Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean rollout starts October 25th


When Samsung recently announced the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update for the US carrier versions of the Galaxy S3 would arrive “in the coming months,” we wondered out loud just how many months we would have to wait. Not long, at least for Sprint subscribers. According to a newly leaked document, the update to Jelly Bean will commence tomorrow, October 25th, for GS3 handset’s on the nation’s third-largest wireless provider.

More specifically, the update is to software build L710VPALJ7, which leaked only recently for Sprint’s Galaxy S3 phone. Users can expect the same updated TouchWiz experience that owners of the international Galaxy S3 have been receiving over the past several weeks, which includes features like Pop-up Play and “easy mode.” This also includes standard Android 4.1 enhancements like Google Now and the performance improvements of Project Butter.

The update will rollout over the air, but Sprint’s internal memo says it should take a few weeks to reach all handsets. If you don’t get it first thing tomorrow, you might still be in for a short wait.

[via XDA |Thanks to those who sent this in!]

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  1. :o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “When Samsung recently announced the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update for the US carrier versions of the Galaxy S3 would arrive “in the coming months,” we wondered out loud just how many months we would have to wait.”

    You mean 4.1?

    1. Wow that it is a big error for an Android news site to make. 4.2 Doesn’t officially exist yet. Gnex doesn’t have it. Phandroid fail!

    2. He may have meant 4.1.2? It is already out, just not 4.2. This rollout is likely to be 4.1.1.

    3. hahahaha, that was the first thing I noticed. 4.2? Hell, we can’t even get 4.1….

  3. The full tar was leak yesterday if anyone wants to install it now

    1. Oh no no. Waiting for Team Sonic to get their molesty hands on it, debloated and infused with all their goodies…

  4. way to go sprint.
    VZW take note

    1. Dear Concerned Subscriber,

      Shove it.


      PS. Please consider switching to our new Shared Data Plans!

      1. Lmao, good stuff

      2. That new VZW shared data plans ..sucks balls ..lol Spring is always better than VZM

        1. I calculated the difference between Sprint and Verizon and found the following for a three person smart phone family. At 8GB of usage per a month, Verizon is actually cheaper, this takes into account my company discount so others may be different. But my family averages about 6GB and rarely reaches 8GB.

          1. we wondered out loud just how many months we would have to wait...zapit.nu/2Qs

          2. i used about 8gb myself just this week lol. maybe im just a data hog. sprint data plans work for me…. traveling can be a bit of a hassle sometimes though

      3. This made me laugh.

  5. Thank you sprint!!!! Seems like sprint is turning the corner, they used to be the least reliable carrier for updates and cutting edge phones. Verizon used to be the king of that mountain.

  6. Verizon’s rollout will commence March 2013

    1. Right about the time Samsung announces the Galaxy S4

  7. What no jelly bean love for the HTC EVO 4g LTE yet what gives this phone came out before the gs 3?!?!?!? Ughhh…. F u too sprint :(

    1. That’s how I’m feeling too… I’m really contemplating selling my Evo and getting an S3, evo has probs attaching automatically to LTE and no jelly bean, I love the device but I’m sure glad I didn’t waste an upgrade on it… I’ll be shopping around on EBay

      1. Y’all need to learn to root! Cmx and loving it works flawlessly

        1. I’m already rooted genius… But the Evo has no fully functioning JellyBean ROMs other than CM, and I would want to keep Sense UI

    2. U would have to complain to htc for that they suck ass when it comes to updating their phones that’s y i got rid of my 3d


    1. I agree!!!! We (T-Mobile) got the fist OTA Rom Leaks, we should have been the first ones to get the darn freaking update. I just don’t understand that the heck is going on.

    2. Perhaps this is just wishful thinking, but maybe T-Mo’s update is right around the corner, the docs just haven’t leaked yet.

  9. Surprised that Sprint is doing this the day of the Note 2 launch. Why not do this update today (or Friday) so the servers aren’t getting hit on both ends.

    1. the firmware will be on Google’s servers, not Sprint’s

  10. Already running stock Jelly Bean (4.1.2) on my Sprint GS3….gotta love CM10

    1. Yes, but the official release will help CM10 once the source is released, which is what you should actually be excited about.

      1. True, though I haven’t had any complaints about CM10…so far it’s been very stable.

        1. I’m running Paranoid, which is based off CM10, but there are still things that can be improved upon with Source, project butter being the big one.

          1. Have you tried out CM10 M2? If so, how does it compare?

          2. Like I said, I am running Paranoid, I know they update things regularly so I guess it would be M2 or the latest from CM. There is still flickering going on, though I haven’t updated to the latest 2.51 build of Paranoid yet. And no LTE :(

          3. As far as I know, the rom I am running has LTE support (it shows up in the settings, but I live in an area without LTE)

          4. It’s in the settings, but hangs when trying to connect for me

  11. AT&T where are you, with our JB update?

    1. Go Gators!!!! lol

  12. FYI, Verizons did an update today but not jellybean I just downloaded the 62mb update on my GS3 update_SCH_1535_LG7_to_LHE. No info on specifics on their website

    1. That update is about a week old.

  13. meanwhile ive been on JB for weeks now…thanks AOKP!

  14. I can’t believe the SGS3 is getting Jelly Bean tomorrow on Sprint! WTF
    HTC?! HTC hasn’t even released Jelly Bean on the international or
    unlocked HOX models yet, which means carrier branded ones have AT LEAST a
    month or more wait for Jelly Bean. This angers me and I might try what
    others have said to get the SGS3 with the issues of problematic LTE
    issues. Arg!

  15. do you think that clearing the google framework will help , to get the ota tomorrow.

  16. Wait, jellybean 4.2?!? Im pretty sure that was a typo, cuz 4.2 hasnt even been officially announced yet..

  17. God I hope this doesn’t clobber the phone like the ICS update did to the Epic 4G Touch…

  18. Count me in, if i can find a way to get my hand’s on the gs3 without paying off contract full price since i used my upgrade for the evo 4g lte im done with this… the evo lineup is suppose to be sprint’s calling card and well once again a slightly newer phone pushes the evo’s to the back and this has now happened to me 3 time’s as far as ota system update’s go.. all the way from the og evo, to the 3d evo, and now the htc evo 4g lte… well 3 strike’s and your out i geuss. I love htc sense and htc device’s in general but this crap where every year a new evo come’s out and the latest evo get’s dropped like a bad habit and the ota’s take 9month’s-1 year to touch base if at all when other phone’s of roughly same quality and hardware get the ota way before is getting rediculous!! Our phone is what 1 month-1 1/2 month’s older than the gs III so why once again is sprint boning all their faithful evo customer’s…. ughhhh

  19. (Noob Question) is it ok to install the update if my galaxy s3 is rooted and has a rom installed? Should I go back to factory tonight to prep for the update?

    1. Short answer: check with whatever rom your running’s developers. That’s the best way to get your updates…You don’t have to wait on Sprint, and depending on what rom you’re running, you might already be on the latest jellybean version.

      You shouldn’t get an automatic ota prompt, tho, like you would if you were running the original rom.

  20. any news on the t-mobile update?

  21. Good stuff for Sprint

  22. OMG :’) finally sprint has an upside to it! Cannot wait :D

  23. Lucky bastards! Come on Verizon!

  24. Where you at AT&T??

  25. Sweet. I was missing the extra icon on the lock screen and Google Now. Had to unroot as even the leaked stock Jelly Bean AOSP roms were glitchy with battery killing and not staying connected to LTE.

  26. Verizon, you already screwed me on my unlimited data, then conned me into your stupid shared data. Now (no pun intended), you let Sprint beat you in upgrading the phone of the year. What the eff are you doing with all that money I’ve sent you? Ya know, I’ve been following Sprints LTE rollout at S4GRU for a reason and, I must say, Mr Hesse and Sprint are doing a pretty Damn good job. In fact, I made a donation to the site so I can see all the towers they’ve upgraded and their exact location. Just sayin….

  27. trying to pull this update down and not working… I guess this trick isn’t going to work.

  28. My #1 peeve about this LJ7 4.1.1 official ROM is that the voice actions for the camera are in the S-Voice app now instead of out in normal settings area. Therefore, one can not freeze or uninstall the lousy S-Voice app and all the resources it consumes sitting idly by while we use Google Now. Give up on S-Voice Samsung. (#2 peeve, the notification bar is grey now and not black)

    1. then why can’t i force pull it?

  29. so what is the difference with the lj7 and the li3 software. I have the li3 and have tried to update to later software. according to the notice from sprint you must have lj7 to get jellybean

  30. My Sprint GS3 just got the Jelly Bean update a day ago and it now says version 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. I thought it was 4.2????

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