Roller Coaster Tycoon coming to Android Q1 2013


As a child I remember that my lowly computer could only run a handful of games. Oregon Trail? Great. Solitaire? That’s a standard affair for anyone. But one of my absolute favorites had to be Roller Coaster Tycoon. This series is touted as one of the best collection of simulation games around, and now it looks like it’ll finally be headed to Android.

Atari CEO Jim Wilson confirmed the game would be coming to Android starting sometime in Q1 of 2013. We imagine the original game is what we’re poised to get as the third, 3D edition of the game can be a bit taxing for some mobile devices, but Atari was not ready to confirm any of that.

Regardless, the series has aged very well from a gameplay aspect, and while the first two titles might be a bit long in the tooth in terms of graphics they still have a certain charm to them that I think many of us still appreciate.

Whether it be nostalgia or the traditional game mechanics that came with this 2D plane simulation fans will tell you that they wouldn’t mind taking a stroll back in time to take on the task of building up a theme park with rides, concessions, and  custom roller coaster that you build.

If you have never played the series, the premise is simple: you are given the task of creating a theme park with some sort of goal. You might be given a blank slate of land to start with and build up into a fun empire, or you might be asked to take the reigns of a failing theme park to try and get it into the black.

Regardless of the objective the important thing is that you have total control over the park, from where your kiddie rides are right down to the prices of those pretzels and hot dogs people love to scarf down after vomiting all their lunch because of a wild ride on a roller coaster.

This is very exciting news indeed, and you can bet we’ll be dying to get our hands on this game once it launches early next year. How much would you be willing to pay for one of the most important games in the history of the personal computer?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I loved this game as a kid. I liked dropping people off in no man’s land. Shooting them off the shuttle ride lol. Ohh the memorys and Windows 95

  2. My comments keep disappearing :(

  3. We just want RTC 4, screw this crap.

    1. My name is Quentyn, and I approve this message (the part about wanting RTC4, not about this being crap).

  4. They should port RCT2 instead. RCT2 was way better than RCT1.

    Also, IIRC the original RCT was written in assembly. It must take some work to port that to Android.

    1. The one that I played as a kid was called Theme Park. How does that differ from this? Does anyone else remember Theme Park? We had it on the computer and (the unappreciated) 3DO.

  5. “As a child I remember that my lowly computer could only run a handful of games. Oregon Trailer? Great.”

    I played that game on a Commodore PET when I was a kid.

    1. You.mean “commodoroer”

  6. What’s the Oregon Trailer?

    1. It’s the tailer for the Oregon Trail. Duh.. O_o

  7. I enjoyed picking up kids and dropping them into lakes…fun memories with this game. All we need now is Transport Tycoon and my days will be set.

  8. I will definitely be getting this game. One of my favorite childhood computer games.

  9. It had better be RT1/2 and not the third iteration!

    [Although a RT4 based off of the originals would be even better!]

  10. @RozJC. Transport tycoon is already out there. I played it on my OG EVO for months. Just never installed it on my 3D or LTE Evo

  11. I played the crap out on RCT 1. Loved drowning the entire park populous after achieving the goal. Building the gardens was fun too

  12. About f’ing time! As long as it’s not the crappier later versions, I’ll be a happy man!

  13. YAY! Something more fun than Shadowgun.

  14. more likely it will be a port of the 3DS version.

  15. I’ll play this as long as it isn’t a shameless in app purchase cash grab.

    1. Why do I think your statement may be closer to the truth – game for free or near free and then to actually play it beyond 30 minutes will require $1 here a $1 there to buy “enhancements” – I will wait to be proven wrong but think you are right in what the end result will be

  16. Dude, love this game so much. But not sure how it will go on such a small display. Probably fine for tablets but could be hard to manipulate on a smartphone.

  17. i would buy it! no more then $10 tho….

  18. I much prefer the first two games to the third one.

  19. I love the RCT2!!
    and I still have it on my computer now

  20. Can’t wait Phandroid please keep us up to date when released I want it. I hope they don’t turn it into The Sims thou one price no scamware game.

  21. I want this

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