Win an LG Optimus G for AT&T! [GIVEAWAY]


Hot on the heels of our AT&T LG Optimus G review we’ve got another treat for you guys on this fine afternoon. Our friends over at AT&T have given us one of these units to give away to one lucky reader!

Resident medieval enthusiast Edgar Cervantes said the device didn’t have any one dominating quality, but that it did a whole smorgasbord of things great. You’ll have to read the full review to see what that translates into, but see if you can’t find out yourself by trying your hand at this giveaway.

The rules are short and the criteria is sweet: we want to know what you think makes the LG Optimus G as awesome a device as it is. Does the crisp 4.7 inch HD display dazzle you? Is it that exhilarating 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro processor inside? How about the very solid 8 megapixel camera with lag-free shutter and Live Shot that’ll have you taking stunning shots? Or is it some of the new software features LG’s introduced with this device? Whatever it is, we want to hear it!

Read below for a more detailed account of the rules and regulations:

  • One contestant will win one LG Optimus G for AT&T (service not included).
  • To enter, leave a comment on this post letting us know what one feature makes the LG Optimus G one of the more exciting devices for you in this exciting holiday season that’s on the horizon.
  • Your comment will count as one entry, and you will only get one entry per person. Use your real email address as this is what we will use to contact the winner.
  • Your entry must be submitted by 11:59pm Eastern time on Wednesday, October 24th 2012.
  • We will select one winner at random and contact them via email for shipping information. If the winner does not respond within a reasonable amount of time we will select another winner. This process will continue until a winner has been fully determined.
  • As this is an AT&T device, the winner must be a resident of the United States of America.

And there you have it! Simple, right? There are a ton of great devices coming out this holiday season, and if the LG Optimus G wasn’t on your list of possibles then it should surely be there now. Good luck to everyone, and thank you for being the loyal Phandroid readers you’ve always been!

Announced last week as part of the AT&T Unwrapped media event, the LG Optimus G is AT&T’s first LTE quad core smartphone and will be available on Nov. 2 for $199.99 with a two-year commitment. LG Optiums G is now available for pre-order by visiting AT&T here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I had four biscuits, then I ate one, then I took a pic of the remaining three with the awesome camera of the Optimus G!

  2. Personally my favorite features are all the hardware components. That quad cote s4 pro, and 2gb ram with that true IPS display would be amazing. Doesn’t hurt to have that fading in fading out messaging and video feature. Overall I think the phone is great and would love to have one in my posession, good luck to all and thanks android police. (drzboy7@gmail)

  3. The camera, it sounds great. 8mp lag free shutter!? Also this is probably the most solid LG device built to date.

  4. The IPS+ screen is one of the sweetest features, imho.

  5. Quadcore snapdragon pro rocks

  6. Oh Lg, you had me at 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro.

  7. Quad-core processor? I’m in!!

  8. The hardware is very exciting. Can’t wait to see what a quad core s4 pro and 2 GB of ram can do!

  9. QuickMemo is the feature that has me really intrigued by this phone.

  10. I just want to love it and hold it, and call it George

  11. To be honest, I’m interested in LGs QSlide multitasking solution and Qualcomms quad core S4.
    Pick me, pretty pretty please… ;) lol
    Thank you and good luck everyone.

  12. The Quad Core S4 Pro really excites me. The powerful Adreno 320 GPU is a much needed upgraded for gaming!

  13. I feel the IPS True HD is my favorite feature. I am really big when it comes to quality. I know just about everything is 720p now, but being a non-pentile screen makes it even better and allows for those crisp images to display smoothly. Excited about seeing that in person :-). ([email protected])

  14. They knocked it out of the park…the styling is a home run in my opinion.

  15. Lots of goodness here, but I’d have to say…. the 4.7-inch True HD IPS+ screen.

  16. QSlide Multi-tasking looks awesome, and I would love to have it on a mobile device!

  17. quad core performance

  18. That quad-core S4 processor.

  19. The large screen, cpu and LTE..

  20. Definitely would like to try QSlide… looks like a fun feature to have. Good luck everybody and thanks for the contest Phandroid!!!

  21. Form Factor!

  22. The 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro and 2GB of ram are certainly two things I am looking forward to. It will surely set the device out from others for a little while since there aren’t many others with 2GB or the Snapdragon Pro out right now. Referring to the sh*t android fans say video, posted yesterday, “What are your specs”? Its important! Also, it’ll be interesting to see LG’s UI since they haven’t been a big contributor to Android yet. The multitasking looks interesting. ([email protected])

  23. Gotta have a big screen.. and this one is nice.

  24. I think the exciting feature is the processor and the AMAZING LG UI… I want it…

  25. The S4 Pro of course! Would be a nice upgrade from my s4 dual :)

  26. Quad core!!

  27. to quote a friend ‘DAT SCREEN’

    it’s big, it’s vibrant, in a word beautiful.

  28. It’s so awesome that when you turn on airplane mode, it actually turns into an airplane.

  29. The SD-Card slot is what makes me want this, combine that with a nice screen, a slim but sturdy build, and you have a nice phone. I’m not to picky, though I wish it had jelly bean..

  30. The display will make watching HBO Go even more pleasurable.

  31. Bumblebee tuna. Your balls are showing.


  32. The processor

  33. It’s all about the camera and that gorgeous design… Best android device ever !!!!

  34. whoops, it appeared like it didnt take my first one. Sorry!

  35. I think the processor is the best part of the device.

  36. As an android power user, the LG Optimus G’s quad S4 is going to fly no matter what I’m doing and that sense of dependability tickles my phandroid balls.

  37. s4 pro!

  38. I’m a big fan of the quadcore Snapdragon processor

  39. Pretty much everything trumps my poor Xperia Play, which I love, but that 2GB RAM has me salivating!

  40. I just love the entire sexiness of the device in its entirety. Me need =)

  41. the quad core on AT&T is the number one reason I want it!

  42. big tru hd ips screen is awesome

  43. The HD display, processor, and camera are all VERY good features. But I mainly like how the whole phone looks. It’s pretty crisp and doesn’t look clunky at all. Very good job by LG for this design.

  44. The True HD IPS Plus Gorilla Glass 4.7” screen! Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. I am Excited to get my hand on the Quad Core S4. Ever since i got the first dual core phone my Motorola Atrix 4G I have been excitedly waiting to get my hands on one of the first quad core devices. I am also pumped about the 2G of RAM.

  46. Quad-Core and IPS Super HD

  47. I need the quad core snapdragon!

  48. LTE and quad core processor!

  49. I’m most excited about the 8 megapixel camera! The camera on my GNex leaves something to be desired.

  50. I love Optimus G for its 1.5GHz Snapdragon quad core S4 Pro processor. Please give me one, please please please :-)

  51. screen!

  52. The transparent video feature! I like the ability to watch a video and surf a webpage.

  53. quad core, beautiful screen, ram, and love the back of it

  54. Hmmm… It’s a toss up between that display and the quad S4.

  55. The lag free shutter on the camera would make my life so much easier when taking photos of me & the Mrs. No more holding the phone up for 5-10 seconds when trying to take a picture!!!

  56. Without a doubt the feature that excites me the most is the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.

  57. The amazingly nice quadcore processor, because my Galaxy S 4G keeps hanging on facebook and gmail. Sad :

  58. The best thing about the LG Optimus G is that my contract with AT&T is up for renewal! LOL Back to the phone though, I think the screen sounds quite amazing along with the processing power of the S4 Pro.

  59. That sexy screen!

  60. The S4 processor and 2GB of RAM…

  61. Looks like a good phone, well up there with the new HTC One X + and Samsung Note II my other choices for my next phone.

  62. Lgs New battery tech for sure. My captivate lasts 6 hours max. So frustrating!

  63. SnapDragon S4 “Pro”

  64. a 4.7 inch screen would be a nice upgrade

  65. The quad core and the ui has some features that will be innovative to use throughout the day like the Quick memo

  66. Quad core processor rocks. Finally got one for a U.S. carrier. Should make my S3 run like a HTC Hero

  67. Dazzling HD display

  68. One of the awesome features of this phone would definitely be the quad-core S4 processor!

  69. The feature that I desire most from this phone is the snapdragon quad. I love ocing anything that can be, and it would be an upgrade to my sg2.

  70. The S4 Pro for sure! More power and more efficient.

  71. The quad core s4 pro processor and 2Gb of ram sounds exciting to me I love everything about it though [email protected] is my email I saw other people putting theirs so their you go :-)

  72. Quad Core Snapdragon!

  73. It’s an upgrade in just about every way for me, but that quad-core & LTE combo is what really has me interested!

  74. android is known for its versatility and customizations. but the software on the lg optimus g brings it full circle. changing the the actual icons themselves, changing the transition effects, customizing the hardware toggles…. this phone can possibly put lg in front of Samsung!!!

  75. Its the Snapdragon Pro that makes me want this phone and the fact that the next Nexus is based on this phone.

  76. really want to try QSlide

  77. 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro processor – sweet!

  78. It’s got to be QSlide!
    I know tons of people will say that, but really that is the most awesome way to really multitask in a productive and sleek way.
    LG OG!

  79. Mainly the quad core msm89xx SOC, this is a BEAST!

  80. love the S4 and the form factor…the screen looks nice too

  81. Great camera and processor

  82. QSLIDE is the feature that has me all excited. That is one sweet way to multitask.

  83. The quad core S4 processor and 2 gigs of RAM make me weak in the knees :)

  84. I like the big sexy screen, cause my vision is horrible. It’s more wider than most phones I seen too

  85. The S4 pro is what makes me want it so much

  86. It would be the low power consumption display with clarity to rival the super amoled that Samsung offers that tickles my fancy

  87. Lol can’t I just say specs but I guess if I have to choose one it would be the s4 pro processor :p

  88. For me personally It would have to be the 4.7″ HD IPS+ display. I fell in love with Ips displays after using my TPrime (Can’t beat its color reproduction) and would love to upgrade to a phone using this screen tech especially considering my current one is non hd as well as lcd1. Also the non pentile display makes this in my opinion the best of the best that is currently out there! Haha. Hope i win!

  89. That Qualcomm S4 Pro is going to set the bar for processors this season

  90. The processor is a beast & I have read good things about the screen on it.

  91. That quad-core processor!

  92. the screen/resolution. Good Lord the screen/resolution.

  93. It’s the LG fo shizzle that sells it for me. and all that other great stuff too :)

  94. The Time catch shot without a doubt! I hate when I pull out my phone to snap a picture only to just barely miss the moment. This would give me a greater chance of capturing that shot.

  95. The S4 Prooo!!!!!

  96. It’s all about the screen. LG is leading the pack in screen technology.

  97. Quite simply, it’s the S4 pro quad core processor stepping up the game along with the whopping 2GB of ram. While in theory a phone wouldn’t need this (they sold computers with Win Vista with half this), it’s nice to have.

  98. S4 Pro would be the winning trait.

  99. The most outstanding feature of this phone is most definitely the quadcore S4 processor!

  100. mine

  101. The sleek and minimalist form factor.

  102. 4.7 inch HD display, would be a significant upgrade over my tiny and outdated BB 8310 that I use for work!

  103. Chris Chavez said on twitter that the screen on this bad boy made the S3’s screen look like low resolution. That’s a good enough reason for me!

  104. i am in love with this phone! the specks are amazing as well as the snapdragon speed makes this a daily driver for me. would love to have one from this contest

  105. Can’t wait for that blazing fast quad core processor paired with 2 gigs or ram! That beautiful 4.7 inch HD screen will only enhance the games they make for these quad cores. CAN’T WAIT!

    [email protected]

  106. I love the design of the phone. Those sharp corners, hardware buttons and thin bezel? Yes please!

  107. The display is amazing.

  108. The device form…

  109. The device Form!!

  110. Large hd ips screen.

  111. 4G LTE with Quadcore make this the most enticing. Especially after having “fake 4G” and being locked into Gingerbread with my Atrix “4G”

  112. The Quad S4…no wait, the HD IPS screen…no no..I don’t know…I’ll let you know after I win.

  113. S4 Pro. Screaming fast!

  114. just the specs I want. Quad core, 2gb ram and the perfect display size and this version has an sd slot. Perfect.

  115. S4 Pro and that screen of course!!

  116. Has to be the sum total of all the specs, right sized screen, hd res, quad core CPU, enough RAM, decent battery and top it off with LTE….Its not just a thing here or there, all of it gels very well.

  117. quad core!

  118. What blows me away is the Quad core matched with the awesome battery life. I have also heard amazing things about the display. LG knows how to do it right when it comes to screens.

  119. Quad core!

  120. I’m going to have to go with the combination of the S4 pro and the 2GB of RAM.

  121. I would really like the camera to taken video and photos of my son as he is learning

  122. The QSlide function looks awesome. That’s why its one of the better phones this holiday season.

  123. I love the processor and gorgeous screen!

  124. I think the snapdragon pro is whats got me wanting this phone.

  125. it’s the screen. one less layer of glass. And 700 charges on the battery means it will keep recharging and holding a charge for the full 2 year contract.

  126. LG wants to bust into the top tier of mobile phones and this is the first device that bears the fruit of these efforts in the USA. All the specs are amazing in this device. The only thing that could be concerning is fit and finish.

  127. Because its an LG and they ROCK!! Enough said!

  128. S4 pro, 2Gb ram, 320 ppi, QMemo are best.

  129. Its a major step for LG as a new device in the market. LG had always made good hardware from the beginning. Record setting devices such a LG Chocolate and many more. There for i think its worth a try to get a new LG beefed up phone with that quad core processor and 2 GB of RAM!

  130. The best part about this phone is that it’s so well thought out by lg. All the way down to the glowing notification light. I would LOVE to have this phone!

  131. Because its not a Samsung… awesome LG device!!!!!!!!!

  132. 4G LTE just went live in Seattle, so can’t wait to test it out

  133. the fact that LG got it right this time, so because its the first LG I want!

  134. I would love the Q-slide feature so we can multitask like never before :D

  135. It’s not an iphone!!!

  136. The quad core snapdragon S4, Qualcomm makes some solid processors. This phone will fly.

  137. yes please

  138. display…

  139. It is a nexus, nuff said

  140. I would like that wallpaper on my Gnex

  141. The cores…I only have 1 now, this thing is a beast. I could pilot like 4 heavy raiders with this thing.

  142. Quad core all the way!

  143. The premium 4.7 inch HD display

  144. S4 Pro got to be a beast.

  145. Notification light, finally!

  146. HD-IPS LCDs aren’t half bad (vs SAMOLED).

  147. That quad core processor is so tantalizing!

  148. S4 Pro w/ that Adreno 320 GPU. BEAUTIFUL! (IPS HD display is awesome sauce too).

  149. Quad Core s4 and 2GB Ram

  150. The formfactor of the device is wonderful. Something about it just works for me, but if you’re looking for a more technical detail, the screen just pops.

  151. The 4.7 display is ginormous compared to my phone right now I love the sleek design. Also the quad core processor is impressive and I’m sure this phone has no problems with a lag.

  152. Got to be that S4Pro

    It’s like calling a GT4 a Fiesta Pro.

  153. I’m excited about the Quad Core Processor

  154. Q-Slide, Cheese Shutter, TIME CATCH SHOT!!! “There Greeeeat, frosted flake’s” Sorry off topic, this phone is amazing :)

  155. Quadcore!

  156. Im liking the 4.7 inch screen display. Would love to try this device out

  157. of course it has to the beast 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro processor inside the LG Optimus G

  158. The camera is awesome!

  159. quad core with the abilty to shut down cores for power efficiency

  160. yay the multitask and the S4 quad core

  161. Definitely the 4.7 inch HD display

  162. The thing that excites me the most is the 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro and the 2GB of ram obviously….I mean, this thing is gonna be a BEAST!!!….and it would be awesome to be the lucky winner of it!!….sounds like a powerhouse device!!!!

  163. As all the others said the S4Pro. This thing is going to be so fast it might catch on fire.. wait thats not a good thing… well yeah S4Pro

  164. Build quality.. needs to feel good in the hand!

  165. The screen and the processor are my two top features of this phone

  166. The processor is the best part of the phone.. fast and snappy!!

  167. The S4Pro is great, but so is Qslide. I like the innovation in trying to bring multitasking features to android.

  168. Processor and RAM

  169. I have been waiting for a great device from LG for a while now. The one thing I’m most excited about would be the screen size and type. Look forward to getting my hands on this.

  170. This phone looks super nice, especially the quad-core.

  171. Quad core snapdragon!

  172. Every aspect of this phone is appealing. The quad core chip has to be my favorite though.

  173. Big IPS display!

  174. The phone itself is a great high end device that can compete with the best. One feature I really like is the 4’7 inch screen!

  175. I think it has a great screen!

  176. The screen off animation. Yes there’s a whole host of awesome features, but it’s this cool circular camera lens-like off animation that shows LG’s attention to detail.

  177. I’ve always loved LG phones until Android blew up, since then I’ve been waiting for them to come back to the phone market! This phone is one I would be proud to have!

  178. It’s screen !

  179. Gotta be stoked for the quad core snapdragron inside. Buttery smooth android.

  180. I think really think its the whole package the screen, processor, camera, price point and ATT LTE network

  181. for me the CPU is what makes this device unique, tons of potential both for apps but also power saving.

  182. It’s a combination of things in my opinion. The screen is supposedly great, the combination of quad core and lte. The build quality of the phone.
    I’ll be the first to admit, I’d much rather have the lg nexus but the g seems like a great phone all around.


  184. Time Catch Shot sounds interesting, I’d like to try that.

  185. I need a phone to replace my HTC Thunderbolt that’s beginning to drive me nuts with auto shutdowns, reboots, and crazy lag. If I don’t win this, I’m jump… to… i… O… S ! Help keep a brother from getting a rainbow fruit branded phone! LG! LG! IPS screen wins for me.

  186. Shutter free camera

  187. Definitely the Snapdragon pro!

  188. Without a question the snapdragon S4 – it has killer power and speed and is possibly the most efficient quad core processor out there. I’m dying k get my hands on one!

  189. Honestly? The UI. Ive had my eye on LG for a while but didnt really like their UI at all. With the Optimus G, I feel like they really are getting it. I would love to win this phone :-D

  190. I’d have to say that beast of a processor…the S4 Pro.

  191. quad core is the reason

  192. Quad Core & True HD Display!

  193. 2GB’s of ram is what makes this a sweet phone for me.


  195. got to love the quad core

  196. the fact that you can watch youtube videos when the screen is off.
    then you get youre phone to send text message at the same time.
    so Qslide is definitely amazing!

  197. For me it’s the Optimus UI, though its not as big as Sense and Touchwiz LG has definitely made it a point to increase customization in the most unobtrusive way. That’s why I was gonna get this phone either way :D

  198. because forget that smartphone crap….this bad boy is one Intelligent Phone! Boom Baby!

  199. The Snapdragon S4 Pro looks like a real winner. The performance and battery life due to the chip seem to blow all the competition out of the water.

  200. Combination of the screen and the proc. If CM support comes then it’d be perfect!

  201. Qslide…

  202. Quad-core processor definitely

  203. I want that ICS goodness. The lag free shutter and the quad core processor have me drooling.

  204. The design is stunning. Finally, a beatiful Android device.

  205. Snapdragon Pro, 2 gb ram.
    In short, a beast!
    What’s more to ask?

  206. I’d love to take the CPU/GPU duet for a test drive.

  207. I love the plastic cover, please send me one!

  208. The s4 PRO…. the best of the best.

  209. hands down the s4 quad processor has me interested in this phone

  210. Competition is the best driver of innovation, and LG needs this phone to do well to stay in the game. I don’t want a duopoly between Samsung and Apple, so if a nice phone comes out from a competitor then I will help them. That screen and the S4 Pro ain’t bad either. ;)

  211. I am looking forward to see what kind of numbers the Snapdragron S4 Pro will be putting up on this phone. That would be the feature that I am really waiting to see.

  212. S4 pro processor and the cool multi-touch features!

  213. I want to say the S4 Pro chip, but I’m going to say QSlide even though it has some quirks/issues.

  214. I want to see that S4 Pro running with that awesome screen!

  215. The best thing about Optimus G must be the IPS display. If you put it next to other high end devices, you can easily tell how crispy and brilliant the color is compare to samsung’s bluish super amoled screen.

  216. Quad core snapdragon!

  217. The fast speed even with the skin its very fast.

  218. Well, the phone is said to be as smooth as an iPhone

  219. You are always one my mind..

  220. Clearly it is the screen…amazing…

  221. The snapdragon processor and the display has me aww!!!

  222. that stunning display.

  223. Would be awesome to try our first quad core lte phone on at&t

  224. Definitely the Quad-Core.

  225. Its just a sexy phone

  226. the crisp 4.7 inch HD display

  227. It’s that gorgeous, beautiful screen that puts a certain named-after-an-eye-part display to shame!

    And wow, AT&T…way to come through with the free stuff! Nice :-)

  228. I want it for the blazing speed… the Pseudo-gel from the speed of the phone will keep my hair shlicked back permanently!

  229. its all about that SNAPDRAGON PRO leaving those amateurs in the dust!

  230. quad core s4 ftw! butthe multitaskingwithvideo it’s pretty amazing!

  231. I have never owned a LG phone before and this looks like the perfect time to give it a try.

  232. I wanna get away from Verizon and a phone with this nice a screen would be a good start

  233. The quad core

  234. The Quad Core and 2 GB of RAM makes this device great for at least a year or two. The Live Zooming and Screen Zooming are both features that are different and cool.


  236. The 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro processor will make Jellybean buttery smooth!

  237. ips+, s4pro, and how q slides lol

  238. I have been with a 5 mpixel phone for 2 years now on my Defy. I think what makes me most attracted to this phone is the 5 mpixel camera and build quality. I like the glossy and mirror like surface, not to mention that power button, which I’m looking forward to looking at. Really looking forward to that snappy screen!

  239. For a while now I have wanted to get the Samsung GS3, but now with Optimus G the whole dynamics has changed. IMHO Optimus G wins, even over the soon to be released HTC One X+, since it features 2GB RAM while retaining a Quad Core Snapdragon processor and packing an impressive 8MP camera. The fact that it’s thin and sexy with a gorgeous 4.7-inch True HD IPS+ screen is icing on the cake :)

  240. Snapdragon S4 Pro!

  241. I love that it has a button. This allows me to see things.

  242. It’s not made out of plastic!

  243. Loving the 4.7″ screen.

  244. I want it because Google thinks it’s good enough to base the next Nexus device on. And if it’s good enough for Google, then it will work for me. Amirite?

  245. sexcited for the Qslide!

  246. The fact LG has stepped up its game with a nexus style phone and put the 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro in it!

  247. That quad core processor we’ve been waiting for here in the States!

  248. I really want some o’that quad-core love to replace this non-LTE Motorola Atrix 2 that’ll never get any Jellybean treatment :( I like pretty much everything from the reviews I’ve read. It’s the best looking LG phone I’ve seen in a long, long time.
    What if I were to say, PRETTY PLEASE? :) I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!!

  249. The processor.

  250. I love the build quality and the IPS display! The 2GB of Ram is definitely a must for those like me who live with there phone attached to them!

  251. I would love to have this because of the new software. Lg’s UI finally looks nice, especially qslide which looks pretty awesome. then again, i wont know just how awesome until i have one in my hands…*hint hint :)

  252. I want this so badly, the screen looks nice

  253. I’m going to say that the 4.7 inch True HD screen is the one for me. I’m sitting on a sad qhd screen at present.

  254. The blazing fast processor! Do want!

  255. The 4.7 display with 320 ppi density , love it!

  256. Of all the monster specs (quad core, 2gb memory, big screen), the fact that its an LG device is enough to make me want it. Ive never had an issue with any LG phone ive ever used and would love to try out one of their new high end smartphones.

  257. I love the fact that it has an IPS screen, S4 pro and 2gb ram. What a combo!

  258. the Quad cores Snapdragon S4 with LTE and 2 GB of RAM are very appealing to me. The LG UI is good looking, too. I would love to own it to play games and make fun of iphone users lol jk on the last part, well, maybe not. ;)

  259. The sleek design and innovative software features added in by LG to enhance the Android experience like the QSlide make this phone very appealing. I’m normally a pure Android experience phone type of person but the added functionaltiy and style of the LG makes me rethink it a bit.

  260. Quad core processor!

  261. The beautiful screen!!

  262. I’m mostly just excited about finally getting an LTE phone. Love my galaxy nexus but.. you know

  263. I’d have to say the quad core processor with the 2 gigs of ram.

  264. The processor. Jellybean is already smooth on my Razr…but on that, it’d be even smoother(and butterier :P )

  265. Beautiful HD display will show the crisp pix beautifully!

  266. This thing looooks faaaaaaast! I know that people do not like the LG skin so much….but I think it is clever!….but the best thing of all: S4 Pro and 2Gigs of RAM makes this phone future proof (…well at least for a year!)

  267. Just one feature? My pick: 2GB of RAM, because it makes everything better in Android. :)

  268. I really like the Quad Core S4 but that display is great also! Need a replacement for my Moto Atrix still on Gingerbread!

  269. Winning this probably would be the only thing that would make me join AT&T.

  270. The T-Mo G2X (first dual core) really killed LG for a while. It is exciting to see that this phone will bring LG’s reputation back. Beginning of a new era for LG in US

  271. My favorite parts of the phone is the huge screen and 1.5ghz quadcore. ([email protected])

  272. It can grant you one wish, even if that wish is to win this phone.

  273. I like the build quality of the LG Optimus G.

  274. quad core goodness!

  275. Im a fan of the qslide. love watching videos on my phone and get heavily annoyed when i have to pause to check an email or text. Hats off you you LG

  276. The processor is quite a beast.

  277. i love everything about the LG but definitely excited about the unconventional-sized HD display that still fits easily in the hand, pocket, or purse :)

    not to mention the quad core processor, 2GB ram, and LG’s pretty good track record.

    piiick mee, please :)

  278. s4pro processor with adreno 320 graphics!!!

  279. quad core. time to replace my nexus.

  280. The 1.5ghz quad-core Snapdragon is what makes this phone exciting for me! Hoping to win one. :)

  281. Quad core!!!

  282. 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2 GB of RAM beast mode!

  283. After using the dual core S4, the mere thought of a quad core version has me salivating like Pavlov’s dog in a bell factory.

  284. Definitely the Quad Core S4! Can’t wait to see how it holds up!

  285. One feature that makes the LG Optimus G awesome is its S4 Pro Quad-Core beast of a proccessor. Let’s not forget its patented glass prism backside making it one of the sexiest phones out there!

  286. I really want to see the screen on it.

  287. Quad Core, gotta have it

  288. I love the qslide feature…it makes the LG optimus G very desirable device!

  289. The Quad core transparent android beast is what excites me

  290. Quad core + LTE

  291. It’s all about the quad core baby.

  292. The fact that LG finally made a decent phone.

  293. screen resolution…

  294. Quad-Core Snapdragon S4, looks like an awesome CPU for gaming. my poor, broken Samsung Captivate wishes it was this fast.

  295. I really like the quad core.

  296. I want the s4 processor and lte. Ive been using a gs2 and would love tp try out the lte speeds.

  297. I love the 4.7 inch LCD HD display. Got me 4.7 inches is the perfect screen size. All of the other bells and whistles are awesome too, but the display us what you look at when you are using the device. Great job LG.

  298. The processor + screen resolution = BEAST!!

  299. I would love to win the Optimus G! I do not have much money so I am bound by upgrading only every two years. Sadly I was sold a skyrocket by an AT&T sales rep. I am now stuck with this phone and it is horrible.

    S4 pro is definitely what I’m looking forward to, it sounds so fast that it makes me drool!

  300. The Qualcom Snapdragon S4 Pro on AT&T’s LTE (since it just became available where I live) in Jackson, MS make me want this phone SUPERBAD!!!!

  301. 2gb of ram? Enough to load all my goods and then some!

  302. the Quad Core is the best part!!! So good!

  303. I have an iPhone and I’m ready to try an android. I love the size and how smooth it is on the review. I’m defiantly ready to experience lte and the quadcore processor.

  304. Quad core Snapdragon S4 and 2GB of RAM are appealing to me

  305. the quad core is the best part!!

  306. I have an iPhone and I’m ready to try an android. I love the size and how smooth it is on the review. I’m defiantly ready to experience lte and the quadcore processor. ([email protected])

  307. I love the larger screen sizes we are seeing, and now on lg. Sweet!

  308. The Crystal clear quality of the calls are wild

  309. multi-tasking looks great

  310. 1.5GHz quadcore Snapdragon Pro and 2GB of ram!

  311. The toned down skin LG used is my favorite part. Rather than it being a new feature, it is the lack of extra features that Android doesn’t need that makes this a better device.

  312. Quad-Core S4 with 2 GB of RAM!

  313. It really boils down to the S4 Pro.

  314. That snapdragon pro is a beast. Awesome feature of this phone!

  315. i love this phone because of the S4 pro quad-core and it’s sleekness =)

  316. Believe it or not, but the LG UI is what gets me. It’s very orgasmic

  317. Quad Core S4 Pro is definitely the best feature. The powerful adreno 320 is beasty!

  318. Qslide looks like a neat tool. I don’t know how many time’s I’ve been watching a video and needed to perform a quick task and then come back and rebuffer.

  319. Id say the 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro. Todays phones seem to need at least a quad core to keep up with the apps and games that are coming out.

  320. The Quad Core, its so awesome!

  321. Being a quad core phone in the US makes it a contender for me big time.

  322. It’s definitely the S4 Pro chipset that makes the device amazing to me

  323. 1.5Ghz quad-core and all that ram.

  324. I’d have to say I love the S4 quad core processor because it makes the phone so much faster than anything else out there. I think that is something that will sell the phone to anyone thinking about it. [email protected]

  325. loaded specs, base for next nexus phone (potential for roms), first solid device from LG

  326. ohhh Id give anything for a quad core phone!

  327. The quad core S4 has me stoked & honestly I’m truly ready to give LG a chance as a flagship device…I want a third option to recommend within our Android Nation beyonf samsung & htc!

  328. Its all about the IPS +…. I’m a screen man!!!!!

  329. resolution/pixel per inch is the most attractive

  330. Wanna see that S4 Pro in action

  331. i am in

  332. Definitely the quad core snapdragon!

  333. I am really excited about the QSlide feature which I am assuming should perform great on such a powerful processor.

  334. The quad core processor is most intriguing, since it seems pretty common for international versions to get the good stuff and the US stuff gets dumbed down to dual core or something simliar.

  335. Quad core and 2 GB of ram!

  336. Quad core & 2GB @ $199–a no brainer

  337. The ability to take a note on the screen. this seems really convenient to remember someones number etc…


  338. This phone has the perfect specs and this is my next phone! Beautiful

  339. Because pictures of me are going to look sex-tastic on that screen.

  340. That screaming 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro processor is what makes this thing the best!!

  341. Well I plan on ditching Sprint for AT&T to get the Optimus G because I’ll finally experience REAL 4G. I’m most excited for the quad core and improved battery life over my current Evo. I’m also impressed by LG’s build this round.

  342. DUDE!!! OMG!!! WTF!!! THE QUAD CORE PROCESSOR IS A NO BRAINER!!! You know, everybody talks about the Samsung Exynos ARM based processors for other devices like the latest Google Chromebook. But I strongly feel that Qualcomm has more drive to create better mobile solutions for phones. I mean the iPhone is a world phone with LTE on a single chip thanks to Qualcomm!

  343. I like the way LG has rein-visioned the picture in picture mode. and also the amazing screen on this thing.

  344. The quad core SnapDragon and the Adreno 320 will be a much needed upgrade for gaming. I really like the style/look of the phone. Its about time for LG to build something that makes me want to use it.

  345. My nexus screen is shattered I really would love this device. Thanks!

  346. the s4 pro processor!

  347. 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro Makes this top tier

  348. The Quad Core mixed with the camera. They make me salivate!

  349. I love a good calendar widget!

  350. I’m really interested in it for the camera, my dog and kid move too Dan quickly for my SGS2’s camera and my point in click disappeared somewhere!

  351. Its literally the ideal hardware combination available
    I didn’t think phones like this would arrive for another 6 months.

  352. Without a doubt, that quad-1.5ghz processor. Lemme have that phone!

  353. 4 core or bust!!!

  354. The 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro processor is by far the most exciting feature for me. I would love to go back to AT&T as well. I’ve missed the data speeds ever since I switched to Sprint so if I win I will be super stoked and terminate my contract with Sprint immediately.

  355. The IPS screen looks good, might be a good replacement for Galaxy Nexus pentile display!

  356. The camera sounds awesome, my kid and dog just move too quickly to capture properly with my galaxy…

  357. Dat Processor

  358. 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor, 2 GB RAM And Qlite Multitasking …….. Very Awesome :D

  359. Nice bubbly LG in my pocket please!

  360. Cool!

  361. i love the super clean screen! The size is just about perfect and the crispness of it is incredible

  362. the quad core S4 and 2gb of ram finally a respectable lg device

  363. Quad core s4 baby…… More power

  364. Quad core is the best feature of this one for sure

  365. the display is a beast on this one!

  366. Its soo dang purty… No, but seriously, S4 Pro!

  367. Hope I win

  368. What I am excited about is the Qslide function. I multitask with videos and webpages, so this will be nice.

    And it’s not an IPhone, so that’s good too. (I HATE my iPhone and will film me smashing it with a hammer if I win this Optimus G). I promise.

  369. LG has finally done it. They have man a well rounded device to compete with the pro’s. I have really doubted LG in the past but they have finally brought my hopes up. The battery efficient IPS display, the quad-core S4, and the decent battery really takes the cake for me.

  370. The camera functions are what trigger it for me.

  371. The quad core processor all the way!

  372. QSlide is definitely the one feature I would love try out. I think it might work better than what Samsung is offering!

  373. Quad Core + LTE! Let’s get this new generation started in America finally!

  374. Looking to really take advantage of great visuals thanks to that screen while showing off apps running on a brick powerhouse of a phone, I want one!!!

  375. Hmm, s4 pro pretty much sums it up. But all around nice looking device.

  376. Just the fact that it’s made by LG, and I’ve never owned any LG phone.
    The internals are no joke either.

  377. I like everything about it, android, specs, and design that nearly parallels that of an iphine… and even the commercial which is really entertaining to watch! :) i wish i could win :)

  378. I’m so excited for this phone. I love the Quad Core Processor and how responsive it is

  379. It is one of the best phones on the market. I love the fact it has an amazing display.

  380. Processor

  381. the notification light!

  382. the big screen

  383. crisp 4.7 inch HD display MAN!

  384. That sexy display is calling to me, hope I win, good luck to all!

    1. Referring to the android fans say video, posted yesterday, “What
      are your specs”? Its important! Also, it’ll be interesting to see LG’s
      UI since they haven’t been a big contributor to Android yet.It’s better to get paid with $45/hr on Rich9.­com

  385. Easily the S4 Pro

  386. The Quad core S4 processor is what I’m looking forward to!

  387. Love the screen!

  388. The technological genius that is quad Core S4 and its 28nm semiconductor technology!

  389. The most important feature for me is the 4.7-inch True HD IPS+ display with a 1280×768 resolution – I’m done with Pentile!

  390. I think the most exciting feature about this phone is it’s extremely sharp 4.7 inch HD display. That’s a dealbreaker right there!

  391. While normally I’d be excited about the Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, I’m far more excited about the 4.7″ true 720p HD display. I can’t wait to handle one myself and see the brilliance of it in person!

  392. I love the big screen and sleek design. It’s great to see LG getting better.

  393. I’m all about the specs: quad-core at 1.5 GHz should make this phone scream.

  394. The S4 Pro is the standout feature.

  395. The quad core processor for gaming!

  396. pick me please!

  397. The snapdragon s4 and all the Lg technology built into this phone.

  398. I have 3 fave features that tear me up it is a tie. they are in no particular order, the stunning size and quality of that beautiful display, the s4pro!! (HYMF) and of course: It is not made by apple.

  399. It’s a BAWS. Enough said.

  400. This thing look absolutely sick….. LG with nice and slick design. I would love one

  401. the display has got to be my favorite part of the phone

  402. I’d say it’s a draw between the 4.7″ HD display and the 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro processor. The combination of the 2 make this phone really stand up to the competition.

  403. Seeing Jelly Bean running on a dual core processor was impressive, but the quad core s4 Pro?! Not to mention that LG makes some sexy phones, and the Optimus G is definitely not an exception.

  404. Since LTE is finally launching in Columbus OH before 2013 I’m pumped for the first quad core LTE processor and would love this to be my first one!

  405. Quad core processor looks awesome.

  406. The s4 makes the phone!

  407. can’t complain about the quad core!

  408. I would definitely the G because of the huge screen and cutting edge CPU.

  409. The CPU just screams while the display that LG manufacturers is top-notch.

  410. I think the most exciting feature is the display. I love OLED blacks, and this IPS display seems to be the closest I’ve seen an LCD reproduce the deep blacks. It also has more accurate colors and packs more pixels than other HD phone displays (768p vs 720p).

    Also, thanks for the giveaway!

  411. I’m excited to use QSlide.

  412. The blazing fast! 1.5ghz processor!!!!! is by far the best thing about this amazing phone (:

  413. it would be a great device! i do like the screen!

  414. I’m excited about the no lag camera. My GS2 isn’t useful for action shots of the kids.

  415. The processor (horsepower) of the device makes it exciting

  416. First AT&T phone with a S4 Pro? Yes please.

  417. Quad core is the standout feature for me. My mobile has truly made me mobile; I have access to important people,info, and entertainment on the go. Efficiently accessing my life is essential; there’s nothing worse than needing something on my phone in a pinch,but it stutters or hangs for so long that it usurps my need for it’s own need to be cuddled, caressed pleaded with and heavily sighed upon.

  418. The Optimus G is not one of the more exciting devices, it is THE most exciting device this holiday season. That beautiful LCD display, the unrelentless performance with the S4 pro and 2GB of RAM, the ability to store all the content I desire with an SD slot, and all wrapped in a beautiful body. Man i would love this phone.

  419. I like the phone’s physical design and crazy power.

  420. S4 pro FTW! But seriously the optimus g looks to be an all around top performer for a handset, and LG looks to finally have a flagship phone that is truly competitive with other top end phones. Also, it appears that LG got their act together on the software side of things with the multi tasking feature Q-Slide. Looks boss!

  421. Because everybody makes fun of my Moto flip Razr.

  422. I would love a phone i never won anything in my 27 years of living.

  423. A combination of the screen and processor, I’m one of the lucky ones stuck with an Atrix 4g on gb. This would be an awesome upgrade, everything I look for in a phone.

  424. I like that it has a 768 display. Better for web and ebook reading.

  425. I’m excited about every feature. So much better than the crappy company iPhone I currently have in every regard.

  426. I would love the LG Optimus G since my OG Moto Atrix will not be getting updated to android 4.0 anymore. It being a quad core is also cool

  427. I have to say that the combination of a high end processor and a large amount of ram is what stands out to me. Should allow to the phone to stay relevant for a while. Looks to be a good future proof phone.

  428. 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro processor is the feature mentioned to win the contest phone. [email protected]

  429. The display has got me going nuts!

  430. I don’t think I can choose just 1 feature that sticks out about this device. But the rumors that the upcoming Nexus 4 is going to be very similar to this device is what attracts me to it. If rumors hold true, then it would be easy porting of AOSP/CM10/AOKP and other custom roms :D.

  431. Processor and ram. SO NICE!

  432. Screen, processor, design, LUCKY!!!!

  433. The LG Optimus G for AT&T is awesome because it is better than the Galaxy Nexus signature device I purchased direct from google! Better camera, quad-core processing, bigger screen, what is there to not like?

  434. The S4 Pro processor makes this thing creamy goodness! I’m very interested in this phone.

  435. I’m excited about every feature. So much better than the crappy company iPhone I currently have in every regard.

  436. I like the 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and 2 GB of RAM.

  437. The s4

  438. Definitely wanting the quad core processor. Here’s to hopefully winning!

  439. My previous comment seems to have disappeared. Let’s try this again.

    Without a doubt the feature that excites me the most is the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.

  440. I love The “True hd RGB ips display”.And the premium build.

  441. The most exciting feature is the locked boot loader – why would I ever want a phone that could be supported longer than the manufacturer ever wanted!

  442. What makes it exciting is it’s using a processor with proper documentation. Unlike my exynos equipped galaxy s 2, this will very likely get cyanogenmod updates faster than Samsung devices. Good for consumers, good for developers.

  443. For me, it’s clearly the display. What an absolutely beautiful screen.

  444. Better than LG Nexus 4 me!

  445. 3 words…. Quad core S4 Pro.

  446. The best feature of all: It’s running android. Plus, that screen and processor is amazing. :D
    ([email protected])

  447. No doubt the S4Pro, the most powerful processor in a smartphone right now!

  448. The screen, gotta love it.

  449. The 1.5 quad core proc is what has me on the edge of my seat!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  450. I like stuff.

    Particularly the industrial design.

  451. The IPS+ HD screen.

  452. The display is super cool

  453. S4 Pro with the Adreno 320 of course!!!!!!!

  454. it has amazing specs all around, but I love that hey went with 1.5Ghz

  455. Qua- qua- quad core processor!! I’ll take it!! Screw APPLE!!

  456. Qslide and quad core

  457. The display is what has me excited.

  458. The screen is amazing but useless without enough CPU to drive it, so I’ve gotta say it’s the Snapdragon.

  459. The most exciting part has to be the s4 pro. its what I’ve been waiting on all year to come out.

  460. The processor in this beast trumps my current phone.

    Ok…you can pick me now!

  461. The launcher looks really nice!

  462. Not just the Quad core, but the 2GB of RAM to go with it is AWESOME! Would love to play Shadowgun Deadzone on this device :D

    [email protected]

  463. S4 Pro processor! Without a doubt in my mind :)

  464. This is definitely one of LGs best devices,and I would love to get my hands on it.

  465. It’s size…I would like to be able to sit comfortably with my phone in my pocket. Something I haven’t been able to do since I got the galaxy note. =/

  466. with 2gigs is awesome

  467. S4 pro!

  468. Its def the quad core processor thats got me all excited. quad core is def all the rage right now and i wish i was able to afford it cause i would just buy it. good luck to everyone!

  469. Quad core S4 PRO OMG!! Please be mine!! Especially since im still working with 1ghz dual core gingerbread motorola ugh

  470. Beautiful True HD-IPS + display and S4 Pro processor.

  471. Dat quad core 1.5 ghz snapdragon pro > my single core 1ghz processor need that speed man :(

  472. I’d love to get my hands on an Optimus G for AT&T. That screen is what I’m after.

  473. I’m captivated by that gorgeous display.

  474. I’m most excited about the 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro processor.

  475. I’d love to get my hands on that screen! send it my ways Phandroid!

  476. 7000+ on quadrant! friggin monster!!!!

  477. Always liked LGs hardware. Now that they’re stepping it up it makes sense to get an LG, especially with the display.

  478. s4-Pro FTW

  479. The 8 megapixel camera with lag-free shutter and Live Shot and the large screen is what excites me the most about this phone!

  480. The one feature that makes it stand out over other phones is the quad-core professor by Qualcomm! I cannot wait to test out how fast it is!

  481. the quad core makes it very nice

  482. The hardware on this phone is awesome.

  483. Quad core process. That said, what makes this phone a great phone is the combination of fast processor, great display, expandable memory, and good battery life. Agree with the review, this phone offers a good balance of features while it may not be the best in a single category (other than the Quad core processor at this point of time).

  484. A15 technology onboard the beastly S4 pro

  485. That S4Pro is going to be sweet

  486. I actually like the software on this phone for the first time from the video reviews. It seems like the only one that really adds stuff I enjoy and not just useless widgets. Obviously the hardware is nice too, can’t beat a quad core s4 at this point in time :).

  487. Snapdragon S4 Pro beats everything on the market.

  488. The quad core SnapDragon Pro processor is a BEAST :D

  489. Quad Core goodness come to me! LG seems to have really done a good job with the user interface. I wants it!

  490. Me loves LG Optimus

  491. My favorite feature about the phone is that if I win this contest, I could sell the phone to buy the Note 2!

  492. A lag free camera AND a great processor? A girl can only dream!

  493. The GORGEOUS display and the fantastic specs

  494. This phone is nice and shiny and I want it! I like shiny things..

  495. mmm quad core come over here.

  496. What has me sold on this device is its overall hardware specs. Most people are buying this phone for a two year contract, and I find it hard to believe the hardware wont be able to handle whatever’s down the pipe in two years. Good look to all and thank you Phandroid and AT&T!

  497. QSlide! That is All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  498. Style, camera, and even fi buying it, only 199

  499. The whole package makes it so attractive. For lovers of Galaxy SII, this is a fitting upgrade!

  500. I am interested in that quad processor and to see if it actually makes difference on a phone.

  501. What not to love on this device. If I were to pick only one, then it would be the gorgeous HD display.

  502. I like everything about it. There’s not one thing I don’t like about it. The one Featured I would say that’s nice is the back glass.

  503. It’s that Snapdragon S4 pro with the Adreno 320 that makes this phone exciting for me. I can’t wait to get my hands on a phone with that chipset.

  504. I just want my friends to hate me when they see that sweet 4.7 inch HD screen. Simple as that.

  505. I like how the stunning HD display lets me look at cats IN EVEN HIGHER RESOLUTION

  506. Processing speed..processing speed..processing speed!!! SnapDragon baby!!

  507. The screen looks awesome, the back paneling is unique and love the way it looks, camera seems like a great upgrade compared to what I currently have, and finally LTE which ATT has some crazy fast speeds!!!

  508. hope I win, good luck to all! pretty good chance of winning right now !!

  509. I’d go with the Q Slide.

  510. A camera with a lag-free-shutter would be just wonderful!

  511. I have to go with the display. That thing is gorgeous.

  512. LG is finally bring there A game to go old U S of A!! It’s Time It’s Vader TIME!!

  513. That screen looks amazing!!

  514. I Quad core spec and the display are pretty awesome. Good luck everybody

  515. 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon of blazing speed! Yah baby!

  516. Screen size

  517. I like the sound out that quad core processor and 2gb of ram!

  518. S4 quad-core hellz yeah!!!

  519. I want it

  520. I like the size the most…

  521. The screen!

  522. That blazing 1.5 GHZ quad core processor does it for me!

  523. I love the async multiprocessing the new S4 pro quad core brings. It lets you scale the 4 cores separately and brings a great battery boost, without sacrificing processing power. the other great thing about the S4 pro is that it’s the closest we’ve gotten to Cortex-A15 in a phone to date!

  524. count me in!

  525. I am looking forward to the 1.5ghz quad-core processor.

  526. For me it’s gotta be the processor. It’s the one thing that helps keep a phone upgradable time and time again as new features get rolled into Android or as more taxing applications are developed. Any phone worth their salt is going to have an HD screen or a quick camera these days, but the processor tech is really going to keep the device current and feel amazing to use.

  527. I would have to say that the display is what attracts me to this device.

  528. it should be the quad core processor.

  529. Snapdragon S4 Pro is calling me

  530. Its that next gen processor. And IPS screens make me drool.

  531. S4 ‘Krait’ With Adreno 320 is so much better than the Exynos 4412 and Tegra 3. I would like to have this phone because this distinction along with the HD-IPS display makes it truly future proof seeing that Samsung and HTC are still expected to come out with lower benched processors and screens, it only makes sense to choose Optimus G instead.

  532. I love that this phone has better specs than the Galaxy Note 2 with build quality and pocketablitity like the One X+.

  533. the New UI it has

  534. A display that puts my phone to shame and a size truly fit for a man’s pockets!

  535. The 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Pro processor!

  536. Holy ballz, dat processor. That’s really all I have to say.

  537. I love its screen! Awesome :)

  538. Why do I want the LG Optimus G, it’s simple enough, because the Nexus 4 is based on the Optimus G, who wouldn’t want a phone which is the predecessor of the next Nexus from Google.


  539. Why would I want to win a Lg Optimus G ? hmm idk, the S4 Pro, or maybe the patterned gorrila glass backing with that diamond like texture which I actually like or the pure slick black front glass panel with a resolution so crisp it just makes you want to lick it, looks delicious. But let’s get real for a second, the real reason I want it is to help my friends and their iPhones find their way to a destination with out running anyone over in other words I would be helping the less fortunate and providing a great service to my community.

  540. s4 pro is gonna be real nice. hope i win!