is probably one of the dumbest people to ever roam this web space since Richard Yarrell.

          1. +1,000,000

          2. Awww… I remember him. “Mr. Evo is the BEST! HTC is MY team!” :)

          3. He made the rest of HTC fans look retarded lol. I hear he’s now praising Samsung on Droid Life though.

          4. Ha!!! Good burn!

          5. Richard Yarnell, man I had forgotten all about that guy, which is a good thing I guess, oh Richard where are you, under what guise do you blog with on phandroid now.

          6. That’s probably that DeJesus guy lol.. I can see similarities

          7. Hell no that’s not me, no trolling here buddy. LOL, thats insulting.

          8. Thanks, just had drink coming out of my nose reading this. Lol

      3. Yes

      4. I found it funny

      5. Cheap is when you have money, but don’t want to spend your money even though it wouldn’t hurt you to spend that money. This sounds more like a wise decision You have much to learn young grasshopper.

    2. i’m the exact opposite…. i’m on contract now with my galaxy nexus and i hate it. I would have rather put up the cash upfront and be able to grab this new Nexus in the coming months. Now i have to stick with my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon until next December. BOOOO.

      1. I paid the ETF to leave Verizon, sold my LTE Nexus, and bought the unlocked one from Google. Best. Decision. Ever. I know exactly how much I pay each month with no hidden BS fees. T-Mobile always gets $32 from me a month on prepaid. I’ll never go back to a contract, where each bill is a surprise. “Sorry miss, but the tax in your city went up, so that’s why your bill will increase from now on.” “Oh, our surcharges went up, so yeah, it’ll be higher each month.”

        1. Thank you, now these stupid asses understand.

        2. i wanted to do this but the only thing that held me back is that my company pays my cell bill. So, i could not offset the ETF with savings on t-mobile. i will most likely doing this next year when my contract is up though.

        3. Not to mention we are first in line for any updates.

          1. One of my major reasons for leaving Verizon, other than their high-way robbery price hikes, was their treatment of the updates on this phone. Just unbelievable.

      2. My thoughts exactly.

    3. There is no way they’ll give a Nexus phone to a carrier. It only introduces more fragmentation, which is what the whole Nexus program is seeking to lessen. Verizon ruined the Galaxy Nexus and got Jelly Bean months later. The only way for carriers to get this phone is the Google telling them hands-off and them complying. Otherwise, it is not likely any carrier will get it.

      1. I bet there are carrier subsidized versions, and I bet that Google has baked in an agreement that if it is carrier subsidized that they have updates on the phones within weeks of release.

      2. Guaranteed that T-Mobile and ATT will be first this time around. If Verizon isn’t last to get the new Nexus devices this time I will be shocked. They are the biggest pain to work with and they have the most stipulations. ATT and T-Mobile versions are easy to keep stock and as Google designed.

  2. Is 4.2 going to be Key Lime Pie??

    1. I hope not key lime pie is kinda nasty, ever try it? I hope they change the name to Boston cream pie or blueberry pie or something. Please don’t be key lime pie(damn that’s a bad name even for a pie)

      1. Yea, I love key lime pie. But that isn’t the point. following the operating system titles current standard, it would go from “J” as in Jelly Bean to something with a “K” rumor has it that KLP was the most likely.

        1. Ahhh, makes sense.

        2. “KandyApple” or “KarmelApple” would be a good twist ;-)

          1. Or the Kandy Kane floating around in the Jelly Bean easteregg.

    2. No. It’s just a Jelly Bean update. Name changes usually bring something different to the framework. Like FroYo brought flash, and ICS changed the look and feel, and JellyBean has the Butter Smoothness. The multiple User ability was already in the code for 4.1. It was just “locked” away until further development could be made. 4.2 looks to have fixed it. =.D

  3. If the new tablet is true, I’ll be pre-ordering it right away. Of course it must have at least 32Gb of storage, or mSD, otherwise – no, thank you.

    1. My guess is that it won’t have a microSD slot going by Google’s trend since the Nexus S.

      1. I wonder if that’s a samsung trend more than a google trend, since samsung made the last 2 nexus phones.

        1. Galaxy s phones have micro SD slots.pretty sure it’s not a Samsung thing. Look at the leaked “nexus 4”. It has no SD slots either and that’s by lg

      2. fine by me, I prefer internal storage, and for a tablet, 64gb is what I really want.

  4. I just thought I should inform you that you sound moronic. By your (retarded) standards, the only people who care about purchasing new electronics are nerds/geeks who have issues getting into the sack, which I might add is completely and utterly false. It’s probably safe to assume that 75% of the users that frequent here are either married or are in monogamous relationships, and come here seeking help.

  5. I will. Use some lotion to prevent the chafing, pal.

  6. Nexus 10 with that specs,Good bye ASUS Infinity it was nice knowing you….

    1. Definitely! So what price should we sell it at? Lol

      1. If they steal Apple’s thunder and sell a 10″ Nexus tablet between $299-329 (If rumors are true the ipad mini will start around $349), then the rumored Nexus 10 will definitely give consumers more options.

        1. Hmm… I could buy an iPod Touch 32GB for $300, but for $50 more I could get an iPad Mini.

          An iPad mini isn’t that wise of a marketing strategy. Or at least this is what I believe. But who am I to say?

          1. Remember, iFans will flock to anything Apple releases just because. No other reason.

          2. yeah sadly most die hard sheeple already with 10″ tablets will be the first in line for 7″ too. Functionality doesn’t really matter, its just a “gotta have it” mentality.

          3. that question is moot. iFans will buy both.

        2. I have a feeling people are going to be Unhappy with the price of a 10″ nexus. If they deliver this tablet for under $450 I’ll be surprised.

          1. I believe they would be able to release it for less than $400, following the same marketing strategy they did with the Nexus 7.

    2. Must have 8MP camera and 600 Nit screen and then I agree. I doubt that the Nexus device will have all the ports and docking options. My guess is It will be just like the Nexus 7 but 10 inches. Infinity FTW if your trying to replace your laptop.

      1. I couldn’t agree more with you mister meatball.

      2. I not try to replace my laptop.
        Don’t need a keyboard,just need 10″ NEXUS TABLET with Higher resolution.
        Quad Core tegra 3 or S4

  7. Nexus 10 buy I will

    1. N10 is the only thing that would make me leave my current ‘Nexus’ tablet (wifi Xoom GED)

    2. I’ve always said a 10″ tablet is too much, but I may look twice if a Nexus 10 is announced. I do love my Nexus 7, currently.

  8. Please announce another Nexus phone, Google. I can’t stand the LG Nexus 4. This is the first time where I questioned whether I should get a Nexus phone.

  9. Android 4.2 Key Lime Pie already? Isn’t that a bit fast?

    1. Key Lime Pie is probably not going to be released until next year October/November

    2. It’s still going to be Jelly Bean. Same way 2.0 and 2.1 kept the Eclair name.

  10. More nexus devices is a very good thing. Because Google have’s to find a way to promote the Nexus line to the average smartphone – & tablet users, so that also the average mobile users have the possibility to use a clean Android version & always update to the latest Android version. They are on the right way.

    1. I think they did market the GNex at the normal user, and the normal user bit, because they liked the idea of a quick update, but then it was boogered up by the carriers. more nexus devices on more carriers will fix that problem, and it will push regular android handsets to be updated more often.

      Google has been really good about using the nexus devices to push hardware vendors to go where they want. N1 pushed the processor envelope (and capacitive keys), NS pushed graphics, Gnex pushed pixel density and size (and no physical keys at all), these new ones are going to push version update speed. It will be nice!

  11. I hope there will be an unlocked CDMA lte version n4 on the play store. Sprints no contract price would probably be ridiculous

  12. Lg nexus is sure shot confirmed by lg india.
    Happy that unlike other manufacturers lg is getting nexus to india.

  13. Time to replace my Xoom :)

  14. cant wait for this 10″ tablet. It all the specs are right, especially internal micro sd (I can hope), id love to pick it up

  15. So the Nexus 10 doesnt have tegra processor?

  16. The new nexus phone must have 32GB or an sd card slot. 16GB is not enough space for apps, music, and videos for those of us who travel and go offline from time to time.

  17. will the Nexus 10 be 16:9?

    1. The 2560×1600 resolution is a 16:10 resolution so its close

  18. Buying all 3.

  19. How about a Galaxy Note 10 with these more advanced specs. Without the Note software and stylus I have no need for a tablet.

  20. Well, bummer. Here I’ve been hoping for a $250 or less Nexus 10, but having the iPad3’s resolution is going to kill that dream for now

  21. Is there anyone from Google that monitors this site? With the right
    marketing creating a WiGig infrastructure using Samsung as their partner
    would put Google ahead of Apple in many ways. Wigig to large drives,
    Wigig to tv’s, audio amplifiers, Monitors etc. A royalty free high speed
    communication between small and large devices and cards that add WiGig
    to existing PC’s and Macs would really make Droid an industry leader is
    the micro computer world. As the CPU power revs up with Quad core CPU’s
    probably getting to 2ghz wouldn’t it be great to DUMP all the
    interconnecting wires?
    Inductive charging would be fantastic as well.
    Basically lets get rid of the wires. A tablet with the first built in pico projector would be awesome
    Far as I can tell there is lots of room for growth.

  22. Will it have an S-Pen and all the Note 2 apps? If not, no sale.

  23. How about a 4.3″ Nexus, one for non-phablet people.

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