Oct 26th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 4th, 2012, 5:46 pm

We were as excited as giddy little schoolgirls when we’d learned Grand Theft Auto 3 would be coming to the Google Play Store. The most iconic sandbox game in history would fit in your pocket, and Liberty City would be yours to explore no matter where you were. Rockstar followed that blockbuster release up with a release of the original Max Payne. Now, the Android collection gets even bigger.

The developer has announced that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City would be making its way to mobile as part of the 10th anniversary release they’re doing on bigger platforms. The game is 10 years old now, and it seems to have aged fairly well for itself. Rockstar says there will be some enhancements to the game that we’ll only find on mobile, but the developer was not willing to go much further than that in the way of details.

At the very least we should have the full Vice City experience. It’s a story that follows Tommy Vercetti, the first main protagonist in GTA that had a voice. Vercetti’s story takes place in fictional 1980s Miami where he’s sent by his boss, Sonny Forelli, to stay while the heat in Liberty City cools down.

Tommy picks right back up where he left off when his crooked lawyer Ken Rosenberg gets him right back into the thick of crime after picking him up from the airport. I won’t go further than that but it’s a great story that had a lot of inspiration from the likes of Scarface, Carlito’s Way, and other great films.

More details will be coming in the weeks ahead, but for now there’s no release date that can be had. If you couldn’t tell I’m as excited for this release as I was for the original back on the PlayStation 2.

In fact, I am still so in love with this game that I couldn’t resist myself when Steam had it on sale for $2.50 last week. I’ve been playing through it for old times’ sake, and now I’ll have something that I can take with me on top of that. Anyone else anxiously awaiting its arrival? [Rockstar]

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